What is the software management ? For what it serves?

How are management software borned?

What is a management software for? How are software used in restaurants?

We answer all these questions.

Definition and creation of management software

A management software is a computer program that allows the automation of some business processes.

There are some macro types, depending on the needs:

  • accounting
  • for the warehouse
  • production
  • budgeting
  • for financial management and analysis
  • dedicated

As on all software products, it evolved rapidly after the early seventies, mainly due to the gradual decrease in the cost of computers and the spread of personal computers.

The emergence of development environments such as COBOL, a programming language suitable for processing commercial data, also contributed to the dissemination process.
Businesses and workers have come closer and closer to this type of technology.

Around the nineties, there was a change: the transition from management software with a character-based interface to a new-generation graphical interface.
In addition, the prints have gone from typical characters to graphics on lasers.

What are the advantages of software management ?

Nowadays one cannot think of the success of a company without the use of management software because the advantages they bring are the key to gain a competitive advantage. For example:

  1. Speed, crucial in the sectors in contact with the customer such as catering and the hotel world
  2. Accuracy: to err is human and to avoid performing some steps manually gives us a guarantee of accuracy
  3. Security, ensured by the possibility of being able to keep any document, even in multiple copies, without the need for large spaces
  4. Analysis, data crossover and reporting, very useful tools to establish and / or modify one’s business strategy according to indicators relevant to one’s business, which can always be kept under control
  5. remote use
  6. reduction of time and labor costs: the machine costs you less than an employee!

Management software in catering

Management software has also specialized in the production and administrative sectors. There are software that deal with logistics, others for shops or for the warehouse.

In catering, the software has found application in the context of orders. The emblem of this statement is the palmtop.

Currently, catering software is not limited to this, but they are able to manage tables, stocks, price lists, reservations and many other aspects.

Ristomanager and the advantages of a management software

Here are some examples of what allows you to do management software like Ristomanager:

  1. manage the tables
  2. see statistics on your activity
  3. manage the products, precisely setting the quantities available for each item
  4. possibility to use it on any computer and on any tablet with at least 7 “screens
  5. use without internet connection, so you don’t have to lose the orders if the power goes out

The Italian Academy of Cooking: All You Need to Know

Your dream is to become a chef, turning your passion into a real job? Or maybe you are already a chef from commerce but want to keep up to date? We know what the right place is for you then! The Accademia Italiana Chef is a cooking school that allows you to take the profession of chef in a safe and effective way.

Industry experts will teach you strong foundations to build your career in the kitchen field.

In addition to the theory, the practice of the Italian Kitchen Academy is also essential: within the training courses, practices are guaranteed in the qualified facilities associated with the Italian Kitchen Academy.

In fact, the great advantage that comes from this prestigious academy is the fact that you certainly will not get out of work without a job.
Thanks to agreements with more than 2400 Italian restaurants, from Osteria Francescana and Modena to Cracco, from small sweets to Knam or Sal De Riso, for many practical experiences with the presence of hotel professionals, alternating with cooking courses, pastry chefs and professional pizza maker, there is no risk of finding a satisfying job!

Italian chef academy: How it works

The Italian and Kitchen Academy is sponsored by the Italian Association of Professional Kitchens and an accredited Regional Training Institute and is awarded the new certification “Quality in Training” ISO 29990: 2011.
The Professional Kitchen Course is a 1 Day Full Time Course, that is, once a week for seven meetings, for a total of 14 training modules always composed of a theoretical and practical part.

The professional cooking school is presented in 5 cities in Italy: Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna with numerous courses of professional cooking.

Among the courses available at the Italian Kitchen Academy, they distinguish the course for a chef, a course for professional chefs, a course for chefs and a course for pizza makers.

Participating Cuisine is promised a training course that goes through all aspects related to the management of a kitchen and a restaurant.

07 July 2019
Special Price Summer Session

(Calendar of Lessons: 7-14-21-28 July, 4 August)

07 July 2019

(Calendar of Lessons: 7-14-21-28 July, 4 August)

15 September 2019

(Lesson Schedule: 15-22-29 September, 6-13 October)

15 September 2019

(Lesson Schedule: 15-22-29 September, 6-13 October )

21 September 2019

(Schedule of lessons: September 21-28, October 5-12-19-26)

21 September 2019

Saturday (Schedule of lessons: September 21-28, October 5-12-19-26)

22 September 2019

Sunday (Schedule of Teachings: September 22-29, October 6-13-20-27)

October 15, 2019


Catering equipments: the most useful for making money

Food Equipment: Do You Have a Bar or Restaurant?

What are the best tools that make you win?

Catering equipments were the emblem of consumer development in the 1960s: homes are packed with refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, fruit juices.
Similarly, restaurants and bars have equipped themselves with some technology to prepare more and more dishes in less time.

