Why to choose a restaurant manager?

Opening or take over a restaurant for many is the dream of a lifetime. A desire that almost always derives from a great passion for cooking, but that often is also accompanied by a lack of knowledge of everything concerning the real management aspects of an activity of this type.

In fact, to open and manage a restaurant correctly, it is not enough to create an interesting menu, nor furnish the location with taste. Managing a restaurant also means carefully planning costs and actions, in order to always keep under control every single aspect of the whole activity.

To do this often only one person is not enough. In spite of all the good will, in fact, following every aspect of the management of a restaurant with care can be tiring even for the owner himself. That’s why it becomes essential to rely on and to choose a good management.

Restaurant management: discover the management that’s right for you!

Why management for restaurants: all the advantages

On the market you can find different types, even if only some are able to offer a truly complete package and assistance. One of these is Ristomanager, a software that you can download on your tablet and PC with which you can significantly improve the management of your restaurant. Each activity will be constantly monitored and under your control. You will be able to optimize and automate the management of tables and orders for example.

Comande restaurants: find out how to manage them to the fullest!


Your waiters can take the restaurant order directly from their tablets, automatically transferring it to the kitchen. You will save precious time, reducing the expectations of your customers and also avoiding unpleasant surprises and mistakes in the orders. In fact, by automating the process, you will no longer have to worry about running into those typical errors of service, which can often ruin a restaurant’s reputation by removing customers.

And not only that, by using software of this type, you can constantly monitor the supply of your warehouse. In particular, all loading and unloading operations from the warehouse will be made easier and more accurate. You will be able to correctly manage the bar and restaurant stocks, setting the quantity you have for each item.

Personnel management can also benefit from the use of this management system. In this way you will be able to organize and divide all the roles in the best way, identifying the tasks with precision, and avoiding unnecessary overlap and confusion in the staff. In fact, there is often a lack of staff organization among the causes of a bad service. Your staff will work in a more orderly manner and with greater awareness and responsibility with regard to their role.

Furthermore, Ristomanager will also allow you to monitor the performance of the activity, identifying any strengths and weaknesses, in order to evaluate actions to correct and improve management. You will have at your disposal a whole series of statistics, organized and consultable through intuitive graphics, constantly updated to analyze and work on. Costs and investments will also be under control, allowing you to avoid false moves.

And it does not end here: this software will also give you the opportunity to build a real database of your customers, with the history of all orders and their habits, allowing you to put in place and plan ad hoc loyalty actions. In short, thanks to the help of Ristomanager you can lighten the management of the restaurant and, at the same time, optimize it improving every single aspect, from the most strictly organizational to the most strictly promotional.

Finally, if you have a management software nowadays is now a must for any restaurateur, there is also to say that choosing the right one can really make the difference. Ristomanager, for example, is a fairly unique model in the restaurant software landscape. In fact, compared to most of the management programs, there is no need for an internet connection. This is a very important detail, as it allows you to use the software even in the event of a blackout, if the web connection is  lost. This is because Ristomanager works by using the PC as a server and using the local network connection.

In this way you can avoid unpleasant problems, such as blocking all the restaurant activities, and you will continue to work as if nothing had happened. Ristomanager is also very easy to use and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Here is a map of microbreweries in the Veneto region.

Some are real brewpubs, others just shops for direct sales. Enriching the frigovetrine and the menus with the local aromas of local craft beers can represent an added value. They will be inserted between the reload products of the warehouse and you will be able to evaluate in the profitability statistics. How to do? here is a suggestion.

Below a list of Microbirrifics and Brew pubs created by the brewery.
Ivan Borsato Birraio D.I. – Casa Veccia microbrewery – Camalò TV
Birdó San Daniele Brewery Agricultural Area PD
Antoniano-Villafranca Padovana Brewery PD
Estense-Montagnana Brewery PD
BREWERY 9.1-Montecchia di Crosara VR
Beer Camerini Srl-Piazzola sul Brenta PD
Beer of the Nani-Morgano TV
Sabazios-Povegliano Veronese VR Beer
Birracrua-Vicenza VI
Quero-Quero BL Brewery
Del Doge Brewery – D.B.C. Srls-Zero Branco TV
32 Via dei birrai-Industrial Zone TV

Craft Beer Brewery Vicenza-Castelnovo VI

Benaco 70-Affi VR Brewery
AgriBirrificioLuna Marostica-Via Dell’industria VI
Brew Brewery Brew Gruff-Villafranca of Verona VR
Bahumer-Casale Sul Sile TV

