Menu holders: Your business card!

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The menu holders allows you to outline your offer, the target of your clientele and the type of restaurant.

The menu holders is the first thing that comes to the customer. Choosing the cover is fundamental.

Why you choose to use a menu holders

The menu holders is a communication and marketing tool.

The materials, the aesthetic effect, and the cover are features that enhance your dishes.

A nice menu holders triggers a positive predisposition in the customer.

The A4 is ideal for exposition clarity, but the other formats are not to be discarded, such as the square or the horizontal or the vertical A4 medium.
Let’s not forget the very classic two doors. A beautiful chalk-colored paper, parchment complete the whole.

Each restaurant has its own menu holders

Whatever the style or theme of your venue, you will certainly find the menu holder that will satisfy your taste.

  • Menu holders in faux leather, soft to the touch, will robust communicate elegance.
  • If you have a simple menu, you can opt for a solution not too elaborate with colors and materials of nature.
  • Don’t betray your style for economy. Leather is a versatile and elegant material.
  • If you want to be original, Wood is the material for you. Alternatively, fabrics can give special effects, such as jute or felt.
  • In Take and Away, you generally opt for plastic. The advantage is the economic cost and cleanliness.
  • The menu holder must be practical and not bulky.

The prices of the restaurant menu holders

There are menu booklets with a cost of up to fifteen euros. An average price is 5-7 euros for a class menu.

The more special are the materials , the more the price goes up. Customization is also important for the restaurant’s identity. Not just the name but also the logo or some quotation.

Set of fixed menus for indoor and outdoor use

The menu holders of the vaults is also exposed to the outside or to the entrance. Tourist restaurants or fixed-price restaurants use bulletin boards or indoor and outdoor menus.

The indoor menu holders are more precious and elegant blending in with the furnishings of the room.

The outdoor ones must be solid, functional and safe. Aluminum plastic and wood are the most used materials.


Absolutely avoid the printed menu but correct by hand, dirty or ruined. The customer will attribute everything to a lack of attention and superficiality.

Rely on those who have graphic, communication and marketing skills, or specialized sites with pre-composed models.