Why to choose a restaurant manager?

Opening or take over a restaurant for many is the dream of a lifetime. A desire that almost always derives from a great passion for cooking, but that often is also accompanied by a lack of knowledge of everything concerning the real management aspects of an activity of this type.

In fact, to open and manage a restaurant correctly, it is not enough to create an interesting menu, nor furnish the location with taste. Managing a restaurant also means carefully planning costs and actions, in order to always keep under control every single aspect of the whole activity.

To do this often only one person is not enough. In spite of all the good will, in fact, following every aspect of the management of a restaurant with care can be tiring even for the owner himself. That’s why it becomes essential to rely on and to choose a good management.

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Why management for restaurants: all the advantages

On the market you can find different types, even if only some are able to offer a truly complete package and assistance. One of these is Ristomanager, a software that you can download on your tablet and PC with which you can significantly improve the management of your restaurant. Each activity will be constantly monitored and under your control. You will be able to optimize and automate the management of tables and orders for example.

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Your waiters can take the restaurant order directly from their tablets, automatically transferring it to the kitchen. You will save precious time, reducing the expectations of your customers and also avoiding unpleasant surprises and mistakes in the orders. In fact, by automating the process, you will no longer have to worry about running into those typical errors of service, which can often ruin a restaurant’s reputation by removing customers.

And not only that, by using software of this type, you can constantly monitor the supply of your warehouse. In particular, all loading and unloading operations from the warehouse will be made easier and more accurate. You will be able to correctly manage the bar and restaurant stocks, setting the quantity you have for each item.

Personnel management can also benefit from the use of this management system. In this way you will be able to organize and divide all the roles in the best way, identifying the tasks with precision, and avoiding unnecessary overlap and confusion in the staff. In fact, there is often a lack of staff organization among the causes of a bad service. Your staff will work in a more orderly manner and with greater awareness and responsibility with regard to their role.

Furthermore, Ristomanager will also allow you to monitor the performance of the activity, identifying any strengths and weaknesses, in order to evaluate actions to correct and improve management. You will have at your disposal a whole series of statistics, organized and consultable through intuitive graphics, constantly updated to analyze and work on. Costs and investments will also be under control, allowing you to avoid false moves.

And it does not end here: this software will also give you the opportunity to build a real database of your customers, with the history of all orders and their habits, allowing you to put in place and plan ad hoc loyalty actions. In short, thanks to the help of Ristomanager you can lighten the management of the restaurant and, at the same time, optimize it improving every single aspect, from the most strictly organizational to the most strictly promotional.

Finally, if you have a management software nowadays is now a must for any restaurateur, there is also to say that choosing the right one can really make the difference. Ristomanager, for example, is a fairly unique model in the restaurant software landscape. In fact, compared to most of the management programs, there is no need for an internet connection. This is a very important detail, as it allows you to use the software even in the event of a blackout, if the web connection is  lost. This is because Ristomanager works by using the PC as a server and using the local network connection.

In this way you can avoid unpleasant problems, such as blocking all the restaurant activities, and you will continue to work as if nothing had happened. Ristomanager is also very easy to use and is available for Android and iOS devices.

How to take the orders in pizzeria: 3 tips to get it right

When you go to a restaurant or pizzeria, one of the first things you expect, in addition to eat well, is to find a fast and friendly service that can make the evening even more enjoyable. There is in fact nothing more obvious than wasting time in long waits, or having to deal with unkind waiters, or worse still receiving wrong or different dishes from those you had ordered.

For this reason, who has to do with the management of a restaurant or a pizzeria must above all guarantee a good management of the room, tables and orders. In pizzerias, in particular, the management of the orders can be more complicated due to greater confusion, which increases the risk of possible errors and permissions.

Here when take the orders becomes a real art that, if well done, is able to guarantee an excellent service and, consequently, positively increase the reputation of the pizzeria. The management of the orders must follow precise rules and instructions, which allow to simplify and make the orders more readable.

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How to take the orders in pizzeria: 3 tricks

In addition, some tricks make it easier to work both in the dining room and in the kitchen. So let’s see how it is possible to take the orders at the pizzeria without making mistakes and managing to optimize the times of the service.

Command the restaurants: find out how to manage them to the fullest!


