Wine tasting dinner: 4 tips

Wine tasting dinner. Wine is an alcoholic beverage that never goes out of fashion. A wine tasting dinner is a popular and promotional event to try at your restaurant. The Wine Tasting Restaurant offers the opportunity to encourage businesses, especially during traditionally slow seasons. A wine tasting in the restaurant is similar to a home wine tasting, as guests will be sharing and conversing on many different wines.

Wine tasting dinner

Wine tasting dinner

However, a wine tasting in the restaurant goes further, inviting a sommelier (expert wine) to teach guests about the wines of the evening.

When you want to organize a wine tasting, the right atmosphere and theme can be fundamental to put guests at ease. A cozy environment with soft lighting would give them some stimuli while enjoying their experience as experienced sommeliers who know exactly which wines match well together
I personally helped many people prepare for these events by recommending some types or the most popular ones of France – Beaujolais n’kin French red wine; Chardonnay when it comes time to try something different but still familiar reds Bordeaux region.

Wine tasting dinner

Wine tasting dinner

You can propose wines produced in a specific region or vintage, or offer participants the possibility of an itinerary tailored to their interests. You could also do things like matching each person’s tastes with different types of wine – dessert wines (but be careful because they are usually sweeter and therefore more difficult than other varieties).
This article discusses some ideas you may want to use to host your next tasting session!

We recommend that you opt for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 wines.

Wine tasting dinner

Whether you are organising wine tasting at home or in a restaurant or in a wine cellar, you will need, in addition to wine of course, some essential utensils to offer a perfect experience:

Glass with stem, to avoid that the heat of the hands can change the properties of the wine.
Decanter, to allow the wine to oxygenate once opened and then to release its flavor.
Bread and water, to clean the palate between sips.
A basket of ice to cool the white wine.
White napkins to see the color profiles of the wine.

Wine tasting dinner

Select a wine list

Wine tasting dinner

There are countless types of wine, from classic French or Californian wines to locally produced wines to more exotic, (rare wines). Work with your sales person or a sommelier to help you choose a robust wine menu. A sommelier is a person with experience in wine. Your wine can either put you in touch with a sommelier or do the work yourself. Many wine distributors will help you at every stage of planning a wine tasting, since you buy wine from them directly.

Choose the Complimentary Foods

Once you have decided on a selection of wines that complement each other, select the menu items that will also complete each wine.

Think beyond the old rules such as white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with beef and pork. In this case too, in collaboration with your sommelier, just plan a tasting menu that will help you plan the perfect combination of food and wine.

Invite Guests

Once you have the details of the tasting (date, time, wine list, dinner, price) it’s time to get the word out. Take your social media accounts to promote your wine tasting in your restaurant. Emphasize that space is limited, to encourage early bookings. You can sell tickets or take reservations, or both. It is important to have a certain number of guarantees, so you know how much wine to order and how much food to prepare. Order around 10% more food and wine than you need for last minute bookings.

Educate your staff

If this is your first taste of wine restaurant, it is important to educate your staff on the protocol of the evening. Review the routine step by step, with both servers and kitchen staff. Give everyone a copy of the wine list and menu, so that they know in what order they will have to serve wines and dishes. Ask the staff to read the wines that are served, so that they can answer simple questions for guests, including wine, the types of grapes that have been used, etc …

Escort of Wine Glasses

Lack of wine glasses? Make sure you have enough glasses of wine for the evening. Each person will have a glass, for each wine served. So if you are serving you need to have six glasses for each guest. If you have 50 guests, you will need 300 glasses of wine.

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