Open a restaurant: it is better to open it in Italy or abroad?

Open a restaurant like business is becoming a common choice for many people and the phenomenon is growing more and more. We have already seen in a previous article what it needs to open a restaurant or a smaller business in the catering field.

open a restaurant

Now we will analyze together whether it is more satisfying to open a restaurant abroad or in our beloved country.

The Italians and the kitchen: a love story that has lasted for a lifetime. Despite our thousand faults, food remains among the characteristics of our culture that we cannot help but talk about it and for which we love to compete, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to our ancient culinary tradition.

Open a restaurant

After all, the Mediterranean cuisine is one of our glories and is recognized as the best in the world.

No wonder, that our kitchen is successful in foreign territories. So then , therefore, was putted the idea of ​​opening a restaurant abroad.

But which are the best locations to open a restaurant abroad?

Open a restaurant

Certainly it is not easy to answer this question. However, the most sought after locations are Malta, Zanzibar, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, the Canary Islands, Russia and Romania.
But also London, Miami, Zurich, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and New York.
These are just some of the most renowned places in the world where several people have started successful restaurants.

Nevertheless we must not forget that without passion you cannot get anywhere. There will always be difficult moments and today the market is really very competitive.
Is it better to open an activity in the catering sector?

The answer of course is yes!

Demand in the sector is very high and continues to grow both in Italy and abroad despite the periods of crisis.

In any case, managing a restaurant is a complex activity that cannot be undertaken unless you are aware of the commitment due.

Know the territory

When deciding to open an activity abroad, it is essential to know the area. You can contact the National Institute for Foreign Trade, thanks to which you can get all the information you need about the social and economic situation in the country where we want to open an activity.

Contributions to open activities abroad

Each Provincial Chamber of Commerce can distribute information on the possible contributions offered to those who want to open businesses abroad. To find out about this type of funding, contact the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Development Cooperation site.
The possibilities of development have increased in recent years thanks to the web that has facilitated trade and interrelationships.

To open a restaurant abroad it is advisable to evaluate and inform yourself about the country chosen. It must be related from the territorial point of view, the competition and the real job prospects.

In order to open an activity abroad, public funding has been set up for the internationalization of companies both nationally and internationally.

One of the most interesting opportunities created in recent years is offered by Erasmus for young entrepreneurs. This is a European Union program designed to create opportunities for meetings and trade relations between citizens of different EU countries.

Open a restaurant: Where to start

If you have a decent budget, it might be interesting to take over an activity that has already started. There are several agencies and several online sites that deal with providing a whole range of information “for sale” activities in different parts of the world.
Among the present offers, very interesting are those ones relating to the sale of land in the Caribbean, where it is possible to open commercial activities abroad dedicated to tourism.

Erasmus Opportunities Young Entrepreneurs

The Erasmus period is about 6 months. In this period we choose to work in a structure present outside the Italian borders, at the end of which we can continue to carry out the same activity in Italy. On the other hand, thanks to the contacts acquired during the period, it will be possible to try to open the same type of activity abroad.


Opening an activity abroad certainly needs a good dose of courage. It is necessary to inform concretely based on the country where you choose to start this professional adventure. The possibilities or the success that cames from the choice to stay in Italy or open an activity outside national borders, are directly linked to the commitment that you will employ. A perfect recipe does not exist.

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Pub Management: Some tips to follow

Pub management. Are you thinking of opening a pub but don’t know where to start or what the management is? Here are some tips.

Pub management

The pub is a model of local origin of Great Britain and Ireland. A pub usually serves beer but over the years the service has been integrated with all sorts of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and with various “snacks”.
The ideal venue for this purpose should possess the typical characteristics of English and Irish pubs: suppliers of beer, also artisanal, and other drinks and maybe live music.

For the first expenses such as the rent of the premises, the interior furnishings, the signs, six months of supplies, and at least a couple of helpers, it is necessary to allocate a figure ranging from 60 thousand to 80 thousand euros. Obviously it depends on the size of the room and its location.

Pub management

A pub is a gathering place for friends and family, so it is important that the interior design reflects this. The organisation of seating should reflect how many people are expected at one time or another – whether it is just two Portugal alone who elect wine for beer? Or twelve during a dinner with old colleagues who have been away too much time!
The focal point in every good drink bar is not always what you drink, but rather where others will sit while waiting for the bartender’s orders…

But how much can you earn with the opening of a pub?

Pub management

If you manage to work well with your customers, after about 36 months the gain begins. A family environment to share with friends and good quality beer at a reasonable price are the elements sought by patrons.

