Employe’s control in restaurants: strategies

employe's control

Employe’s control in restaurants: Employees are fundamental in any business, but even more so if it is an activity in which contact with the customer is constant. In the catering industry, employee screening is an integral part of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Employe’s control
Employers can’t be too careful when it comes to who they let into their business, because not only does this save time on training new staff members, but it also removes the potential risks of injury or illness from work!

Employe’s control

For a successful restaurant it is necessary to establish a climate of trust and collaboration between employees and owners.
A peaceful indoor climate translates into better customer service.

However, we are not always able to find the right people with whom to run a business. Therefore we must equip ourselves with some strategies to safeguard our money.

Only when both sides work hard together can they achieve their goals, and that is why it is so important for them not only to talk, but to show a real commitment, being open to each other’s views on how things should be done at work or elsewhere in life.
A serene interior climate translates into better customer service.

Employe’s control

The atmosphere of a restaurant is important for the success of both owners and employees. The right mix can make all the difference in business; without it, you could find yourself working long hours for low pay or even losing your job completely simply because no one trusts (or has never trusted) others.

Employee control

It is not easy to keep track of which employees are working in your restaurant. There is a lot of work that goes into the management of the premises, and you need all the hands for success!
Maintaining an efficient staff can be challenging, especially when there are so many chefs in the kitchen preparing different menus every day. Managing these people has always been difficult, but now it seems that our problems have just begun, because with recent technological advances come new concerns about data breaches or other security risks involving the personal information of current workers…

Here they are:

Monitor the cash point

A good reason to do this is that it is one of the areas most at risk in the club.
Even more so if employees are allowed access and if they can withdraw cash.
What should you do? In this case, all the operations recorded by the system must be monitored:

  • Number of box openings
  • Number of canceled transactions
  • Typing errors
  • Number of digits

With Ristomanager you can get around this problem!
In fact, thanks to our management software you can monitor the order process, keep track of the accounts entered, count the orders and have real-time data on the availability of products in stock.

The warehouse

Employe’s control

Another “red” area is the warehouse.
It could happen that your employees steal stocks.
These episodes can occur before the goods are inventoried, that is, as soon as they are taken by the supplier, or later.

In the second case, the theft of food can be limited to eating an ice cream in the kitchen or becoming much more serious with whole crates of raw materials that end up in the homes of the employees rather than in the warehouse.

To counter these dangers, it is important that every warehouse movement is written down and each inventory is certified by a person in charge of the control.

Employe’s control

It often happens that entrepreneurs feel the need to install surveillance cameras that frame certain areas of the corporate structure. We also saw it on TV!

Fiction or reality?

With a series of recent measures, the Privacy Guarantor has declared unlawful the use of the video surveillance system installed in some workplaces.

The law provides, in fact, that the images collected for security purposes cannot be used for checks, even indirect ones, on the work activity. We need the union agreement, and, in its default, the authorization of the Labor Inspectorate.

Alternative solutions to discover the employees they steal?

Employe’s control

Two solutions. The first is that of any testimonies of colleagues who have witnessed the crime: their statements can be used to blame the wrong colleague.

The second solution is that of the fake customer. In essence, instead of filming the workers, the employer can carry out a random check through the simulation of a purchase by the inspection staff present at the cash register as a customer, verifying whether the failure to issue the receipt corresponds to the detention of the relative collected price.

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How to open a successful tavern

Open a successful tavern: If you think about where to drink a good glass of typical wine of the area, it is certainly one of the first places that come to mind.

open a successful tavern

We are talking about the osteria, one of the oldest restorative formats that, even in modern times, manages to find increasing appreciation from the public, even among the youngest. Accomplice in a constant search for Italianness on the table, of quality and genuineness as well as a growing interest in typical and local products, opening a tavern can be a successful and profitable entrepreneurial activity.

Let’s take stock of the situation with our guide.

Requirements and bureaucracy to open a successful tavern

open a successful tavern

Nothing new: they are the usual requisites required for the administration of food and drink and for the opening of an activity.

Mandatory moral requirements are required to open a tavern, ie you must not have been declared bankrupt or previously banned. Otherwise, you will not get the go-ahead and the necessary authorizations for the opening.
In addition, the SAB certificate (or equivalent title for food handling and administration) will be required. Alternatively, 2 years of experience in the sector and the hotel or similar diploma are sufficient.

open a successful tavern

It will also be necessary to look for a place that is well suited to opening a tavern and therefore has all the safety and hygiene requirements required by law.
If the place does not have it, you will not be allowed to open. To remedy this, you could make the rooms compliant with renovation work, so be sure to inform yourself about the standards and quality of the premises before renting or buying.