Baracca Beer – Craft Beer Baracca Beer – Nervesa della Battaglia TV
Bradipongo Srl Brewery – Pub – San Martino TV
Follina Brewery – Grape and Wine Space – Peguard TV
Lucky Brews- Brewery-Vicenza VI
Crak Brewery Taproom – Campodarsego PD
Ofelia Brewery – Brewery- Sovizzo VI
Marciano Pub – Marghera, Venice VE
BEFeD Brew Pub Mestre-VE


Lee Cooper’s Pub -Mestre

Mc Onor- Pub -Venezia VE
Al Vapore – Bar-Venice VE
Craft Beer Brewery Vicenza – Castelnovo VI
Pub Brewery Al Distributore – Mestre VE
White Pony- Pub-Padua PD

Old George Irish Pub-Venice VE -Terrerna del Porto-Pub-Padua PD
Foramoda · Pub-Padua PD
The Asinella- Bar-Padova PD
Red Bear Pub-Venice VE

“Da Carre” Brewery -Padova PD
Antoniano-Villafranca Padovana Brewery PD










Welcome to Ristomanager 2018r1

Today with great pride we want to announce the new release of Ristomanager, codenamed “Ristomanager 2018R1” we have worked hard in recent months to be able to offer you the best of software, obviously always respecting the main criteria in the restaurant. In this new version the policy of our license changes that currently obliged the constant renewal of our plans, but now we have decided to EXTEND the license purchased forever, so who will buy the license will no longer have any type of expiration every year and will be completely free.


We have also decided to respect your Privacy Policy and not to request data such as email, to users who download the free version; in fact, from this release the software will ask you only which warehouse to use but will not ask for your personal data, this has also been done to respect your privacy.

During the software start-up phase, Ristomanager will ask you whether to use a NEW warehouse, or to use a TEST warehouse as photos!

With the products already loaded by us, you will have the possibility to try the software quickly, without LOADING ALL THE PRODUCTS.

The entire management of the tables management has been redesigned and the management of creation of infinite SALES has been introduced, so that the large rooms have more possibilities to manage more tables in different rooms.

Listening to you, we have added the possibility to insert the DEADLINES of the products, in order to have an overview of the products that are expiring in the warehouse.

Without going to modify the single product to assign a printer, we have introduced the possibility of combining one or more printers to the selected products in one shot.

From now on, you can enter a password on the windows of the program so that if a restaurant owner does not want to show his data to employees, he can protect the various areas such as “statistics” or “warehouse loading”.

Many of you have reported to us that they had problems loading the products, since the old software, too cumbersome when loading the images of the single product, we redesigned this interface and now it will be very simple to load the images.


If you need to import products from another software, using an external CSV file, thanks to an interface in the warehouse management window, you can load a large number of products in a single step.

We have also set up the management in the fast cash desk to make the software more intuitive and light.

Restaurants and electronic invoice

From 1 January 2019, only electronic invoices will be issued.

They will cover the sale of goods and services rendered between residents, established or identified in the territory of the state and for the relative variations.

The electronic invoice will therefore become the only way to issue tax documents.

Restaurants will also be obliged to issue electronic invoices.

The electronic invoice is a digital process of issuing, transmitting and archiving invoices.

Starting from March 31, 2015, all invoices issued to the Public Administration must be in electronic format.

The electronic invoice is not a simple file attached to an email.

In fact, electronic invoices are generated in XML format, digitally signed and transmitted to the Financial Administration through an interchange system (SDI). The electronic signature guarantees the authenticity of the origin and integrity of the contents.

Finally, digital preservation under the law is the last aspect of the process. Through the addition of a further digital signature and a time stamp on the electronic archive, the invoices are kept for the period prescribed by the legislation (10 years) in digital format.


Every restaurant is faced with the problem of electronic invoicing 2019 restaurants today.

In fact, the electronic invoice issuing must necessarily provide for communication with the Inland Revenue exchange system.

The procedure provides:

Compilation of the electronic invoice;
Digital signature;
Sending to the SDI (interchange system);
Delivery of the document to the recipient;
Preservation of the document for 10 years.

How will electronic restaurant invoicing work?

Restaurant electronic invoicing will have to provide a system for compiling and transmitting the document, both to consumers and businesses.

