What is Food & Beverage Management.

What is Food & Beverage Management.

Food & Beverage Management is the set of skills for the management of restaurants, bars, hotels and wine shops. These skills revolve around every aspect of catering, which goes from coordinating the work of the staff to the relationship with the customers, through the calculation of costs.

From these few lines it emerges that managerial skills are important for the functioning of a hotel or a restaurant and to give a boost to Italy of eno-gastronomic tourism.

Below, the skills and tasks that a good Food & Beverage Manager should not miss.

Food & Beverage Management: the skills.

Being a Food & Beverage Manager is not for everyone, this must be specified. To exercise this profession and bear the pressure of responsibility that involves skills such as:

  1. excellent problem solving skills
  2. excellent management skills
  3. leadership skills and coordination of the work team
  4. excellent interpersonal skills with collaborators and customers
  5. the ability to read / draw up a balance sheet of the costs inherent in the activity
  6. management of marketing levers
  7. knowledge and application of the main commercial techniques
  8. knowledge of raw materials (in this case food and beverages), of their preparation procedures and of their nutritional values
  9. the knowledge of each task related procedure of the team members, so that all are useful for the company’s business
  10. the knowledge of each room and space of the room according to the events and needs of the guests

Food & Beverage Management: the tasks.

Now we come to the “clou”, in the real tasks in which the Food & Beverage Management is articulated. Here are the main tasks and responsibilities of a Food & Beverage Manager:

  1. identify the staff needs necessary for each stage of activity in the restaurant industry
  2. select the staff
  3. assign to each employee tasks, times and procedures
  4. check the work of every single employee
  5. meet the needs of customers
  6. calculate the cost of personnel and food and drink preparation, then define the budget
  7. watch over the quality of food and drinks to serve the customer
  8. check the hygiene of the premises, raw materials, and all the structures and tools for the conservation, preparation and consumption of food.