The best 4 Italian restaurant chains in America

Italian cuisine in America: where to find it in big cities.

The best Italian restaurant chains in America is good that they know each other: they are the few places where you can really eat good Italian food. The others, often, are imitations or strange mixtures of the kitchen of the boot and American cuisine. It comes out as bizarre as chicken parmigiana (parmigiana chicken) or spaghetti with meatballs (spaghetti with meatballs) instead of the expensive meat sauce.

This culinary melting pot can undoubtedly also give interesting and entertaining results, as well as often having its own story. For example, some dishes were born when Italian migrants had to readjust their recipes to the ingredients available on the new continent. Others, however, are real experiments, dishes revisited in a fusion key. But where to eat, then, of authentic Italian food?

New York, 200 Fifth Avenue: Eataly New York

Not only of authentic Italian cuisine, but also with regional distinguishing debts. To characterize Eataly is the genuineness of the food, the selection and the freshness of the ingredients and, indeed, the respect of the regionalisms. So the oil is Pugliese, the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Genoese pesto, the Gragnano pasta and so on; accompanies, obviously, a careful selection of wines. The chain stems from an idea by Oscar Farinetti and you can find it also in some Italian cities. Among other good reasons to choose it, there is also the possibility to make purchases in the restaurant: many of the products on the menu are also sold in a special room. Eat Mediterranean food in the Big Apple? It can be. From Eataly!

Washington, 2029 P Street NW: Obelisk

Another city, another restaurant. In Washington we find Obelisk, a very famous restaurant that has been open since 1987. The menu is wide and appetizing, and draws on many traditional Italian cooking ingredients, even the most unusual: from grilled chicory to zucchini fritters to more traditional ravioli with sauce or roasted pig. A menu not only varied but also in continuous “updating”: every day of tasty and new proposals.

Coronado, California, 932 Orange Avenue: Spring Restaurant

At Primavera Ristorante excellence is fresh fish: seafood, squid, scampi and more, which you can enjoy either by ordering them from the menu for your meals, or in the “appetizers” version for an alternative happy hour. Beyond that, the recipes that characterize the best and traditional Italian cuisine, accompanied by good wine. And, since we find in the heart of California, not only Italian but also Californian wines!

Las Vegas, 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard: The Las Vegas Mill

Among the best Italian restaurant chains in America could not miss this. The Las Vegas Mill can also be found in New York, but if you are in the city of follies do not forget to visit. Nothing on the menu could make you suspect you are in America rather than in the peninsula: everything is strictly Italian, from appetizers, first courses, and main courses. If you are looking for a place in Vegas where you can eat a caprese salad (even if in a refined restaurant rather than in a trattoria), the Mulino is right for you.

How to improve a restaurant’s customer service.

Here are four simple steps for great customer service.

  1. Your Restaurant Staff

The first step for great customer service is your restaurant staff. A well-trained front of the house staff will keep customers happy and get them back for more. Good waiters are among the best talent in circulation. They are friendly, but not annoying.

Your staff (Staff) must be honest, trustworthy and able to work as a team.

  1. customer complaints

The next step is one of the most important because it will help you deal with customer complaints. Things are destined to go bad once in a while, food is burned, orders are forgotten in the middle of a tip of dinner. No matter the reason for the complaint, the important thing is to try to please the customer. You should recognize that yes, there was a problem, but it is not what you should expect from your restaurant

  1. show their appreciation towards customers

Actions speak louder than words, and this is certainly true for customer appreciation. There are countless ways to show your customers how much you appreciate your business. For example, pay attention to the staff, especially from the owner or manager who will only make you feel pampered and special just to go to customers to ask how the evening is going.

  1. Be Responsible

Responsibly serving liquor is probably the most important way to show customers that you value them. After all, you do not want to see a patron who has had too much to drink and wants to get behind the wheel of a car. So if you are going to serve alcohol in your new restaurant, you must be familiar with all the laws of the liquor state. The laws of liquor vary from state to state, in most cases, if a person is involved in an accident while being drunk, as the owner of the establishment that served them, can be held responsible.

Food marketing: 5 digital marketing strategies for your restaurant.

Creating an effective online marketing campaign is hardly and  simple task – especially for restaurateurs who use most of their time and energy to control what happens in the kitchen.

In recent years, a number of online marketing platforms have intervened to make it easier for independent restaurateurs to develop websites, manage social media, and cultivate better relationships with their online customers. Here are five tips from industry experts about what you could do to improve and expand your online presence.

1) Create mobile websites. Restaurant owners who spend a lot of money on sites with moving buttons and Flash content, perform a bad service if these sites do not work on mobile devices. Sixty-nine percent of mobile phone users access the web every day from their smartphones, which is why you should focus on creating a simple website that quickly runs on as wide a variety of mobile devices as possible. This site should be easy to update, and should possibly integrate with the web platforms for restaurants without hindrance.

2) Stimulate the interaction. Hundreds of online visitors can click on your restaurant’s website every day, but what turns visitors online into real customers is the stimulus to interact with the restaurant owner. The best incentives are definitely limited time offers and discounts – usually posted on the restaurant website, on the Facebook page, or Twitter – a way to encourage people to get up and walk through your restaurant doors.

3) Publish the online menus. The thing that consumers seek more than any other, when they look for information online on a restaurant is an updated menu – even more than the phone number, address, or photo of the establishment. The menus do not need to be published only on the restaurant’s website, in any case: a good online marketing strategy for your restaurant could be to send your menus on online advertising platforms for restaurants or in website listings local newspapers to further extend their disclosure.