Other mandatory requirements for opening a tavern are:

  • the opening of a VAT number and registration in the Business Register;
  • have all the mandatory permits for the opening of an activity, such as the ASL certificate (which certifies the safety and hygiene of the premises, the ASL is requested through a specific form, the ASL will send personnel for the checks) and the registration to INPS and INAIL;
  • receive permission to display the sign and pay the relevant fee;
  • obtain the HACCP certificate for food and beverage administration;
  • declare to the municipality the beginning of activity and obtain the permit;
  • pay SIAE in case you think you will be transmitting music to your club.

The 4 secrets of the success of an inn

open a successful tavern

1) The business plan makes the difference

In addition to the requirements, which are virtually identical to those for opening a restaurant, it is essential to carefully prepare an accurate business plan.
This document will allow you to clearly define your goals, a fundamental step for the success of your tavern.
Above all, with the business plan you will be able to understand how to reach your goals from a financial point of view.
I also advise you to read up on possible funding granted by the region to open new businesses.

2) The location

open a successful tavern

Regardless of the type of commercial activity, the search for the place to be sold is an aspect to which to devote enormous importance.

The success of your tavern may depend on this delicate choice.
In order to identify the right venue, an in-depth market analysis is needed to know the earning possibilities, which depend on the target, and the competitors present in the immediate vicinity.

We also need to analyze the strategic points well, the best would be to find a place near sports centers, discos, cinemas and major tourist attractions.

With a large initial budget you might think about buying the place, even if renting one would be a way to see first how things are going. Another point to pay attention to and spend several days is the furnishing of your tavern, to give the structure an absolutely personalized imprint.

Fortunately, since it is a tavern large formalities are not necessary, wooden tables and chairs and glasses and cutlery may be enough, even if they are not very elegant, to give a rustic touch to the room. Obviously this in general, because the decor of the tavern naturally depends on your personal tastes.

Remember that you need to create a welcoming and familiar environment: even the furniture can make the difference between success and failure!
Choose warm colors and wooden furniture to create the rustic atmosphere required and attract more people.

3) Staff selection and food

open a successful tavern

The key words are: wine, cutting boards and typical dishes.

It is advisable to hire only competent personnel and specialized personnel who have experience in catering and who know how to treat food. A prepared chef is a good place to start.

When it comes to opening up any new business the choice of employees is fundamental.

All the staff, from the owners to the waiters, must be distinguished then by cordiality and sympathy, as the customer must be encouraged to return to the tavern both to try other excellent wine and other local dishes but also for the hospitality received.

4) Marketing and competition

open a successful tavern

Despite the antiquity of the business, if you want to succeed in 2019 you have to adapt to the technological era in which we live.
Therefore it will be fundamental the presence on social media, a captivating website as well as the presence on review sites and sector blogs.

However, we must not forget about traditional promotion, such as the inauguration party and word of mouth.

The tavern is not a luxury restaurant and to combat competition you have to use every gimmick, because the client on duty must always be treated in the best possible way in every respect: culinary, economic and in terms of hospitality.

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How to open a successful trattoria: costs and requirements

successful trattoria

Successful trattoria. Recently, the world has become aware of the negative effects of junk food: the recovery of healthy eating is also spreading in Italy.
To benefit, it will be the producer of slow food par excellence: the trattoria.

Successful trattoria

An inn is a place to rest and relax. The first clue you’re in for the night (or at least spend some time) are their names: they all start with “Inn”.
“Pensions”, “hostels”, or even just call someone’s house an inn – these places offer accommodation of varying degrees where guests can enjoy peace, privacy, comfort without bursting into hives when you hear something noisy outside like insects chirping after sunset, which tells me that this person lives in a rural place but close enough if necessary!

In the collective imagination, the trattoria is a place where:

  1. eat in a genuine way
  2. spend little
  3. you go in the company
  4. the portions are plentiful
  5. it is not necessary to dress formally
  6. the owner is kind

Successful trattoria

You can potentially attract any type of clientele: from couples to large companies, from families to workers. The trattoria is a place where you can enjoy Italian cuisine with friends or loved ones, whether it’s just the two of us on our first date and sitting at a table for hours talking about everything under the sun. You will never want to leave this cozy little retreat!

The menu presents all your favorite things: fresh pasta made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients; Decadent sweets like cannoli filled with creamy pistachio cheese frosting dipped in gold leaf powder that melt in dark chocolate sauce making them better than any other delight out there!- or maybe ask if they have something new?

What are you waiting for? Follow this brief guide to learn how to revolutionize your life by opening a satisfying activity that you can manage as a family.

Successful trattoria

Trattoria: Requirements and bureaucracy

Successful trattoria

As for bureaucratic requirements, it will be necessary:

  1. to complete a self-certification, the SCIA, Report of Start of Activity Certificate, to the municipality of belonging;
  2. open the VAT number;
  3. fill in the Single Business Communication form to the Chamber of Commerce to be part of the Business Register;
  4. registration to INPS and Inail;
  5. the HACCP document for all workers present within the premises.

