Open a sandwich shop: advice on the procedure to follow

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Are you thinking of getting into the restaurant business? Here are some tips to open a sandwich shop. An investment that could prove to be valid and profitable.

Open a sandwich shop: requirements and bureaucratic procedures

Let’s not forget then to analyze and always keep in mind who else is in the square in the areas of our activity to play our cards better.

The location is important. Usually for this type of activity there is no need for an immense amount of space considering also the takeaway service. There must be a suitable furnishing and with everything necessary to work obviously. So counter, slicer, griddle, mini-bar, freezer, coffee machine, etc.

It would be preferable to choose a strategic and particularly busy area perhaps near schools or offices.

But what are the paperwork to start with our business?

It will be necessary:

  • Having experience in catering or a hotel school diploma;
  • A Haccp course;
  • VAT number (Ateco code 56.10.11);
  • Register the sandwich shop in the Business Register;
  • Inps and Inail positions
  • Present the Certified Start of Activity Report
  • The sign-up authorization

Open a sandwich shop: costs

The initial investment to open a sandwich shop will not weigh particularly on your pocket. However, you must take into account the costs of renting the premises, which will be more or less expensive depending on the location (the closer it is to the center, the more the costs will increase).

The equipment also has its own cost. It must be professional and of quality. Otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee good customer service. The furniture may not be too showy as long as it respects the theme of the room and is clean and tidy.

20 thousand euros is the expense to consider to start the business. With the desire of the customers, it is possible to return to the shopping quickly enough.

If you do not have this sum available, you can always
suspect for one of the many sandwich franchises. These, in exchange for an initial expense, guarantee premises, equipment and training.

Licenses to open a walking sandwich shop
The itinerant sandwich shop certainly costs less than a room with relative rent but involves other paperwork.

You must have a type A or type B license.

  • The type A license guarantees a parking space for 10 years and allows you to work throughout Italy.
  • Type B instead allows only in unassigned or empty places.

The chances of making a profit by opening a sandwich shop

A sandwich shop can do well if you properly study the business you want to be a part of. But this applies to the opening of any activity through a good study of targets and competitors.