Create a restaurant menu

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Create a restaurant menu: This is a delicate operation. From the choice of dishes to the graphics, you need to take care of every detail, while if you want to have a drive thru on your restaurant the use of drive thru markings are important. Create the restaurant menu: What is the menu for? Create …

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Kitchen equipments: tips

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Kitchen equipments: what are the essentials? A mortar and a pestle, of course! These tools have been used for centuries to prepare spices in Latin American cuisine. Kitchen equipments But what about other popular dishes like curry or halibut stew? The answer may surprise you: it is not only these kitchens that rely heavily on their use …

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What you need to open a restaurant?

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What do you need to open a restaurant? How to get the requirements? and where do you start? Our experience in restaurant management software has allowed us to know the rules of this sector. You will need a very specific type of space to open your restaurant.-A kitchen with high ceilings is necessary, as well …

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How to open a pizzeria?

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Open a pizzeria. Let’s see together what are the requirements to open a pizzeria and how much it can cost. Pizza is the emblem of our beautiful country and our kitchen. It is so famous that it is thought that in Italy only pizza is eaten. Pizza is our femme fatale and nobody in the …

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Open a rotisserie: What do you need

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The activities that are never affected by the crises that are raging our time are really many, for the most part, to the food sector. The latter allows you to have a wide choice of activities to choose from. But what do you need to open a rotisserie? A deli is a bakery. In America, for …

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Decorate the restaurant

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Decorate the restaurant is a necessity as much as the competition offers innovative and captivating atmospheres that encourage customers to spend time and money in their restaurant. Catching up with competitors is essential! Decorate the restaurant The first step is to find one’s own style and consequently choose the rest of the details that must …

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Italian cuisine abroad: tips

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Italian cuisine. Is it to joke or maybe not? We know. Generally our palate is definitely a little too fine just to allow us to imagine changes to our most sacred holy recipes. We do not tolerate alterations and many times we also collide with each other because my grandmother’s recipe is not the same …

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Italian restaurants in Germany

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Italian restaurants in Germany combine Italian taste and German love for Italy. It would seem a winning combination but it is good to pay attention to the procedure to follow. It happened to everyone, at least once in their life, to give in to the temptation to eat in one of the Italian Restaurants abroad. …

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Cafeteria: What you need

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Cafeteria. The coffee plant is native to Ethiopia and arrived in Europe around the seventeenth century. Consumption spread in the 1700s. Coffee is consumed almost all over the world. There is no respectable café or bar that does not offer this drink as well as in other catering sectors. Coffee is at the top of …

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News in catering: Some steps

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News in catering. The fourth industrial revolution also came with some innovations in catering. Requests for innovation and convenience, new technologies for operations management and connection with guests are closely linked to the exponential growth of this sector. Restaurants are attracting more and more investment funds precisely because the restaurant sector is a safe and …

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