  1. In addition to these obligations, certain requirements are also required, including:
  2. self-certification regarding the possession of moral and professional requirements;
  3. the sanitary and hygienic authorization issued by the ASL of belonging;
  4. the authorization for the distribution of food and drinks, which can be obtained if you already have at least 2 years’ previous experience in the sector and the possession of a diploma that certifies the skills required to open a trattoria or with certificates and the course.


Successful trattoria

It is a cheaper investment compared to a restaurant, first of all with regards to the rent.
In fact it is not necessary to occupy a luxury environment in the city center: it is sufficient that the building is welcoming and comfortable, better if a bit spartan and rustic!

There are many possible uses for an old local like this, but one of the most popular these days is to turn them into places where people can pick up delicious food before returning home after work; making sure that each dish has only locally sourced ingredients – and if it is not within walking distance, at least close enough so that the number of deliveries does not become too high during rush hour traffic!

Successful trattoria

In addition to the bureaucratic costs, expenses will then have to be incurred to furnish the premises, to set up a kitchen, for utilities, to pay employees and to pay suppliers.

Despite this, with a figure between 20,000 and 30,000 euros it is possible to start this kind of activity.

You can also evaluate the franchise.
With an affiliation fee ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 euros, the parent company will provide the furniture, give you administrative assistance, sponsor you through its advertising channels, and procure the suppliers for you directly.

Management and staff

Successful trattoria

Opening a restaurant is equivalent to opening any kind of commercial activity, and even if of modest size, it will require the preparation of a business plan.

Accurate planning will allow you to determine initial investments and growth prospects, also taking into account potential risks.

Successful trattoria

Finally, let’s talk about the staff, saying that great chefs are not necessary, but rather competent people and in particular in typical local dishes, which will be the strong point of the menu; and the welcome to the customer that will represent the last, but still very important, factor in which we will have to work hard.
In this context, not only cordiality (courtesy, helpfulness and sympathy) are included, but also the low price list even if it depends on the customer.

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Food cost calculation: what is it and what is it for?

Food cost. Here is the guide for bars, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs and pastry shops. The Food Cost is the cost of the dish, that is the sum of the costs of the raw materials that form a dish.

For example, the Food Cost of a margherita pizza will be given by the sum of the cost of the dough “ball”, the tomato sauce, the mozzarella and the basil.

Food cost

Food costs are among the most important factors when it comes to restaurant profitability. They account for about 33% of the average price of a menu and can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, which eventually brings them back to your pockets sooner than later!
A great way that owners control this expense is by reviewing their inventory logs over the course of each week, analyzing data from previous periods in order to determine what has led up to now as well as any necessary changes going forward.

The cost of food is a huge part of the overall expense for managing your business. However, it may not be obvious what exactly costs you and why every dollar counts! Food includes everything from how much work goes into preparing the ingredients to its packaging at home or on site before being sold as a finished product – even things like cooking oil can quickly add up if left unchecked due to negligence ….

Food cost

Bread: A good quality loaf can cost someone between 40 cents and 1 dollar a slice, depending on your appetite; however most consumers will only buy two slices per purchase, unless you know there’s some kind of party with a lot of sandwiches scheduled later that night.

The cost of preparing a dish is usually determined by the ingredients that make it up, but sometimes other factors come into play. This includes not only meat but also vegetables, fruit or other natural flavors such as olive oil in dishes such as Italian sauces for pasta noodles that have been cooked al dente so as to maintain a certain firmness while still being tender enough to be chewed promptly with little effort by the teeth.

Usually, the value is expressed as a percentage of the sale price.

Because it is important?

Food cost

Most restaurateurs in Italy do NOT calculate the food costs of their dishes.

Some have “a vague idea” of how much the ingredients cost in the whole, others have realized two accounts “in mind”, others still had an estimate,
But the worrying fact is that they have never seriously applied – with their kitchen staff, calculator, scale and Excel sheet – to calculate their Food Costs.

It is a disconcerting truth because food cost is an important fact for making corporate choices.
Imagine if a shoemaker didn’t know the cost of raw materials to build a pair of shoes!
Would it be a problem to determine the selling price per pair, or not?

So, restaurateurs and beautiful company, you have the power to earn more!
Let’s learn together how to calculate the food cost!

How to calculate the food cost

Food cost

Let’s start with a distinction: the food cost can be preventive or consultative. So we can control both the purchases of the future, which are used to determine the right selling price, and the purchases of the past, to try to contain costs and correct the waste.

Food cost

The definitive formula for calculating the food cost would be: “Net cost of food goods / Adjusted revenues” * 100.
Clearly in the revenues we must also consider the meals of the employees.
Once this percentage is obtained, we can determine the selling price thanks to a coefficient. It is calculated as follows: “100 / absolute value of food cost”. Once the result is obtained, simply multiply it by the total cost of a dish to get a target price.