1. Accompany the customer in the choice
Surely the customer, before choosing the type of pizza, will have consulted the menu that the waiter will have provided immediately after having made him sit at the table. However, if the customer requests it or where it is particularly undecided, the waiter should illustrate the various types of pizzas and ingredients used, accompanying the customer in his choice. In this case you need a lot of cordiality and a pinch of empathy, qualities that can be refined and improved over time. Pizza flour: find out which one to choose!

How to take the orders in pizzeria: instructions

2.Fill out the command in each field

One of the main problems concerning the management of orders has to do with possible oversights and errors due precisely to the compilation of inaccurate orders. In fact, often because of superficiality or incompetence, the waiter finds himself writing errand or incomplete commands, generating confusion and giving rise to unpleasant mistakes and misunderstandings. It is therefore very important that the waiter knows how to correctly fill out the order and, in case he does not know it, that is properly trained. In particular, a command to be defined perfect must contain: the date of the order, the number of the table, the number of customers, pizzas chosen, any additional requests and finally the signature of the person who took the order. In the event that one of these fields is missing, it is possible that the command is not successful and there are forgeries and errors.

3.Management for the orders
It must be said, however, that a wrong compilation of the order may also be due to the need to have to do everything in a hurry. This can happen due to the scarcity of staff present in the hall or in case of strong crowds in the pizzeria. In all these situations, the waiter is forced to work quickly and nervously, which is why he is more likely to make mistakes. For this reason, one way to prevent it could be to rely on a management software.

Which management to choose?

Ristomanager, for example, is a very practical and easy-to-use software, which allows you to manage every aspect and activity of a restaurant or a pizzeria: from the supply of the warehouse, to the management of tables, orders, room staff and customers. Downloadable on PC and tablet, will allow you to better manage even the orders, automating all orders that can be taken directly on the tablet and automatically transmitted in the kitchen. You can say goodbye to paper blocks and cards. Using the software you will not run the risk of losing orders and with them all customer orders. Everything will be constantly under control, from the kitchen to the living room. You can better manage every single activity, identify strengths and weaknesses, and plan actions and investments to bring your pizzeria to success.

Take a restaurant into management: 4 tips to succeed

Have you decided to take over a restaurant but are you afraid of making a mistake? Surely, before embarking on a path of this kind, it is good to collect all the information and the most useful information to put on a profitable and successful business.

In fact, managing a restaurant is not so simple a task and it is very easy to get caught up in impulsivity, committing big mistakes that could even lead to failure in the long run. Here then it becomes important to carefully plan each action and make sure that everything is under control.

There are so many tips to keep in mind in these cases, although some are crucial to the restaurant’s future and should be kept in mind if you are planning to turn your restaurant into a successful business.

Competition analysis

In particular, if you’ve decided to run a restaurant, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to carefully analyze your competition. If the restaurant you decided to manage, for example, is located in an area full of restaurants and other activities of this kind, you will need to identify a precise strategy to follow and make sure that your restaurant emerges and manages to carve out a niche of market. This advice is worth even more if the restaurant comes from a previous bankruptcy management . Allergens  menu at the restaurant: find out what you have to do!

Promote the activity

The new management of a restaurant is an operation that must be communicated. For example, old customers may not know anything about it and believe that the restaurant is always run by the same people. The change of management, moreover, often also represents a change of course and image, which is why it is good that restaurant customers and potential customers are informed. The promotion can be entrusted to the most diverse tools. Depending on the budget and the type of audience you want to reach, you can think about using the web or social media, or try again with a magazine or billboard advertising pages. The important thing is that the new management is promoted and communicated as much as possible.

Choose your staff carefully

In order for a restaurant to work, it is necessary to choose the staff who will be a part of it with great care and attention. From the chefs to the dining room staff, to the waiters, everyone must have the right skills and cover specific roles. Only in this way will it be possible to offer a quality cuisine and service, which are then the key to the success of a restaurant. Wood-burning oven: discover how to do it without making mistakes!

Relying on good management

Whether you run a small or large restaurant does not matter, an activity of this type requires careful planning of costs and actions and the need for every single aspect to be constantly monitored and controlled. Here then the eye of the holder may not be enough and not be enough. Something can escape and make sure that everything does not work as it should. For this reason, even before managing a restaurant, it is good to rely on a management system. Currently it is possible to choose between different software for restaurants, even if only some can be considered really complete and effective.

