How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: 4 golden rules

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Are you thinking about opening a restaurant in the suburbs and are you afraid of having few customers? Managing a restaurant in the suburbs is certainly not a simple thing. In this case, in fact, one of the main advantages of a restaurant located in the center can not be enjoyed: the possibility that a passerby will notice the sign and decide to try the kitchen.

Especially if the activity is still at the beginning, it is indeed very difficult to emerge and get noticed and, certainly, a good position in the city can help. However, despite the path is uphill, it is said that a restaurant in the suburbs can not be transformed into a successful business. Also in this case, as always, it is very important not to improvise and correctly plan the most suitable actions to promote and make known the restaurant.

How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: the importance of advertising

If a restaurant in the center, being facilitated by the position, can think of investing less money in promotional and advertising activities, a restaurant in the suburbs absolutely can not do it. On the contrary, if you are managing a restaurant of this type, you will immediately have to plan an investment in marketing and promotion activities, so that your potential customers know about your existence.

A restaurant in the suburbs, unknown to most, is a restaurant that is destined to fail. To properly manage a restaurant of this type begins to plan a series of actions to  make known your business. For example, you could think of advertising in local newspapers, making some billboards, or relying on more modern and capillary tools, such as the web and the social media world.

The choice will depend on the type of target you want to achieve and especially on the budget available. However, that you choose one tool rather than another does not matter: the important thing is to start promoting the business. It is clear that these actions will be planned with a forecast of costs and probably at this stage you may need a good restaurant management.

One of the best currently on the market is definitely Ristomanager. It is a complete and easy to use software that, unlike most of the apps, allows an overall management of the activity, which goes beyond the simple organization of tables and orders.


In fact, Ristomanager will also allow you to manage the supply of the warehouse, the staff, identifying  tasks and even launching customer loyalty actions. In short, a complete kit to take off any restaurant, even an activity located in the suburbs and therefore more inconvenient to reach.

How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: location and menu

And here we come to another very important element on which to leverage, in case you have to manage a restaurant in the suburbs. A restaurant of this type in fact, not being easily accessible, will have to focus on other features that could attract customers. An exclusive location, very accurate, or furnished in a particular way could be for example the key element  to aim. In fact, if the restaurant in the center can also afford a rather anonymous location, a restaurant in the suburbs will have to focus on refined and quality furnishings, a location that will leave you speechless and push the customer to move for the pleasure of living it.

And if the location has to be taken care of in the smallest details, the kitchen is equally important. Beyond the goodness of the dishes, an element that is taken for granted (even if this is not the case), you could in fact think of specializing in a particular type of menu. For example, you could offer a fish cuisine, or maybe just meat, with the possibility of finding cuts that would not be available elsewhere. In short, even in this case, focusing on uniqueness and exclusivity could help you.

Not only that, if you do not want to specialize but would like to offer a wide and varied cuisine, then you could consider the idea of ​​establishing weekly or even daily promotions so that people are encouraged to reach your restaurant for a discount . In this way you will create monthly or weekly appointments that will allow you to retain customers. The latter, in fact, attracted by the promotion, it will be more willing to move and reach your restaurant. In this way you can increase your customers and fill the restaurant even in those days when it is usually more difficult, especially for a restaurant in the suburbs.

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