Although there are still doubts about the identification mechanism of private consumers, the mechanism for sending electronic invoices to businesses is clear.

For B2B recipients, in fact, there are two ways of sending. Pec or Recipient Code of the Interchange System.

Each restaurant, therefore, will have to generate the invoices in XML format, sign them and send them to customers in the manner described above, as well as, of course, to the Revenue Agency.

The obligation of electronic invoice for restaurants

From an operational point of view, after a short period of adjustment, a progressive improvement in billing management should be recorded.

The interchange system, in fact, will behave like a sort of postman. The invoice will be sent to the customer and to the Revenue Agency, but also to the accountant. It will be enough to import the file into the various accounting applications and then to register the document.

Substitutive storage of electronic invoices

After checking the technical requirements, the electronic invoice can be stored in digital format. This operation will involve the affixing of a further digital signature, so as to guarantee its authenticity and compliance with the law.

Preservation is an IT procedure able to confer legal value over time to the electronic document.

And you, how do you manage your restaurant?
Do you envisage cost control or electronic invoicing systems?

How to enter discounts before printing the receipt

If you gratify a customer or insert recurring promotions or even a discount for the FIXED MENUS, you will have to manage the inclusion of the discounts.
Usually destined to the lunch break or to attract that band that you have not yet captured the fixed menus can lend themselves to the insertion of some novelty or facilitate the warehouse replacement by rotating those less required ingredients.
To enter the changes in the final count quickly and without error, entrust you with a software that simplifies your life and the operations to be performed will be only the insertion of the discount and the printing of the receipt.

If you use  Ristomanager  you will see a screen where you can change the receipt print.

In the Format section, decide what print quality to have, the width and height dimensions, and the font size in pixels (px).

The Preview is used to display the appearance of the receipt before saving the options


Once set up, just use the Save button to confirm. Preview can only be displayed after saving options.
To apply the discount, it arrives at the Total Paid to be paid.

At this point it is possible to show on this figure, typing it directly in the field, which will bring up a discount in the appropriate field, or set a discount directly in the dedicated box.



When a brewery is more than just a place of production, it becomes a place where beer is also served and consumed in the BIG room: the brewpub.

The new business model of craft beer was born in the United States as a brewpub, a local that produced its own beers and sold them in the pub or restaurant.
Some breweries were born to specialize on very particular styles such as sour beers or Imperial Stout and became cult breweries.

But they did not always start with the project of the attached restaurant, which would have required also “more normal” beers and a productive effort far from the “core business”.

In any case, the tap room is always provided for direct sales, and the “classic” business model of the brewpub remains the most popular for the brewery that you decide to open.

What are the reasons for this setting?

Having a direct sales channel can immediately ensure an outlet to the production of the plants, without the need  to find their space in a market that can be quite crowded and competitive.

In addition, direct selling obviously allows much higher profit margins.

Selling your own beer in your own premises also has an undoubted qualitative advantage: it allows you to control a supply chain that is sold out in one place and to always offer a product that is at the peak of freshness and quality.

What are the limits and disadvantages?

Mainly the costs are higher than the investment for the production plant alone.

Setting up a brewpub means adding the expense for a real local, with cost items such as rent, kitchen, fittings and staff.

Undoubtedly these factors may have decreed the lesser luck of the brewpub model in Italy: the risks on the invested capital are greater because it can not be taken for granted, as it can happen in the United States, to find the full house.

In Italy there is a lower propensity to eat outside the home and generally to go out, for the  income is lower and the places where it is more likely to gather greater success, medium-large cities, that also have higher costs.

In the United States it is quite normal to find brewpubs and generally quite busy restaurants during every day of the week and over a large time frame.

In Italy the cost of personnel for tax and social security contributions is much higher and the flexibility much lower.

A brewpub requires a lot of staff.

In the classic tap room, conceived as a place where it is only possible to drink, there is no kitchen and even the service is essential, done exclusively at the counter. The classic tap room times generally range from mid-afternoon to early evening.

Probably in Italy there is little habit for a fruition of this type and on these times, something that we could call something about an aperitif.

We have therefore added snacks and Tables to facilitate the management of the staff of the orders that have been equipped with an excellent management software, to reduce the expense for the commitment of staff in additional actions to service and to avoid the risk of making mistakes or oversights.

Always recommended Ristomanager.


