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1-America is full of Italian restaurants
The first note is that there are  of thousands of Italian and Italian-American restaurants spread throughout the country, with a clear prevalence in New York and New Jersey.

The competition is really ruthless for traditional people in the United States and it’s not a big news.

From the end of the 19th century, our fellow countrymen brought with them their culinary baggage that was modified to meet the tastes of the Americans.

2-Italian-American cuisine is not Italian cuisine
The dishes that in Italy we have never seen served in a restaurant are an integral part of the menu of every Italian-American restaurant.

An example? Fettucini Alfredo, Bolognese sauce, penne with vodka, spaghetti with meatballs.

It is certainly interesting to point out the profound change in our national cuisine with the tastes of the Americans.

This means that your future clientele will obviously expect these dishes too.

3-The great tradition of American pizza is very different from ours
The great tradition of pizza in New York and Chicago finds two different interpretations, far from ours.

This means that there are at least three different schools of pizza in the United States and that all are expressed at decidedly high levels.

4-The take away is in great demand
The Americans love to order food, go pick it up and then consume it at home.

Take away is an integral part of American eating culture and many Americans love to eat while walking.

Here is the symbol of this culture, the hot dog cart is omnipresent in every corner of the United States.

Before leaving, you will need to have a relatively in-depth knowledge of the language, without which it is impossible to deal with the bureaucracy, or to relate with the future client.

The discourse obviously also applies to the staff: if you particularly care about hiring  Italian staff, choose a staff that has a good familiarity with the language.

At this point you just have to start with the advertising campaign.

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