The new fish fast food restaurants

Who said that excellent fish dishes can only be eaten in the classic restaurant?

We tour around Italy looking for some new fast food of fish, where the delicacies of the sea mark is a new trend of fast food.

The chance to taste the delicious sea food in the sandwich or while walking, conquers the palate of occasional consumers.

The first revolutionary fish fast food restaurant opened at Fiumicino MecFish, offering fresh fish cooked in a fast, tasty, and affordable manner. The restaurant is almost all open: a small veranda on the seafront of Fiumicino, furnished with white tables and blue chairs, which offers about 50  seats. Inside  we find some nice blackboards that evoke the classic cabins that we find in the bathing establishments, on  there is a menu rich with fresh fish.

At Fiumicino the idea of ​​Amelindo Fish was born for a more creative and fast proposal that could interest a large clientele among young people, families and all lovers of good fish, even to take away.

“Pesce Bueno” opens its first store in the province of Pisa. From an idea by Francesco Urbani, the franchise is enjoying great success in Cecina. Its concept  is for  fast and cheap lunches and dinners, but with  quality. Good  Fish  is a seafood restaurant, with the difference that dishes are served inside a sandwich. It is not the fast food that everyone imagines, with mediocre products and little attention to customer satisfaction.

In Bastiglia, in the province of Modena, where the sisters Alice and Valentina Parenti have turned their passion for cooking and catering into a small business very much appreciated giving life to the Bottega del Pesce. A place that combines the opportunity to buy fresh fish but also to taste the flavor immediately.

Milano will not have the sea, but certainly good taste. The fish in the shade  is much appreciated.

Pescaria, the new fast food of fish born in Polignano a Mare and within a few months has conquered the palate of Milan. The maniacal attention to detail and the impeccable preparation of the dishes have rewarded the idea. Everyone looks at the genuine fish dishes created in the province of Bari.

Good Blue, however, is a healthy fast-food fish in the center of Milano. It aims to offer a “sustainable” gastronomic experience, nurturing people in a healthy and fast way. The menu is composed of fish dishes caught according to the criteria of protection of the sea and its species, and is committed to nourish the sea through concrete and measurable actions.
The menu, designed for fast and smart consumption, from fast food, is perfect for a lunch break or a dinner with friends, thanks to the possibility of taking  away or delivery, and includes bowls, wraps, tacos,  salads, all based on fish or alternatively vegetarian.

Even in Torino from Street Fish, fresh fish is king. In the small room half of the space is occupied by a large open kitchen: in the other half, high tables with stools. Fish is eaten in all shapes: from raw to marinated, from cooked to “seafood pastry”, the latest new entry in the menu that plays with mini pastries and finger food and combines especially octopus, tuna and sea bass in an unexpected way. Pastry is still being born for now, but the chefs are planning to offer brioche and mini-cones in the future.

In the pulsating heart of Naples, Neapolitan cuisine enchants tourists with a corollary of specialties ranging from pizza to tripe, the ancient Gagliotta local fish has reinvented itself by offering the fresh and tasty delicacies of the sea at the lively promenade that animates the area. The dishes cooked in the back room. The fresh fish, freshly picked from the counter, caught a few hours before the waters of the Tirreno Sea, becomes a delicious dish in a few minutes.

Food News: Las Bravas, two Spaniards in Italy on board a food truck

What is a food truck? It is the home of street food.

Valentina and Mireja had made their profession and, they have  traveled far and wide for Spain, they arrive in Italy on board their blue trailer: they are called Las Bravas and their specialty is tapas.

They arrive in Milan and from there they will leave to be known throughout the boot. There is a wheeled kitchen in which they prepare in a revisited version the culinary specialties of the Iberian Peninsula. Mireja is of Spanish origin, Valentina has lived in Barcelona for so long to fall in love with her. Their project stems from the love for the Spanish culinary culture and the desire to share and export it: hence the idea of ​​reviving Iberian recipes in the street food version and putting them on their traveling business.

But which  are  the steps to put on a tapas bar, or in general a food truck, on two wheels?

The process is long and always starts from a good idea and a lot of work needs  to implement it. We need to be clear about our goals and the identity of our business, evaluating their expenses as well as possible earnings.

Next, you have to deal with the bureaucracy: first of all ,the certificate of the Food and Beverage Administration course is required. Another fundamental step is the opening of the VAT number at the Inland Revenue, registration with INPS and the Chamber of Commerce. You must then go to the town of residence to obtain a license to the traveling trade, and find out which roads are allowed to stop and sell and in what time. Each municipality has its own regulation and knowing the rules that allows to avoid problems of any kind and penalties.

What are the advantages of a food truck?

The initial costs are certainly not those of the opening of a real restaurant and it is easy to amortize them quickly.

You can more easily retain the customer: the relationship with those who “eat” is more directed and informal than in traditional restaurants. Even the sale is simplified and fast: the street food format is more practical than the classic “courses”, and helps the growth of profits.

You can move around and participate in festivals, events or even to  choose the best places that offer more sales opportunities: if a place does not work, turn the engine on and off!