How to open a pizzeria?

Open a pizzeria. Let’s see together what are the requirements to open a pizzeria and how much it can cost.

Pizza is the emblem of our beautiful country and our kitchen. It is so famous that it is thought that in Italy only pizza is eaten. Pizza is our femme fatale and nobody in the world seems to resist it. It is also an interesting and profitable opportunity in the culinary sector.

Open a pizzeria

Starting a pizzeria is not easy, and the first step can often seem daunting. However, with patience, you will find that it becomes easier with the passage of time! First of all we need to be clear about what type of catering business you want – whether this means making takeaways or having tables set up so that people could sit down while eating their meal from your menu selection; there are many options available for those looking to open this type of business…

Open a Pizzeria: what do you need?

Open a pizzeria

You can find pizzerias everywhere, but each of them has its own place on the market and its target customers. It is always important to see what the market offer is and analyze the competitors.

Consider to open a takeaway pizzeria, a room with table service, a pizza restaurant, a place with ethnic or international specialties or a place open until late with entertainment and music. The possibilities are many and for each of them there are different needs for space, furniture, target and budget.

For example, for a pizzeria, the laboratory and the sales space will suffice. Instead, for a traditional pizzeria a room is obviously needed.

The equipment will also have to adapt to the choice of the type of activity.
The ideal would be to have a nice wood oven. Before installing it, it will be necessary to check the Fire Department. The alternative is the professional electric oven.

Open a pizzeria

The laboratory must have:

  • a spiral mixer;
  • a marble counter;
  • one or two refrigerated cabinets or a small cold store,
  • a freezer
  • the normal kitchen equipment

Setting up a traditional restaurant means creating a style for the restaurant. Better to contact a supplier specialized in furnishing public shops and stores.

Requirements for opening a Pizzeria

Open a pizzeria

The mandatory route includes:

  • the authorization from the Municipality of reference;
  • request certification of compliance with health and hygiene regulations at the ASL;
  • Haccp certification;
  • registration with the Chamber of Commerce, INPS and Inail and open VAT number.

The holder must not have a degree and can hire an experienced pizza maker. If you want to deal with cooking, you can take a professional training course to get a preparation.

This practice is valid for legislative, administrative and social security purposes and must be sent to the Office of the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce responsible, which in turn will send it to other bodies. For the opening of a new activity, the Certified Activity Start Report (SCIA) is also required. This is a self-certification to be completed exclusively online and sent electronically before the start of the business. Finally, opening a pizzeria requires a HACCP plan, or a certificate that guarantees the hygienic quality of the food and equipment in the room.

The costs to open a pizzeria

The opening of a pizzeria involves in addition to all the tax obligations:

  • costs for renting or buying the premises;
  • the relevant regulation;
  • the cost of kitchen equipment;
  • the furnishings for the room;
  • hiring some employees;
  • refurbishment of the premises;
  • standardization of the electrical system and the hydraulic network;
  • marketing.

The profit will be proportional to the volume of business, and depends on the location of the venue, the commitment to work and the promotional and advertising activity. One effective way to boost your business is through outdoor advertising. You can explore options such as billboards; for example, you may find valuable insights at

The initial investment could be a problem and the best choice is to find out about a possible subsidized loan.

You could also opt for franchising to amortize the costs. Now there are numerous brands dedicated to pizza with quality products.


In order to get a good feedback, it is important to study the characteristics of your future pizzeria. Identify market demands and try innovative ideas. Think about what people in the reference area would need or look for: a quick meal? a pizza take-away? A cozy place to spend the evening? In any case, the quality of the raw material is fundamental and will certainly bring new customers.

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