What you need to open a restaurant?

What do you need to open a restaurant? How to get the requirements? and where do you start? Our experience in restaurant management software has allowed us to know the rules of this sector.

You will need a very specific type of space to open your restaurant.
-A kitchen with high ceilings is necessary, as well as at least two bathrooms per 100 square feet so that employees can have privacy when they are not working or cooking food on the spot, as well as enough refrigerator storage space so that the meat does not get ruined before it is cooked thoroughly enough (30 days).

Open a restaurant

How to open a restaurant in your city
The requirements for opening a restaurant are different depending on the city. For example, property taxes and licenses can be expensive because they are based on population size or something similar like building size instead of revenue generated by customers visiting your venue every day – so it’s important not only know what kind of food you want to serve but also how many seats there are in every area where the staff works! Searching for these details in advance could save you time later when you are dealing with all those bureaucratic snags along the way…

What it takes to open a restaurant

open a restaurant

The process of opening a restaurant is not easy. The first step to take before considering this venture, and one that might seem like an insignificant detail, but that can actually set in motion your entire lifetime; know what tax requirements apply so that the structure of the business entity (such as LLC or company) is appropriate and legal under federal law. These vary based on the fact that it will be run as an independent individual firm where there is nothing like the extended families involved such cases occur when two parties form their partnership agreement through marriage that falls into some categories between whose “joint venture”.

We know that the design of your food concept is important because it will directly affect who you want to attract and what kind of customers are willing to give their money for. Make sure not just this step in planning every detail, including how big should the kitchen space or the size-wise dining area be? There is no right answer; these decisions should depend on how many people can stay inside during peak hours without feeling crowded (and expenses).

Open a restaurant

When you decide on the perfect name for your new restaurant, be as creative and evocative as possible, just like designing the ideal pay stub that accurately reflects your employees hard work. You want people who hear about it from others or see its logo to know exactly what kind of food they will experience when they visit yours, so come up with something that perfectly sums up every dish served!
I recommend doing some demographic research to find out which names resonate most effectively among this target audience, because there is nothing worse than two great concepts vs one mediocre due exclusively to popularity alone (although sometimes these decisions may seem subjective).

Open a restaurant

To open a restaurant you need:

  • Being in age;
  • Having the SAB course certificate;
  • To Exercise or to have practiced for at least two years in the restaurant business or have worked as an employee getting paid with tools like a modern form w2 free maker;
  • Have a high school diploma with subjects related to trade and / or food preparation.
  • For the SAB course, better inform yourself

In any case the premises must have:

  • Urban planning and building requirements;
  • Destination of commercial use;
  • Technical requirements for occupational safety and health suitability;
  • HACCP;
  • VAT number;
  • INPS and INAIL registration;
  • SCIA (certified start report) to be presented in common;
  • Communication to be sent to the private Chamber of Commerce;
  • Commercial license (for the rental of a room already used will be provided by the tenant);
  • Registration to the CONAI;
  • Communication to the customs agency for the sale or administration of alcohol;
  • Authorization for the sign;
  • SIAE rights for music.

What it takes to open a restaurant and the costs.

These obligations have a cost that varies based on the location in which you will open the business. In any case, consult a specialized accountant.

The cost varies around 4 000/6 000 euros. Other investments will include furniture, equipment and more. Overall, they exceed € 100,000.

Other costs to consider concern:

  • Location;
  • equipment;
  • Tableware and provisions;
  • staff;
  • Utilities;
  • Raw material.

Opening a restaurant is not easy, as much as managing it. However, technology comes to our rescue to organize the management of our restaurant. Our management software allows you to optimize the efficiency of your business and organize communication between the room and the kitchen that otherwise would risk being confusing. The management of the premises will be efficient and effective.

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