In reality the food cost is an analysis that contains various indicators, so we must not only consider the costs of raw materials, but also:

food cost
  • other variable costs
  • cost of labor
  • overhead costs
  • profit share

For example, there is a quality / price indicator that consists of two intermediate steps.
The first is to determine the average price charged to customers through the formula “Total sales / Nr. Dishes served ”.

Food cost
The second is the calculation of the average price offered by the restaurant, with the formula “Sum of prices of all courses / Nr. of the dishes that make up the menu ”. Finally, we take the two results obtained and relate to each other to obtain the “quality / price” ratio: “Average price charged to customers / Average price offered by the local”.

If such the value of this formula is between 0.9 and 1 it means that there is a balance between the offer of the venue and the choice (or expectation) of the clientele.

A result lower than 0.9 indicates that our customers are moving towards lower prices, and finally a result higher than 1 makes us understand that customers generally choose the most expensive dishes, which show a balance between the quality of the food and the its price.

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Ticket in restaurant: 2019 electronic meal vouchers

Ticket in restaurant: What are they? What are the advantages for companies and employees? What are the disadvantages?

Imagine a world without food. How would you survive? The answer, of course: by eating! But what would happen if there was no way to buy groceries with money or earn enough money for a proper supply every month because of the lack of job opportunities. A little over three decades ago this question would not even have crossed our minds, since most people had their own garden where they grew enough food for themselves and not much else; but times have changed with the rise of technology that has made everything easier than ever – so why can’t I just order something online.

Ticket in restaurant

This is where the meal voucher comes into play as part of our social safety net that helps those who have difficulty accessing healthy foods due to financial constraints such as low income from employment.

Ticket in restaurant

Meal vouchers, also known as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and previously called the “Supplemental Nutrition Program” or Food Distribution Programs of America Act were created in 1964.

The idea behind this legislation was that not everyone has enough money available for their basic livelihood needs, such as eating nutritious foods every day, which leads them to malnutrition over time if they do not receive assistance from other sources, such as low-priced supermarket items, because these cheaper prices tend to be wasted, while more expensive meals are saved for special occasions, since most people can not afford them on an ongoing basis without resorting to unusual measures such as skipping breakfast, etc…

What is the electronic ticket?

Ticket in restaurant

It is a meal voucher that works like a paper voucher, but instead of being issued on paper, it is loaded into a magnetic card by the employer.

Whenever the employee consumes a meal, at the time of payment he will take out the card with the amount credited and the restaurateur will make him crawl on the POS terminal, as if it were an ATM.

Ticket of restaurant: Benefits for companies

Ticket in restaurant

Electronic meal vouchers are cheaper than paper ones: they are fully deductible and deductible with 4% VAT.

Furthermore, to respond to the need to rationalize the number of cards available to each employee, the electronic meal voucher service is already set up to be easily integrated with other existing cards: the company badge, the health card, etc.

The digital format greatly facilitates the task of the order manager and the distribution of the vouchers in the company, because it greatly reduces the risk of delivery delays, having only to introduce the order for the employees to the system.
The amount due will be immediately and securely loaded and available on the personal magnetic card of each collaborator.

Ticket in restaurant

So food stamps, commonly called “foodie cards”, help low-income people buy food.

Meal vouchers, otherwise known as “food cards”, help low-income people buy their groceries. For many families this is the only way to afford enough healthy food for themselves and if you have to choose between buying something unhealthy or not buying it at all it makes sense that many want it!

Ticket in restaurant

Some people think that food vouchers, also known as “food cards”, help the poor to buy cheap and unhealthy foods.
Much can be said about this misconception: firstly it is not accurate to say that all those who receive assistance from welfare programs receive these benefits for their groceries; secondly, those who do may find themselves struggling even more if they choose instead a healthier option that will actually lower their calorie intake but will cost them a lot more money – so there is no incentive in any way or form when choosing what eat next time!

Benefits for employees

Ticket in restaurant

In addition to being smarter, virtual tickets are also suitable for other reasons:

  • the list of establishments in which it is possible to use meal vouchers, including supermarkets, holiday farms, pastry shops, trattorias, bars, takeaways, fast food and delicatessens, is increased. The variety of choice depends on the company that provides the ticket issuing service
  • tickets can be accumulated up to a maximum of 8, so you can use them all at once
  • from 1 July 2015, the tax-free value of electronic tickets went from 5.29 euros to 7 euros. It follows that workers who benefit from electronic tickets earn a few cents more per month
  • vouchers are loaded onto the card and therefore do not need to be picked up at the company. Much more comfortable!