Let’s see some interesting accessories that you can supply to your restaurant business.


More and more people are obsessed with the idea of ​​eating healthy. In our country, vegans and vegetarians have grown by a few percentage points in just one year.

Thanks to the centrifuge, you can make delicious fruit and vegetable based drinks
With different types of centrifuges, including some stainless steel, you can easily prepare different types of drinks without losing the vitamins and other nutrients used in the ingredients.

Starting to prepare natural extracts will increase your revenue for two reasons:

consumers are attracted to natural drinks

centrifuges are expensive (on average from 3.50 to 6 euros)

The other good reasons for driving the machine are:

The fact that the centrifuge is not expensive (figures start at 50 euros)
many international chains like Dersut offer this kind of product


The fried foods are delicious, good and everyone likes!

In the market there are different types of deep groove: there are air blows, oil cooler, more or less professional bounce, each of them can be for you.

But what are the good reasons to think about buying one?

the ability to have the oil always at the right temperature, avoiding the fry to be too fat and heavy anti-odor filter lets you not smell saving too much oil speed with which they cook food

Here are some points to pay special attention to purchasing your device:

Heating speed, to save on consumption and time Solid and non-stick coatings Removable filter, bowl and basket for full cleaning even in a dishwasher) Adjustable thermostat Power cord for a long time to allow you to put it in every corner of your kitchen Should not become too cloudy during cooking to keep an eye on food levels

In particular, I suggest you choose a model that is completely removable for easy cleaning: you can generally put all parts (except electrical components) directly into the dishwasher.

Ice Cream Maker

Do you think there are specific activities to make ice cream? You, being wiser, can offer this service in addition to your normal restaurant’s business.

Today in Italy there are 39,000 ice cream parlor, the competition is fierce. The classic “puppy and cup” ice cream shop is disappearing, today is also proposed as cafeteria and bars , along with ice cream is also pastry and chocolate.

Of course, we should think that in these areas it is impossible to improvise, so it is necessary to continue training by learning new skills.

Cosmofood 2019 in Vicenza: program and tips

COSMOFOOD 2019: This year will be the seventh edition of Cosmofood , the Triveneto Fair dedicated to excellence in the food and beverage sector, the contract, food and beverage service, sales retail and technology.

It will be held at the Vicenza Fair, via dell’Orfiereria, 16.

Do you want to penetrate on new markets? Development of commercial networks? Get important messages? Get us from 9 to 13 November 2019

The fair is open to the public and to a sought-after group of national and international sector operators.
Thanks to this meeting, exhibitors will be able to get orders, business contacts and get acquainted.

To display, you will need to complete the application form which will then be evaluated and in a short time if the company meets the quality requirements.

Do you want to motivate yourself to go? Click on this article to understand the importance of a visit to Cosmofood.

Cosmofood 2019 Programs


Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November from 9:30 to 21:00

Monday, 11 and Tuesday, 12 November from 9:30 to 18:30


DIELEZA 10, Monday, November 11, 12 November from 9:30 to 18:30

WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm


Free admission after enrollment for sector operators

New: Free admission for food lovers


Travel Tips

Vicenza is a small town between Verona and Padua. It can be reached by train and car. There are no airports.
The fair is well connected to the city center, just take the tram n.12 from Viale Roma, in front of the station.

For accommodation, I suggest you asking for a room in Air Bnb
With just over 20 euros per person, you will be just a few miles from the fair trade area.
The closest municipalities to the place of interest are: Vicenza, Altavilla Vicentina (where slow regional trains stop) and Creazzo.

How to open a kiosk on the beach

Open a kiosk on the beach: Do you want to drop everything and live near the sea? Follow the article and you will discover how to make money with a pleasant activity, which takes place on the natural beauty of the marine environment.

We investigate how much it costs to open a kiosk and how to open it, as well as the various bureaucratic requirements.

First step: choosing the kiosk

First of all, we need to make a choice: stable or mobile kiosk?

In the first case it can be managed like a masonry bar, with no difference to traditional bars.

If you prefer a mobile kiosk, the advantage is that you can definitely deal with more customers, since you can move to look for them.

The peculiarities of the beach kiosk

The kiosk is not just a type of activity that can be performed on the beach.
More and more are also being created in the city, especially near the heavily trafficked areas, both in wood and in containers, to have a cheap activity, especially in recent times when property prices in the center for commercial activities are increased.
For those who want to have a kiosk on the beach, the concession is needed!

The beaches and sandy beaches in Italy are the property of the state, that is, of the state, and can neither be bought nor rented.
To find a portion of the beach where your kiosk will insist, you will need to win a concession.

