Exclusive Restaurant Management Software

Features of RistoManager: all-in-one restaurant management system.

Active assistance

24 hours a day

RistoManager is an exclusive service that is committed to providing constant assistance to its customers, including at night.

We've noticed that restaurant businesses can encounter difficulties at any time of the day, which is why we ensure to provide highly exclusive service to our customers.

We have a 24/7 active telephone support available, and in case hardware issues arise, we commit to replacing the machines as quickly as possible

By subscribing to your plan, you will receive 
a dedicated number 
to receive 24/7 assistance

Fast checkout

Through its simple interface, designed for both touch and non-touch monitors, you will be able to take takeaway orders and send them to the respective departments, also issuing the receipt for the order. To assist you in selecting the products that the customer requests, the products will be accompanied by a representative image associated during the loading of the product.

Electronic invoice module

The Invoicing Module is among the best features of RistoManager. It will allow you to manage an infinite number of invoices, both regular and electronic. Thanks to the electronic invoicing module, you will be able to send your invoices yourself and receive those from your suppliers without the help of your accountant. You can enter products by choosing them from the warehouse or as virtual products, which are products or services that are not present in the warehouse and are added from time to time.

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