Ticket of the restaurant: Disadvantages

Ticket in restaurant

Ticket in restaurant

Unfortunately, the convenient virtual tickets also have flaws, which we hope will be resolved over time.

  • Every company that deals with issuing meal tickets prepares a card that needs a specific POS to be read
  • The consequence of the first point is that, despite the variety of points of sale, there are still few restaurateurs who accept this type of ticket

The rumor has spread that some commercial circuits are trying to come together to create a single POS.
It would really be a turning point in such a fragmented market!

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What is a static oven?

Static oven: What is the difference compared to a ventilated oven? What are its advantages? If I have a bar, a restaurant, a brewery or a pizzeria, which one should I use?

Static oven

Let’s examine in detail:


What does static furnace mean
The static oven cooks mainly by conduction and radiation.
The baking chamber of the static oven is heated on the top (top) and on the cooking base (floor). On the static oven you can bake pizza and bread directly on the refractory or baking tray top.

Static oven: Differences from the ventilated oven

Heat propagation
The static mode is the most traditional form of cooking, similar to that of ancient ovens that received heat from fires placed inside the cooking chamber.

The electric heaters allow the oven to heat up and the food cooks in an oriented way: the parts of the food placed near the heat sources will cook first.
In static mode, the oven heats slowly, allowing you to manage optimal cooking even on the inside of our dishes.

With the static oven it is advisable to always remove the drip pan, because it would prevent the correct diffusion of heat and, consequently, the right cooking of the food.

The ventilated mode has spread thanks to the introduction of electric ovens, in which a fan spreads the heat produced by the resistances in a uniform manner, shortening the cooking time.

Static oven: Suitable dishes

The great advantage of the static oven lies in its versatility: it is adaptable to all types of products.

On this type of oven it is possible to cook dough in a pan, both savory and sweet, but also gastronomy products.
Static cooking is slower and less uniform, but less intense. Therefore it is perfect for all leavened preparations that require a delicate and less aggressive cooking, which allows bread, pizzas and desserts to continue growing while completing the cooking of the inside.
Also ideal for sponge cake and meringues.

On the other hand, the fast timing of the ventilated oven makes it suitable for dishes that should have a surface crust and a soft interior, because it cooks by convention, reaching every corner of the oven.
Some examples are: baked pasta, such as lasagne, roasts, baked fish, au gratin vegetables and desserts with a tender heart.

The temperatures
In general, a difference of at least 20 ° C must be considered between static and ventilated cooking.
Usually the maximum temperature used in a ventilated oven is 150 °. On the contrary, the static oven can reach up to 220 ° or more.

And if we don’t have the oven we need?

If you only have an oven without a fan and your recipe requires ventilated mode, you can increase the recommended temperature by 20 ° C keeping the same cooking time.

In the same way, if you only have a ventilated oven and you have to prepare a sponge cake, you will have to cook it for the same time but bringing the temperature from 180 ° C to 160 ° C.

A useful trick to cook a leaven is to brush the surface of the product with milk, beaten egg or melted butter, in order to delay the creation of the crust that would block growth.

Static furnace: additional features

After understanding what are some of the main characteristics that define a static oven we try to deepen the discourse. The static oven cooks food by irradiation. The heat inside a static hole is propagated from one or more sides at the same time providing a complete and performing cooking mode. Compared to other types of oven, the static oven returns a slower but more homogeneous cooking. For this reason it would be advisable not to cook several dishes at the same time if you have activated the static oven mode. As mentioned, leavened meats adapt perfectly to a baking in a static oven because the food cooking more slowly and more homogeneously can have all the time to assume the desired final result.

Some tips to cook the best dishes in a static oven

As mentioned, depending on the type of oven you can choose to bake a certain type of dish. But how to do in case you need to prepare a soft sponge cake but you do not have a static oven? In these cases it is possible to use some very intuitive little tips. With the right precautions you can get any kind of result. Without changing the cooking time. So if we want to prepare a cake and make sure that it is soft but well cooked inside could be useful, in the absence of a static oven, lower the temperature. Generally such a dish bakes in a static oven at a temperature of 180 large. All you have to do is lower the temperature to 150 or 160 degrees.

Another tip for making soft and delicious preparations is an old “grandmother’s” remedy. All you have to do is place a bowl full of water on the bottom of the oven. In this way the dishes will be softer and will finish their leavening during the cooking process. In any case, whether you use a oven in static mode or an oven placed on another mode it would be advisable to avoid checking the cooking of food frequently. The process of opening the oven may damage the cooking.