One of these is Ristomanager, a downloadable tablet and pc program that allows you to organize all the typical activities of a restaurant, automating and optimizing them. Everything will be constantly monitored and controlled: from the management of the tables to the orders, from the supply of the warehouse to the management of the staff, up to the loyalty of the customers.

Thanks to Ristomanager, for example, you can take your orders directly on your tablet and send them automatically to the kitchen. In this way you will save time and errors, improving the service and, consequently, the quality perceived by the customer.
Using this software you will be able to better manage all the staff, identifying tasks and roles in a clear and precise way, in order to avoid unnecessary overlaps and confusion. Ristomanager is also a very practical and easy to use software that, unlike most management software, does not require an internet connection. To make it work, in fact, just use the PC as a server, using the internal connection of the local network. In this way the software will continue to work even in the event of a power outage to avoid blocking the activities.

Better wood or electric oven? All pros and cons

If you have decided to open a pizzeria, surely one of the first questions you will face with concern the choice of the most suitable oven. In particular you will have to decide whether to buy an electric oven or install a wood oven. Of course, it is a very important choice, which will affect the  the final product, and for this reason you can not neglect.

Choosing the right oven for a pizzeria is essential and to avoid tragic mistakes that you will not be able to recover, it is good that you know the main characteristics and the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different types. In this way you will surely have clearer ideas and you can opt for the type that best suits your needs.

Better wood or electric oven: pros and cons

Let’s start from the wood oven, always considered  must for any self-respecting pizzeria. The wood-burning oven is the classic one, which brings with it the history and traditions of pizza, which is the reason why today it is still the favorite of those who run a pizzeria.

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This oven, however, in addition to having many advantages also has some cons.

Wood oven: against

The wood-burning oven, despite being the most loved by pizza lovers, for example, tends to cool down easily. In short, when the pizza is placed on the stalls, the latter cools because of the humidity of the pizza and even the radiation of the heat is interrupted. It must be said that this happens especially at the beginning or end of the evening, when the oven is colder. It is no coincidence that in these moments of the evening come out the worst and most burnt pizzas.


In the case of the electric oven, however, all this does not happen, because if the oven underneath is cooled, just increase the lower resistance so as to give more heat. In this way the production will not be interrupted, which instead necessarily happens with the wood-burning oven, where it is necessary to wait for the pit to heat up again.

Among the disadvantages of a wood oven there is also cleaning. It may seem like a detail, but it is actually a very important aspect and not to be neglected in the decision-making phase. Also the practicality wants its part and a more difficult oven to clean will also weigh on the organization of the work of the staff. One more reason, in short, to prefer the purchase of an electric oven.

Not to mention the installation of the two ovens. In the case of a wood-burning oven, for example, masonry work is necessary, even if you decide to install prefabricated ones. In this case, in fact, they will be collected in an aesthetically adequate structure. Not only that, in any case it will also be essential a chimney, not easy to obtain and in some cases completely impossible, due to condominium regulations.

The electric oven, on the other hand, does not require a hood or a vent. The only critical issue concerns the possibility of external ventilation on a wall, but only in the case where it is a gas oven.

Better wood or electric oven: quality and consumption

And if, in terms of practicality, the electric oven seems to exceed the wood-burning one, with regard to the quality of the pizza and consumption, both can be more or less at the same level. We must therefore disable the myth that Neapolitan pizza could only be made with a good wood-burning oven. With a good electric oven, in fact, it is enough to raise the temperature and the result will be a soft pizza with a high edge, just like the Neapolitan one.

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Conversely, if you want to prepare a more crunchy pizza you can also use the wood oven. In short, in both cases, it is possible to make more types of pizzas and the quality of the cooking does not present any difference.

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Finally, even in terms of consumption, the two ovens are rather equivalent. The electric one, however, especially when it comes to latest generation models, also has the “economy” function, which allows to reduce consumption in times of low work. In short, it is clear that, beyond the prejudices and “false myths”, the electric oven is today the most convenient option for a newer opened pizzeria. Naturally, the choice remains completely personal and, if you opt for one or the other, the result will certainly be in the excellent quality.