To get the detailed information on the procedure to follow, you need to contact your Municipality, as each has its own rules regarding constructions and permits.

The most important tourist resorts in Italy generally assign portions of the beach for a variable period ranging from 1 to 7 years and in the event that the request is high, they can also resort to small auctions.

The prices in this case, for a one-year concession, can even exceed 30,000 euros.

We therefore take these costs into account and ask the municipality where we would like to put our kiosk on a cost schedule.

In general, however, in addition to the portion for the kiosk, the concession is also given to place and rent umbrellas.

In this case the asking price, even if it was over 30,000 euros, would certainly be easy to cover if in a tourist destination appreciated by tourists.

Costs of a kiosk: a low-cost bar?

There is a big difference between a street vendor with a cart and a bike and a stable kiosk that is made with quality materials.

There are many companies on the market that offer low-cost solutions such as wooden kiosks, even small ones.
For an extremely small model, prices start at around 1,000 euros and then increase with the expansion of the structure.

In the case of a beach kiosk, size doesn’t matter!
The wooden kiosk is certainly not suitable, however, for hosting customers inside: you can prepare their orders in and arrange them at the tables outside.

Clearly money is also needed for purchasing tables and external structures.

Spending on a larger kiosk instead of a container, the prices rise significantly and can easily exceed, with complete equipment, even 20,000 euros.

Open a kiosk: Personal requirements

You will need a license for food and beverage administration. Can be exempted from the course:

  • those who graduated from any of the Italian hotel institutions
  • who has a degree in science
  • who has already worked in the hotel industry for at least 2 years

The SAB courses to obtain the certification typically last between 60 and 100 hours and have a cost that hardly exceeds 600 euros.

By going to the Chamber of Commerce, you can easily get a list of organizations that are authorized to provide this type of course.

Open a kiosk: bureaucratic requirements

Being an activity in all respects:

  1. a VAT number is required
  2. registration with the Chamber of Commerce is required
  3. registration with INPS, INAIL is also required
  4. the license for food and beverage administration

In addition, each call for bids of the municipality may require additional obligations:

  1. the technical report of a professional regarding the structure;
  2. the request for the authorization request to operate;
  3. the test, which must also be carried out by a professional in this case
  4. the declaration of conformity of the installations, carried out by an authorized technician

How to open a successful brewery

Do you have some money aside? Would you like to run a place where people meet to hang out and have a good sandwich?
Opening a brewery could prove to be the right activity for you.

Here is a guide with everything you need to know to open a brewery.

Personal requirements

It is necessary to have the authorization for the distribution of food and drinks. It is obtained automatically if you have the following requirements:

a diploma from a hotel school
a work experience of at least 2 years of work in the last 5 in the food and beverage administration sector;
educational qualifications, such as accounting, degree in economics or science.
If you are not already in possession, you will need to follow SAB courses in order to obtain this authorization and competence.

Open a brewery: bureaucratic requirements

As like any business, you will need:

• open the VAT number;
• register with the Business Register;
• present the SCIA, ie the self-certification form that certifies the start of the activity.
• open the INPS position and register with INAIL.

It will also be necessary to comply with the hygiene rules and health authorizations required and issued by the local health authority; if the room is larger than 250 square meters, the fire certification issued by the fire brigade will be required.

A music tax?

Yes: if you intend to make the environment more welcoming with music, whether live or not, SIAE payment is required, a mandatory fee for those who want to spread music.
Failure to pay can lead to even very heavy penalties.

Does the sign cost?

Once the brewery is open, it will be necessary to make its own restaurant known, so as to expand its customers day by day. For this reason it is essential to continually advertise your business, through a sign with the name of the brewery.

Please note however that for signs above 5 square meters, you will have to pay a municipal tax, calculated based on the total surface area and the brightness of the characters.

Location advice

The room destined to become a pub or brewery must first of all be located in a good position, and preferably with good parking facilities.

From this point of view, having a room in the center can be a limitation. But do not despair: you will have as your customers all those who do not want to travel by car or live in the center or who do not have a license.
Of course, in central areas rents are generally much higher than in the suburbs, but for sure your brewery will enjoy better visibility.

If you don’t like the chaos of the center, aim at a place of passage.

Especially with regards to German, Scottish or Irish-style breweries, the most popular furniture is wood.
This material is in fact able to give the room a welcoming and familiar look, and to make the atmosphere even more typical it is possible to place posters, flags, beer gadgets and other furnishing accessories that recall tradition.

The brewery must have a large counter on which to place the plugs for the beer (at least four or five) and the chest, while in the back room there must be enough space to store beers and food to serve to customers.

The kitchen must meet current health regulations, and even bathrooms are an aspect not to be overlooked. If the spaces allow it, it is a good idea to set up separate toilets with an anteroom for men and women.