4) Solicit anonymous feedback from your customers. Often, restaurant owners do not fully understand the quality of service that the staff provides. Has the customer experience been satisfying or frustrating? The food was top notch or so? The catering platforms that provide restaurants with anonymous ways to gather honest customer feedback – both text and online – can help you understand what they are doing well and where your restaurant has room for improvement.

5) Take advantage of social media. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter should be an important part of your online marketing campaign. Restaurant owners seeking to take full advantage of Facebook should post photos of their dishes and ask customers what kinds of specialties they would like to see. On Twitter, restaurants can tweet links to photos posted on Facebook and occasionally send culinary suggestions as a way to demonstrate their expertise and keep their followers updated.

As you may have noticed, all these online marketing strategies can be integrated with each other, so as to exploit all the possibilities offered by the Internet.

How to create a restaurant menu: 9 things to know.

1.The restaurant menu must be original

The restaurant menu offers an ideal balance of unique and old dishes, for example the basic burger. It can be offered in a classic or with American cheese. You can even offer a unique version, one that fits with the themed restaurant, like topping a burger with guacamole cheese and pepper jack for a Mexican themed restaurant.

2.The restaurant menu must be versatile

This simply means that no item in the menu should be alone. If you offer a fresh lobster roll, be sure to include lobster in other dishes.

3.The restaurant menu should have the correct cost of food

In order to keep profits and prices accessible to customers, each item on the restaurant menu should be evaluated to determine its food in terms of costs with the actual amount it costs you to make the dish. The expensive ingredients (as already mentioned the lobster) is equivalent to an expensive menu. This does not mean that the food you order should be the cheapest quality available – it is the most important aspect of creating menu items – but it is necessary to balance the high and low cost of food at a reasonable profit margin.

4.Menu items must be easy to prepare

The menu items should be easy to prepare and these are two useful tips:

1 – easy to prepare on the spot (sautéed, grill, etc …)

2 – easy to prepare in advance and heat (lasagne, pasta, ribs).

5.The restaurant menu should have an easy to read format

Reading characters and too much text make it difficult for users to read. Keep your menu with simple design and avoid using too much culinary jargon.

6.The restaurant menu should be in a manageable size

The sky is not the limit when it comes to your restaurant menu. Avoid the temptation to offer a wide selection of articles, otherwise you will inevitably throw food at the end of the evening. Consider also what your kitchen restaurant is able to produce. There are enough stations to offer grilled dishes, sauteed dishes, salads, soups, baked goods, etc …

7.You should know when to update your restaurant menu

In order to keep the cost of food under control and keep up with other costs, you need to update your menu at least once a year. This does not mean that you have to rewrite the entire menu or add all the new dishes. It is simply a good time to make sure that prices are where they should be, and to evaluate the menu items with those that are not being sold.

8.You should know what to avoid on the restaurant menu

There is a long list of things to avoid in a restaurant menu, such as reading difficult characters or overly descriptive languages. The menu is like an ambassador for the restaurant, and you want to set the right foot.

9.One must know when to offer special restaurant menus

Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day often deserve a special menu at a fixed price. A fixed price menu limits the number of items available at a time, making it easier for the kitchen to result in a large number of meals in a short space of time. Even if it’s not a party, a set menu also acts as a big promotion during slow times. Special-price menus of two-for-one or a fixed-price wine tasting menu are great restaurant promotions to convince people, even in difficult economic times.

How to organize a wine tasting dinner: 4 tips to follow.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that never goes out of fashion. A wine tasting dinner is a popular and promotional event to try at your restaurant. The Wine Tasting Restaurant offers the opportunity to encourage businesses, especially during traditionally slow seasons. A wine tasting in the restaurant is similar to a home wine tasting, as guests will be sharing and conversing on many different wines.

However, a wine tasting in the restaurant goes further, inviting a sommelier (expert wine) to teach guests about the wines of the evening.

Select a wine list

There are countless types of wine, from classic French or Californian wines to locally produced wines to more exotic, (rare wines). Work with your sales person or a sommelier to help you choose a robust wine menu. A sommelier is a person with experience in wine. Your wine can either put you in touch with a sommelier or do the work yourself. Many wine distributors will help you at every stage of planning a wine tasting, since you buy wine from them directly.

Choose the Complimentary Foods

Once you have decided on a selection of wines that complement each other, select the menu items that will also complete each wine.

Think beyond the old rules such as white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with beef and pork. In this case too, in collaboration with your sommelier, just plan a tasting menu that will help you plan the perfect combination of food and wine.

Invite Guests

Once you have the details of the tasting (date, time, wine list, dinner, price) it’s time to get the word out. Take your social media accounts to promote your wine tasting in your restaurant. Emphasize that space is limited, to encourage early bookings. You can sell tickets or take reservations, or both. It is important to have a certain number of guarantees, so you know how much wine to order and how much food to prepare. Order around 10% more food and wine than you need for last minute bookings.

Educate your staff

If this is your first taste of wine restaurant, it is important to educate your staff on the protocol of the evening. Review the routine step by step, with both servers and kitchen staff. Give everyone a copy of the wine list and menu, so that they know in what order they will have to serve wines and dishes. Ask the staff to read the wines that are served, so that they can answer simple questions for guests, including wine, the types of grapes that have been used, etc …

Escort of Wine Glasses

Lack of wine glasses? Make sure you have enough glasses of wine for the evening. Each person will have a glass, for each wine served. So if you are serving you need to have six glasses for each guest. If you have 50 guests, you will need 300 glasses of wine.