The attention to the environment becomes law.
The restaurant owner has to adjust his warehouse stock to the take-away containers in biodegradable materials.
How to get oriented?
The study of innovative materials has led to the discovery of valid materials substitutes for plastics. Once identified as alternatives, it is necessary to introduce them into their own management software.
For the transport of cold food containers are available in IngeoTM (P.L.A.), for hot drinks the P.L.A. Crystallized in lids, plates and containers with lid and  some types of glasses of the cellulose pulp.

Let’s see the technical features.


IngeoTM (P.L.A.) is a family of bio polymers deriving from corn starch, completely biodegradable and composed according to EN 13432. The amorphous polymer resists a maximum temperature of 45 ° C and is perfectly transparent.

Ingeo ™ is mostly used in therm forming, to produce glasses and trays with aesthetic and mechanical characteristics similar to polystyrene but, given its low resistance to high temperatures, suitable only for beverages and cold food.
Transparent, with hermetic closure and in the three small, medium and large sizes, they resist up to a maximum temperature of 45 °.

For the production of cups for hot drinks, the P.L.A. Crystallized.

Crystallization is a process that makes P.L.A. (originally amorphous) able to withstand higher temperatures up to 85 ° C. Exactly like the PLA bio polymer from which it derives is biodegradable and composed according to EN 13432. Once crystallized, the CPLA loses its original transparency and becomes milky white.

For hot food there are containers with hinged lid in cellulose pulp, both in the mono-compartment version, both in the two- and three-compartment versions.

The cellulose pulp is obtained from waste processing of fast-growing plants, especially sugarcane, bamboo or straw, and is therefore entirely made of natural materials, as well as being completely biodegradable and composed according to EN 13432. The pulp is white and resists up to a maximum temperature of 100 ° C.
Suitable for microwave and traditional oven. It is mainly used for the production of plates and containers with lid but it is also used for some types of glasses.

They are made of cardboard coming from responsibly managed forests, covered with a Mater-Bi film that ensures the tightness of liquids – hot and cold – and the suitability for contact with food.

What is that? MATER-BI is a completely biodegradable and composed bio-plastic family with which solutions and products with reduced environmental impact are realized for everyday life.

Card + Mater-Bi®: it is a cardboard made of fibers from responsibly managed forests. The inner side, in contact with food, has a Mater-Bi® coating that guarantees its resistance to liquids and the suitability for contact with food up to a maximum temperature of 70 ° C.

Carton board: it is made of fibers from responsibly managed forests. If it is also Bio Coated, it means that it has undergone a mechanical surface treatment that makes it more resistant to temperature, liquids and fats.


The frenetic pace of everyday life often leads to choose the so-called lunch on the fly.

Many people are forced to choose a quick lunch break and easy to take away, avoiding the more dilated times of a restaurant meal.

Others decide to order food to take home for greater convenience or economic reasons.

The take away service is therefore in continuous growth, a widespread phenomenon that involves about the majority of….

The frenetic pace of everyday life often leads to choose the so-called lunch on the fly.

Many people are forced to choose a quick lunch break and easy to take away, avoiding the more dilated times of a restaurant meal.

Others decide to order food to take home for greater convenience or economic reasons.

The take away service is therefore in continuous growth, a widespread phenomenon that involves about the majority of

What are the aspects that you should never overlook in an offer to take away?

Offer studied on the target

With a frequency of 3 times a month, the office is the place from which more orders are made with home demand.

If the target of your restaurant is mostly composed of workers who eat a meal during the lunch break, you should create special offers for this band.

We are not just talking about the economic aspect (the classic proposal for which with 8 € of expenditure, delivery is free), but to make satisfied the end customer of the product delivered.

Take-away service is often seen as a risk by those who buy because the food could get cold or overturned. It is necessary to rely on solid containers that can allow food to be transported without compromise, especially for those THAT OFFER a liquid meal.

Often the home menu is reduced compared to the classic one due to the technical aspect of transport. To make your restaurant even more successful at lunchtime, expand the takeaway offer with a varied menu. Not just sandwiches, but also first courses, side dishes and main courses without giving up taste. For the creation of hot dishes in a short time you can rely on a multi function oven that allows you to cook in many ways and in a short time any type of food. So when the order arrives you can immediately start preparing the dish, beating any competition over time.

Contact care

About 39% of Italians who decide to order takeaway do it via telephone. A classic method to which, however, are being added other contact methods such as digital take-away. The ability to book a dish online is a typical behavior of new generations, who use smartphones and applications dedicated to the take-out.