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How to open a bar: Some tips

Open a bar: Do you want to feel like at home while you work? Make your own space by opening a successful bar!
In this guide I will give you useful information to start this stimulating activity!

open a bar

Choice of location
It is essential that your customers can see and find your place, so you need to evaluate:

if your target passes in front of us, at what times and with which dynamics
what kind of traffic is in place (ex: the station is a crowded place and attracts every type of client)
how to see the room from the outside: the customer, unconsciously, tends to enter more willingly into a bar where he sees well inside
Opening a bar means setting up a business, and then becoming an entrepreneur.
Opening the VAT number, identifying the most suitable company form and registering the company with the Business Register will be the first three steps in which it is best to rely on an accountant.

Then you need a property that must be up to standard, that is, in order with regards to licenses and requirements that are often imposed by local legislation (Municipal or Regional).
The same applies if you choose to acquire an existing bar, because you cannot take it for granted.

Bureaucratic steps

Open a bar

presentation to the Municipality of the form for communication of commencement of activity including the required attachments (data of the owner, company, opening hours, viability, ASL compliance, etc.);
request to the municipality for authorization to display the sign;
request to the Revenue Agency for authorization for retail sales of spirits;
payment of SIAE rights for the dissemination of music and images;
request for fire certification to the Fire Brigade (only for premises of size equal to or greater than 450 square meters)
Personal requirements
Having successfully attended professional courses, established or recognized by the regions or autonomous provinces, regarding the activity of food and beverage administration, obtaining the SAB and HACCP certificate, the first required only for the entrepreneur or for one of the members, while the second is mandatory for all the personnel assigned to the preparation or the service.
Alternatively, it is sufficient to have a suitable qualification, such as the hotel certificate.

Costs to Open a bar

Thinking of starting your own business without planning is a suicide, an action that will most likely lead you to bankruptcy or otherwise lose money.

So don’t overlook the business plan!
In this document you will have to mark all the items of expense that you will have to face in view of the opening of your bar: not only what regards the more concrete aspects, but also those related to the fulfillment of the Italian bureaucratic requests.

In the case of the purchase of a bar that has already started, you will need to purchase the license, the value of which will depend on the turnover.

You can also evaluate the opening of a franchise, which can be convenient in terms of visibility and guarantee to customers.


Open a bar
The cost of a bar depends mainly on the size and location.
In fact, one of the heaviest costs is just the rent, together with the utilities and staff. I value around 50 thousand euros.

Similarly, if you decide to take over a pre-existing room, the sum to be paid to the previous owner can be around 100-200 thousand euros, even if it can be paid in installments against an advance.
At this expense we must then add the notary’s fee, as well as the compensation of the mediator (about 2% of the sum) for a total of 7-8 thousand euros.

Tools and consumables

Open a bar
To take into consideration:

  • A professional coffee machine, which can cost more than 2 thousand euros
  • Oven: 500 euros
  • Chopper: 18 euros and blender: 10 euros
  • Refrigerators-freezers: 2 thousand euros
  • Sink: € 150.
  • Cash register: 600 euros
  • Dishwasher: 600 euros
  • Slicer: 150 euros
  • Ice chop 50 euros
  • What else is needed to open a bar?

What else?

  • 2 Shakers: € 20.
  • 100 normal glasses: 250 €.
  • 70 Cocktail glasses: € 560.
  • 50 Coffee cups: € 75.
  • 40 dishes: 60 €.
  • 300 Packs Napkins: 300 €.

And as for the furnishings:

  • 40 chairs: 2,300 euros
  • 10 stools: 160 euros
  • 10 tables: 500 euros
  • 1 counter: 25 thousand euros

Management costs

Open a bar
The main ones are:

  • staff
  • Utilities
  • Raw material
  • Insurance policies

Bar management

Open a bar

By “bar management” I mean everything that revolves around offering the customer service.

It is essential to speed up and optimize this process.
But for this you can feel comfortable: with our management software Ristomanager you can:

  1. manage the tables
  2. keep memory of orders
  3. manage warehouse stocks

What are you waiting for to provide an efficient service? Try Ristomanager for free

How to open a restaurant: here is a brief guide

Open a restaurant

Open a restaurant. Have you ever wondered how to open a restaurant? What are the requirements? How much does the set-up cost? How not to fail?
I propose this brief guide.

The idea of owning your own restaurant is not so easy to achieve successfully. I found that it takes more than just buying the building and opening the store, there are many other factors involved in making sure you are ready for business!

Open a restaurant
The first thing every aspiring restaurateur must do before they can even think of opening their doors to customers who want great food served by trained staff to best serve the needs (and preferences) of each customer.

Open a restaurant: Bureaucracy

In order to start the activity, it is necessary to possess the requisites for the administration of food and beverages, mainly aimed at obtaining Healthcare.