For opening of this type of venue we will need:

  • a certified report of the beginning of activity (SCIA) a declaration of beginning of productive activity (DIAP).
  • the HACCP certification and the SAB-ICAL certification (The latter is mandatory only for the owner and is not mandatory if you have a hotel school diploma or a period of work, between 2 and 5 years (depending on the Region) ), in a similar structure.
  • Follow the ASL regulations for health and safety of the premises. (The checks are stringent and if you do not follow the instructions, you risk high fines and sometimes closure).
  • VAT number
  • registration with the Chamber of Commerce (Business Register).
  • With live music, you need to respect the corresponding SIAE regulations.

You could also consider opening in franchising and getting in touch directly with chains of pubs and being the enterprenurs of this unusual franchise in our area.

Pub management: what are the principles of the following to a better manage a room?

Pub management

A bar manager wakes up early and goes to sleep late and managing a restaurant means taking into account a large number of factors: inventory, equipment maintenance, accounting and of course customers. Now let’s see what are the salient points to consider for the management-pub.

  • Know how to save and optimize costs by redistributing them. Identify the costs that have the greatest impact on your monthly budget, restrict the list to the most expensive and try to lower the cost without losing quality.
  • Customer loyalty. Give your local guests an atmosphere and experiences to relive thanks to a hospitable environment with the help of the staff. an affectionate customer returns and brings other people with him.
  • Carefully take care of the inventory and make sure nothing is missing and nothing goes wrong.
  • Take advantage on social media. People are increasingly consulting reviews on social media and review sites.
  • Always keep in mind your customers’ opinion. It studies competition and evaluates appropriate strategies to draw lessons but also to avoid the mistakes of others.
  • Summarizing the customer’s experience must be unforgettable and this is only possible with good teamwork, a trained and competent team and excellent management.

The service room

pub management

Pub management

The service room is the vital area of the room, which requires even more attention in the design.

It is necessary to ensure a space that is convenient for customers, by placing the seats and tables not too close together, and that they have the possibility of being easily moved to obtain new arrangement solutions. At the same time, the room must also be designed in such a way as to facilitate the easy movement of the waiters between the tables and avoid hard-to-reach areas with dishes and/or drinks.

Pub management

With reference to local hygiene regulations or ASL regulations it is possible to draw up a short list of useful indications for the design:

minimum height: 2,70 m;
minimum cubic capacity: 25 m³;
direct natural ventilation 1/10 of the floor area of the room;
a suitable air conditioning system may be used if there is insufficient direct natural ventilation;
direct natural lighting 1/10 of the floor area of the room;

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Tax receipt and electronic receipt

Tax receipt and electronic receipt, what can we expect?

A business or self-employment activity brings the need to produce a fiscal document testing the sum received as compensation. This document can be an invoice or a tax receipt and is necessary for any type of service.

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

The Electronic Restaurant Receipt, or Electronic Restaurant Tax Receipt, similar to what happens for the electronic restaurant invoice, is nothing more than a mode of transmission of data relating to the fees.

Through the portal Invoices and Fees of the Revenue Agency, in fact, restaurants can access the personal area, where it will be possible to send the data on the daily receipt of closing tax.

The telematic transmission of fees is the implementation of the cd. Electronic Invoicing Between individuals, which will take place through the issuance of the Electronic Receipt, also known as the e-invoice.

The electronic receipt covers the activities of retail, hotel, catering, craft services and all other activities similar to these by VAT, required to issue the invoice only at the request of the customer. (Art. 22 DPR No. 633/1972).

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

Now let’s see what it is all about
The famous tax receipt is a document, issued by the operators, which describes the goods sold or the service performed and the consideration received. It does not contain the breakdown of VAT or the references of the person making the payment. The tax receipt is issued in place of the receipt unless the customer specifically requests the invoice. The tax receipt is generally completed in duplicate, on printed documents with progressive numbering and all the fiscal references of the issuing subject. The law allows the operator to choose between issuing a receipt or both. In e-commerce transactions the document is called a purchase receipt.

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

The invoice, on the other hand, is a fiscal document that is issued to holders of VAT numbers, that contains the tax information of both the person who issues it and the person who pays it. When you find yourself having to pay an occasional benefit (up to € 5,000 a year there is no need to have a VAT number), simply fill out a simple receipt. Instead, it is fundamental to report the amount net of withholding tax at 20% specifying the occasional service performed.

So what is the situation regarding the tax receipt and the electronic receipt, what can we expect?

Recently we have had to confront the debug at the beginning of 2019 for obligation of electronic invoicing in transactions between “private”. From 1 July 2019 the Inland Revenue has confirmed that it will no longer be possible for paper receipts or receipts to be issued. In fact the perceived fees are now documented through the transmission of daily data and using electronic storage.

Tax receipt and electronic receipt

The customer is issued a document valid for tax purposes integrated with the tax code or VAT number of the buyer. The receipts will also be sent online to the Revenue Agency. The obligation is immediately valid for tax payers with a turnover exceeding 400 thousand euros. Starting from 1 January 2020, however, the obligation will be extended to all other subjects. For the fulfillment of these measures, taken in order to counter tax evasion, it will be necessary to have suitable Telematic Recorders which will obviously involve a cost.