For this reason it is essential to take care of your online contacts carefully, keeping them up-to-date and making them easy to find and to insert loyal customers.

Take-away service times

Although speed in the take-off is a very discriminating factor, do not let me make promises that can not be kept. Usually the customer always asks what time it will arrive or will have to come and collect the food, make the right calculations without indicating a non-concrete time. Be realistic with your customers, the perception of time when you wait for your plate tends to dilate so a tip we want to give you is to accept that to travel a certain distance takes some time.

Expanding the take-away menu, taking care of your contacts and having real time frames are all aspects that will make your service take away a positive experience for the customer.

In order to facilitate payment, it is better to have a fast cash desk connected to the reservation management, that is to say, a software for managing restaurant reservations for all of it.


Do you already have loyal customers?

You can enter their data directly into your software and they will be the basis of your sales statistics and stocking supplies.

Through the customer management function you can enter the data of your regular customers, so you can easily enter them during reservations and while making orders via the fast cash desk. Customers can be entered directly from this window, or each time you make a reservation or order, first insert the customer and then associate it with the operation you are carrying out.

Are you wondering how to do if you do not have the right management software?

Download RISTOMANAGER for free.
Then you anticipate and enter special discounts for old customers, and make them feel right. In fact, promotions are not improvised, but are part of a strategy designed for the medium term.


But what can we do for new customers?

How to welcome and return the “passing” customer to the restaurant?
He is a lover of good food, attentive to gastronomic fashions and very active on social media. He is a type of customer who likes to experiment and get informed. It might ask you about the origin of the ingredients, the recipes and other curiosities on your menu so it requires a little more time and dedication that if they are granted they will return this type of customers to your restaurant. However, if he remains satisfied, he is happy to share his experience with both word of mouth and online media.

The customer “eternally dissatisfied”: how to welcome and return?

Not particularly interested in cooking or at your restaurant, he is a difficult customer because he would like his experience to reflect impossible standards. Do not be overthrown by this level of constant dissatisfaction and simply try to respond to your needs with education without focusing on criticism. With this type of customer pay the summary and it is better to guide him in the choice of dishes. If you can exceed your expectations and make it feel better than in other restaurants, you will have loyal.

And what to do with the “protagonist” customer?

It wants to be the center of attention so place it in a more secluded table or where it can have space. With this client it is always important to find answers that do not offend him and keep control of the situation. Remember that the protagonist of your restaurant …. it’s your restaurant.

How to treat the “friend” customer?

He is a customer who requires a very personalized attention, likes to chat, ask personal questions … With him the winning key is to understand that his satisfaction  does not depend only on food, but on how much he manages to feel at home. The only drawback: it is likely to make you lose a lot of time, so be complicit, but also find a polite way to cut short where necessary.

We talk about the customer too slow and that too fast.

These are two types of radically opposed customers:

There are excessively slow customers who like to take as much time as possible to order and those who want to find the dish at the table. To conquer them it is necessary to dose the times well so that the slower does not feel ,put under pressure and the quicker does not want to go away. In any case, only if you follow the pace appropriate to each of them will come back.

Finally we must remember the 5 actions that work with each type of customer:

Welcome with a smile
Maintain an affable attitude and always keep eye contact
Respond to questions with speed, honesty and firmness
Show interest in its needs
Leave customers in an always courteous manner
Welcoming customers is an art that requires an experience that you surely already have. We hope this article has helped you to strengthen your ideas on how to welcome the best and therefore to make customers turn to the restaurant regardless of the type to which they belong. All customers are important and the effort that you and your team will take to follow them will have the result of making them come back and become regular customers of your club.

Color to identify the status of the tables

Through any tablet with android system, you can download the RISTOMANAGER app and make and manage the orders in progress of your restaurant. From the management of the tables you can see the status of the tables in real time; manage the free tables, occupied, booked and awaiting payment.

Green identifies a free table, turns red if it is busy, yellow waiting for payment or simply blue a reserved table not yet occupied. This simplifies time and reduces errors.

With the Free Version, you can use only one PDA or tablet, and make up to 500 orders, but with the Professional version you will have up to 3 PDAs or tablets, and you will not have any order limitation. If you need something more there is the Advanced version, the most powerful that allows you to use an unlimited number of PDAs or tablets.


All the main functions at your fingertips.