Open a restaurant

You need:

  1. a qualifying degree, for example the hotel diploma
  2. or have attended a SAB course (food and drink administration)
  3. the premises must meet the requirements established by the Municipality for the intended use of the property, the specific health authorizations and those of plant engineering
  4. Presentation of the HACCP plan, that is a system of self-control that foresees courses for the owner and employees
  5. Compilation of the SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report), which must be collected and presented at the Single Desk for Production Activities of the Municipality
  6. Registration in the Business Register at the Chamber of Commerce
  7. Opening VAT number at the Revenue Agency
  8. Registration with INPS
  9. Inail registration

I advise you to contact a good accountant, who helps you to follow all the practices, otherwise you go crazy!

Open a restaurant: Costs

Open a restaurant

Bureaucratic costs
Now let’s talk about the part that interests us most.

The first cost you will incur is that relating to the establishment of the legal form of the company, which conditions the cost itself.
The most suitable forms are: sole proprietorship, s.r.l. (Limited Liability Company) or s.n.c.
For example, if you decide to open a simplified SRL, you will certainly save € 1,500 from the notary and there is no real minimum payment of the share capital or, better, it exists but amounts to € 1.
Let’s say slightly convenient to the 10 thousand euro of a s.r.l. normal!

Costs to start the activity

Open a restaurant
I will try to be quite generic, because it all depends on what you want to do and where.

A medium-sized restaurant requires:

  1. at least 30,000 euros for furniture, kitchen, appliances and various tools
  2. if the restaurant needs a renovation, an additional amount of 10,000 to 40,000 euros must be spent
  3. between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for tables, chairs, bar counter
  4. at least 10,000 euros for the purchase of crockery, pots, tablecloths, uniforms for the staff
  5. Including bureaucratic costs, the initial costs for fixed assets vary between € 53,000, in the case of the opening of a Simplified SRL, and over € 80,000 for a normal SRL and a new room.

And it’s not over here. The following aspects are missing:

  1. the rent of the premises. In addition to the monthly fee, the deposit must be considered. It does not represent a real cost, as it is given back, but in any case of the money that you will have to take out in advance, and can even reach up to 3 months of rent. I advise you to avoid the agencies, otherwise you will have to pay an extra monthly payment as a commission
  2. utilities
  3. the annual staff course
  4. monthly salaries for cooks, kitchen and dining room staff
  5. taxes (which you pay after the first year of operation)
  6. raw materials (variable management cost)


This stranger! Often restaurateurs make the mistake of not foreseeing it as a cost in the business plan.
I say error because if I don’t do everything to attract and retain customers, for example through a Facebook or PR campaign, I don’t increase the proceeds.
What is the use of investing thousands of euros in an activity if I have no revenue?

By marketing I don’t mean advertising, which aims only to make itself known in this case.

By marketing I mean the reflection on why people should come and eat with you instead of going to the competition or staying home.

How to manage the customer

We have understood that we must put it in the center.
Now ask yourself how to best serve it, then:

  1. how to take an effective order
  2. how to organize tables and accounts
  3. how to manage warehouse stocks so that nothing is ever missing
  4. how to be fast with orders

The answer to all these questions is Ristomanager, our restaurant software that will help you simplify the meal sales process and reduce costs, thanks to the statistics function.

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Food truck: Everything you need to know

Food Truck: What is it? Which are the most famous? How to open it? How should it be managed? How can Ristomanager help you?
Follow me in these paragraphs and you will discover the world of the so-called cloister-van!

food truck

What’s this?

You know those American movies where men in suits go out of their office, take a hot dog and sit on a bench?
Or, again, those cartoons where the children are given a coin because the ice cream truck has arrived?

Although its origin is Californian, nowadays also in Italy there are numerous examples of Food trucks.
If once the motto was “let it all go and I open a kiosk in the Caribbean”, now it’s “I close my restaurant and open a food truck”.

Lately the initiatives involving these trucks are multiplying.
In almost all Italian cities, fairs dedicated to Street Food are being held, that is, food purchased and consumed literally in the street, outside the supermarket, bars and restaurants.

We can define food trucks just like this: they are itinerant vans equipped with a kitchen for preparing and selling meals of various kinds, as well as snacks and typical specialties.
But let’s not be fooled by the appearance: there are very high quality food trucks that prepare top quality foods.

The most famous food trucks in the world

  1. Le Camion à Pizzas al Centquatre, located in Paris. It offers pizzas with various types of seasonings in a super chic truck.
  2. Die Dollen Knollen-Puffermanufaktur. It is located in Berlin and offers delicious potato rosti with smoked fish and cottage cheese seasonings.
  3. Emerson Fry Bread (Phoenix, Arizona) is the only one in the United States to specialize in Native American cuisine with a pinch of Mexican.
  4. Lembo Bistrot, an Italian example. It is located in Turin and offers choco-kebabs, waffles and marshmallows aboard an English Bedford. What makes it unique is the fact that the owners have created Beer Bike Baladin, a 12-seat rickshaw on which you can drink excellent beer while pedaling, and Moto Grill Guzzi, a motorbike heirloom from which come out smoldering Apulian bomblets

How to open a food truck? Everything you need to know

The fundamental thing in this activity is having a defined gastronomic idea.
From the concept, it will be possible to develop a marketing plan and a business plan that fixes a budget and commercial strategies, such as advertising through social media.

