Table management in a restaurant: how to organize them better

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Have you just opened a restaurant and would you like to manage  better  the tables and the dining room? This is certainly one of the most important aspects of the various management activities. The hall is the flagship of the restaurant, the first business card to present and what a customer  immediately notice.

For example, a possible confusion or disorganization in the hall might not escape from a closer look. Waiters who nervously run from one side to the other will certainly not make a good impression and this unfortunately will hardly go unnoticed. To avoid situations like this and to manage the tables in the hall, there is a solution and it’s called Ristomanager.

Table management in a restaurant: how to optimize it

This is a very intuitive and easy to use restaurant management system that will allow you to optimize and monitor every single activity, and especially that of the tables. Orders will no longer be a problem. Thanks to this handy software, which you can download on all your devices, you can take orders directly on tablets and send them automatically to the kitchen.

No more sheets and notes on which to write the orders and that could be lost or could be misunderstood. In this way you will save precious time and you will also avoid all the unpleasant eventualities that often go to the restaurant service, such as premissions and wrong orders. Not only that, by accessing the “Management tables” section, you can view the status of all the tables in the restaurant in real time. You can then manage the free tables, occupied, booked and awaiting payment.

In short, the management of the tables and the management of catering in the complex will be easier and more efficient, significantly improving the quality of service perceived by the customer. All this thanks to a simple software that among other advantages also has not required any connection to work. Ristomanager, in fact, works by using the PC as a server and then by  using the local network. This means that, in the event of a blackout, the software will continue to operate, avoiding unpleasant incidents and interruptions of work.

Thanks to the “Fast Cash” section, you can also speed up to take-away orders, with the ability to send them automatically to the relevant departments and immediately issue of the order receipt. A practical interface will also help you identify the products requested by the customer.

Table management in a restaurant: staff training

In addition to speed up the service a good manager, like Ristomanager, will also help you improve the management of the staff you need on the tables. The management of the table, in fact, does not only concern the possibility of optimizing orders but also the ability to offer assistance and care to the customer. This is up to the staff, and especially to the room that has the task of interfacing with the customer, responding with courtesy and education to all his requests and intercepting them if necessary.

In order for the waiters to interface correctly and serve the tables in the right way, it is important to first select them carefully and then take care of their training. The training of the staff, in fact, is an aspect that must not be neglected. The staff, together with the kitchen, is the heart of the restaurant and even the presence of a single non-integrated element could cause problems for the entire management.

In this case,  relying on management can be the solution. In fact, through Ristomanager, you will be able to monitor  this aspect too. You will be able to identify each person’s tasks and  subdivide them in the right way without creating overloads  of tasks and monitor their performance. In this way you can also detect any weaknesses and prepare improvement actions. You will also be able to know your staff better, assessing any movements or the need for more training by some. In any case, the end result will be a happier and more efficient work group, which will be able to provide an adequate and impeccable table service.

Furthermore, it is possible to manage a real customer database, a sort of order history that will allow you to get to know them better and study any marketing and loyalty actions that has to be planned.

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