Ristomanager: the importance of software for restaurants

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The modern catering sector has to deal with an increasingly numerous and demanding clientele, especially in terms of speed and quality of service. Software for restaurants respond at least in a part to this type of needs, providing an effective solution in all phases of everyday activity.

For example, think of Ristomanager, one of the latest software for restaurants out on the market, the result of the experience gained by Arkosoft in almost ten years of activity, in the information technology sector oriented to companies.

Ristomanager takes advantage of the latest news and information technologies; for example, the room staff uses the tablets with an Android operating system to manage the commands that are updated automatically and in real time on the pc  server on which you manage the Map of Tables.

Practically all staff, whether room ,  designated to the case, will know which tables are occupied, existing bookings, orders in progress and what have been processed, while the orders come directly to the kitchens or their departments, even for those activities that have different cooking plans, arranged away from the main kitchen, such as pizzerias, bars.

This is because the software offers the possibility to assign different printers for different products; all you need to do is simply configure the process to add all the necessary printers, and each time a new product is created, one of the printers can be assigned.

All thanks to a wireless network, connected to the main computer called Server that manages all the activity, from the hall to the kitchens, up to the warehouse with all the stocks.

Speaking of the Warehouse, we all know how important it is always to know the status of food stocks; it will be possible to insert both “in stock” products and “real” dishes, that the “ingredients” of each of them. To avoid confusion, this software for restaurants allows you to operate safely on the warehouse, blocking the execution, modification and creation of new orders during its use.

Ristomanager was born as a software for restaurants and pizzerias, but can be used by any activity in the sector, such as takeaways, bars or pubs, thanks to the possibility of using the “Cassa Veloce” function, specially designed for all take-away activities.

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