The great advantage of the food truck is the abatement or reduction of most of the typical costs of a restaurant, starting from the rent of the restaurant, which in big cities becomes more and more expensive when inflation increases.

However, the set-up difficulties should not be underestimated.
The initial investment is around 35 thousand euros, mainly due to the purchase of the truck, or truck.
In fact, the first thing to do is find the right gusto.

You can play around with colorful vintage vans and small Ape cars, but consider that they are unsuitable for long journeys and you may need a support laboratory.
In this regard, there are companies that specialize in selling modern and complete vans.


Besides the contained costs, another point in favor of food trucks is the fact that having itinerant itinerant licenses is easy.
They are obtained by applying in the municipality of residence and have national value.

To carry out food and drink administration activities, you must have worked at least 2 years in catering, attended the hotel school or similar degrees and diplomas, otherwise you must follow a 130-hour course.
A certification is also required to have all the moral requirements in order.

Being a retail trade activity on a public area, to start with it also requires a SCIA – Certified Activity Start Report – a statement that allows companies to start a business without having to wait for authorization from the competent bodies. It should be made for the foodtruck, for a laboratory if one has it and if catering services are also provided for that.

How to manage it
Here I can help you: with Ristomanager, managing everything related to stocks and orders will be a real breeze!

Thanks to the fast cash option, you can easily manage your accounts.
Here is how it will appear on the screen:

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How to earn more with effective management

How to earn more. What does the profitability of your place depend on? What should you focus on? In this article I will bring to your attention some fundamental themes for the success of your business, such as management.

How to earn more

how to earn more
How to earn more

When it comes to managing a restaurant, there are many goals that can be set depending on what you want for your business. One of the most important things in this industry is having clear and achievable goals as well as being specific about them so you know where their company needs to go. They also note that achieving these plans in the short or long term will help with the success rate since both factors go hand in hand when managing restaurants properly.


How to earn more

It may seem trivial to you, but this formula is all in a high human factor sector like catering.
That’s why if you mess an order with a customer, you have to prove yourself sorry as if the cat were killed.

How to earn more
According to Freud, people share a single great desire: to feel important.
Regardless of how supportive your client is, if you do not treat him with empathy and sensitivity within him he will cover resentment, a very bad enemy for your relationships, starting with professional ones.


How to earn more

You are exploiting your employees! And them you!
But seriously, how many of them have the greatest ambition to stay close to you for the rest of your career? Unless your establishment is a prestigious chain of restaurants or luxury hotels, as soon as they find something better, the best will leave you.
Think about it: at least half of your waiters accept employment because they are 7 years old trying to graduate in anthropological sciences and snacks and a few months ago they began to feel guilty towards their parents.

Imagine that one of them today is rejected by the umpteenth exam and that he has his turn tonight.
Find the difficult customer and at the first strange request your employee, that is who represents your restaurant, answers him with a rude and pedantic tone.
The feeling of resentment that I told you about in point 1 has just begun, so from now your client will unconsciously try to find other reasons to be legitimately dissatisfied. In the end he will not come back and will not recommend it.
This is an example to make you understand what the staff mistakes are.
Not to mention when things mysteriously disappear from the inventory. In this last case I would advise you to equip yourself with software like Ristomanager, in order to keep your stocks under control!

But what are the causes of your employees’ incorrect attitudes?

How to earn more

  • the environment is not stimulating
  • You don’t know how to inspire them
  • They don’t hear your cause

The solution for better management? motivate them
A motivated staff is:

  • kinder to customers
  • you don’t care
  • Don’t leave you in time of need


How to earn more

Let’s analyze this point starting from the customer, since we have seen how important his role is for the success of your business.

He / she enters and can be in two different situations:
A) is immediately welcomed by a smiling and motivated waiter
B) does not understand well who should ask what and expects minutes standing and embarrassed

Finally he sits down:
A) find a table ready and give him / her the menu
B) the table still has the crumbs of old customers

The moment of the order arrives:
A) if something is missing, the waiter proposes alternatives; orders arrive directly in the kitchen, thanks to the right software
B) the waiter does not have the security of what is missing and what is not; come back after taking the order to warn the customer that there is not his favorite dish; in all this in the kitchen have not yet begun to prepare

The dishes arrive:
A) on time and together
B) late and wrong

Customers come out:
A) satisfied and willing to share in the world and on social media what your place is worth
B) with a rage to vent on all their friends

If you follow the first two points and a systematic organization of work, also thanks to a software like Ristomanager, your situation will always be A) !!!

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