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The management of a restaurant provides control over many variables. The budget of a restaurant is a tool to always have in hand, to know the margins of the restaurant industry, the turnover balance of the restaurant and an overview of the restaurant warehouse.


1 ° – The first task of the restaurant accounting concerns the corresponding register. This accounting book must contain the record of receipts and invoices issued during the day.
The register of fees must be completed per month. Each line must report the total receipts of the restaurant, subdividing them between receipts, tax receipts and invoices. The last column must then report the sum of the transactions and must coincide with the cash closing.

The register of fees can give you many ideas on how to run a restaurant. Thanks to the total fees and the number of receipts issued, on the closing receipt, you can know what is the average value of the restaurant command.


2nd – Calculation of food cost
Taking over a restaurant brings  many obligations. Using a restaurant manager can help you keep up with your tax obligations without losing sight of the food cost.
The food cost indicator represents the cost of the ingredients of each dish on the menu. To calculate the food cost you will have to multiply the average of each ingredient for the grams used in a dish. At the end of the month it may be useful to calculate the food cost, understood as a percentage between the cost of the ingredients of a dish and the respective selling price to the public.

3rd – Software: the best ally for restaurant accounting
Equipped with a restaurant accounting software to manage your local that in addition to automatically fill in the corresponding register, will allow you to have an overview of the warehouse, the food cost of each dish and an overview on the management restaurant commands. In this way you will have a cash register and restaurant accounting software available with a single product.

Having a check on restaurant accounting is not just a task established by law. In times of crisis, it is necessary to keep constantly in mind the financial situation of the restaurant company, in order to immediately run for cover during  of difficulties. This, of course, requires a systematic check on all the most classic indicators: from simple turnover to the most difficult analysis on the most requested raw materials.

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