However, don’t panic, you can gradually move towards these changes. You will be evaluated based on the type of activity and possible web connectivity difficulties in the area in which you operate. For the two-year period 2019-2020 traders will be able to benefit from a contribution equal to 50% of the sustained expenditure. It will be possible to obtain, within the limit of 50 euros in the case of adaptation of a recorder already in possession, and of 250 euros if a new purchase is made.

For the specifics regarding the transition from cash register to the on-line one it is necessary to read the provision of the Revenue Agency n. 182017/2016 having all the necessary technical characteristics. The operations that require certification through a commercial document are disclosed by the Art. 22 DPR 633-1972 (Retail trade and similar activities).

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Restaurant control blocks: features, models and coupons


Restaurant control blocks

Today as you know well the technology in the management of a restaurant has been optimized with the electronic order. It was introduced by the use of palmars at the beginning and then mini tablets, but also smartphones.

The traditional commands blocks still used in small catering activities are the notebooks. The waiters use them to take orders, but also to check the supply of supplies in the warehouse.

Restaurant control blocks

These are the main features that a order block must have:

  • be made up of a minimum of 25, 50, 75 to a maximum of 100. Self-scaling, white tear-off sheets printed only on the front and two cards, a rigid one on the back and one removable inside.
  • the sheets can have 2, 3 or 4 cuts, which correspond to the number of copies. They can also have 2, 3, 7 detachable coupons or small squares to subdivide and manage the order of flow output. This facilitates the readability and preparation time of the order.
  • they have a vertical format that allows the waiter to enter the customer’s requests within an ordered list
  • looks like a small pocket-sized notebook comparable in size to a notebook or notepad


Restaurant control blocks

Used in catering to communicate directly with the room and kitchen, the term “commands” [from the French “commande”] derives from the verb “to command” in this case in the sense of “ordering, making an order, ordering”.


Restaurant control blocks

The main characteristics that any order block must have are:

  • the sheets must be in chemical paper (standard white or white recycled), better known as carbonless paper (in the sense of self-calculating). It is so called because it does not require the use of carbon paper. Save the work of waiters and chefs by creating multiple copies of the same order on a single sheet.
  • the presence of the double or triple copy. Even if within the restaurant business it is only a waiter who takes care of recording the orders communicated by the customers.
  • the presence of a removable internal rigid card.


Restaurant control blocks

Restaurant control blocks
Restaurant control blocks

The block commands is useful because it allows the waiter to write down what customers are able to drink and eat. It also has facilities communicating with the kitchen with the following information:

  • detail of the order with shared abbreviations (abbreviations / signs) with the staff, to avoid making the customer wait
  • any indications concerning the preparation and cooking of dishes [eg allergies or intolerances or requests for changes]
  • date of the customer’s arrival day and time + table number, table settings and copies
  • account estimation, by calculating the subtotal
  • the signature of the waiter who took the order [usually identified with a small abbreviation in the margin]
  • the room number where the guest is staying if it is a restaurant inserted in a receptive context (hotel, agriturismo, b & b)
  • the name or surname of the customer if usual


Restaurant control blocks

simple / classic: solely consisting of a white space reserved for orders, the waiter’s signature and the customer’s name; it can be freely customized with the name and / or logo of the activity and with / without the progressive numbering of the orders.
in duplicate or 2 copies: a copy of the order is kept by the waiter or can also remain attached to the block and the other must be left in the kitchen.

in triplicate or 3 copies: often used in restaurants and pizzerias with independent kitchen management, the third copy must be delivered to the cashier as soon as the order is placed: it is used to formulate an account forecast
multi-copy or multi-purpose: made up of 100 copy sheets
Based on the catering activity and kitchen management methods, there are also two other models of the command block:

comande block 2 coupons: it is divided into two parts, a lower part dedicated to drinks and an upper part for dishes
comande block 3 coupons: suitable for restaurants and pizzerias, it has 3 sections separated by a line to distinguish communications for the kitchen / restaurant / bar or pizzeria: one for the annotation of the drinks, one for the restaurant menu and one if the customer wants to eat pizza only.


Restaurant control blocks

Having stationery items, it is possible to purchase the order blocks:

go to specific stationery shops / stores such as Buffetti that sell products for the office
also buy them online on websites specialized in the sale of items necessary for the management of a restaurant business
The blocks for the orders are indispensable working tools for those who work in the catering sector together with the help of a management software that simplifies and refines the work of the waiter, avoiding forgetfulness, inaccuracies and errors in taking orders.

The order block provides the customer with an efficient service, especially in areas with high traffic, where speed is the added value that affects turnover.

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