News in catering: Some steps

News in catering. The fourth industrial revolution also came with some innovations in catering.

Requests for innovation and convenience, new technologies for operations management and connection with guests are closely linked to the exponential growth of this sector.

Restaurants are attracting more and more investment funds precisely because the restaurant sector is a safe and always growing sector. We look for brands that follow the trends and new needs of 2.0 customers and are competitive on the market. After all, you know, the new generations or millennials consume many more meals out and represent the target audience to pay more attention to.

News in catering

The catering industry has seen many changes in recent years. New technologies and smart languages are transforming all aspects, pushing restaurateurs to update or even refound their business organization – that’s why innovation becomes such an important part of success: Today’s chefs need not only skill in cooking food but also a strong business sense!

In this new world where technology is the queen, there are many tools available to help restaurants and restaurateurs manage their businesses more efficiently. One of these tools, which is gaining ground in recent years thanks to its ability to streamline daily operations and maximize profit margins through data analysis at any time, are software applications that can be used on smartphones or tablets – including reservation systems, so that customers never miss the opportunity for lack of availability!

With the latest generation of management software, you can now not only communicate with your staff from anywhere in real time, but also organize reservations and track orders. The system has instant access to statistics on a variety of goods that will help anyone working at any level within your business to be more efficient or simply to want some peace of mind knowing that everything runs smoothly during the periods of work.

News in the restaurant: fast and casual

News in catering

The global foodservice provides an increasingly rapid service. Consumption outside the home grows more and more with a value of 43.2 billion euros.

The chains in the catering sector are those that earn the most from this change in people’s eating habits.

News in catering

The classic restaurants lose altitude because they do not update their offer or their service. Consequently, in addition to being less attractive to the consumer, they also become attractive to potential investors. However, new developments in catering or hybrid concepts are catching on: fast casuals. These activities combine a consolidated business model between raw material and personnel costs with greater attention to the news and interests of customers, giving space to possible investors.

News in catering: Technology

News in catering

Technology is increasingly enabling “barrier-free” interactions: mobile apps, electronic payments, Wi-Fi, offer customization.

Technology simplifies life not only for customers but also for a restaurant manager thanks to increasingly automated technologies thanks also to management software.

Difficulties in management?
The costs of raw materials and labor are increasing. Rents in good locations are always very salty.

News in catering

  • Deliveries are an innovative and convenient way to get food vouchers directly at home and continue to have a certain appeal.
  • automation, big data, machine learning, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles

The change of restaurants and kitchens for these trends
Home delivery will become more and more present especially with the movement of many people towards city life. Restaurants will have to update to accommodate these changes.

Voice ordering
Successfully integrating this technology is also a great way to get publicity, however you need to make sure that the system works in practice. On the contrary, inconveniences could occur and the customer may have to wait a long time for his order. Making innovation means improving customer experience.

Generally, too large a choice can be meaningful for the customer. Self-ordering options, apps and mobile ordering kiosks allow operators to offer options and maximize profits.

News in catering

Lifestyle brand

News in catering
Marketing is redirecting its attention from demographic data to psychography. On balance, people buy what they manage to mirror. As a result it will buy a brand that will share its set of values ​​and ideas.

Innovation in catering will also be present in neuromarketing, behavioral economics and sensory branding. We will buy things that will unconsciously attract us through a sort of sensory and psychological manipulation.

The standard restaurants have remained in the past. The future, however, could force them to take some steps forward in a society where everything is always for sale.

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