Decorate the restaurant

Decorate the restaurant is a necessity as much as the competition offers innovative and captivating atmospheres that encourage customers to spend time and money in their restaurant. Catching up with competitors is essential!

Decorate the restaurant

The first step is to find one’s own style and consequently choose the rest of the details that must be perfectly coordinated with the chosen style. The colors, the furnishings and the dishes must harmonize with the essence of the room!

Furnish the restaurant?

New restaurants have a lot of tough decisions to make when it comes to furniture. You might think that you can just buy everything that looks nice and then fill it with tables as needed, but there are some important considerations before you make such an investment: what is the style? Want simple family cabins? How much money do you want to spend?”
When it comes to tables, you can check this out to gain information about finding the right drift table. You could go without any decoration or try various decorating patterns from stylish modern chic.

What kind of furniture is ideal for your restaurant?
A well-appointed dining space can make a world of difference. Keep this in mind when choosing what to put where and how much to store, seating capacity should also be an important factor, as you strive to provide guests with a perfect experience every time they enter your venue!

The furnishing style

Decorate the restaurant

There are various styles and countless possible choices and combinations: modern, retro, Shabby Chic, Provencal, Ethnic, etc. The atmosphere is the calling card for customers. Furnishings, staff uniforms, courtesy and menus will counteract the construction of the image you want to communicate.

The style of the restaurant must adapt to the restaurant’s target.

After choosing the style, we will have to organize the furniture. Typical of Shabby Chic are pastel colors or for a modern style, the lines are essential and elegant. Obviously you can also opt for contrasts. Consider the benefits of portable staging for added flexibility and adaptability in arranging your restaurant space.

Furnish the restaurant: Arrange the items

Decorate the restaurant

The choice of furniture should be a consequence of the style and character we want to give to the restaurant.

We need to be consistent with the rest of the environment.

The empty spaces, many times, are filled by furniture, shelves, various objects or paintings creating an overloaded environment.

Empty space, on the other hand, is useful as it restores brightness to the rooms.

Tables and chairs

Decorate the restaurant

The table is the central element as it immediately captures the customer’s attention.

Decorate the restaurant

The arrangement of the tables must allow an easy movement of customers and staff. In fact we should:

  • do not place tables near the bathrooms;
  • avoid tables at the entrance;
  • leave enough space between one table and another;
  • keep the tables away from the kitchen.

As far as lighting is concerned, it is advisable to avoid a single diffused light but try to create plays of light and give dynamism.

The boho chic furniture is the key to the modern restaurant.

Decorate the restaurant
Decorate the restaurant

Premises with wrought-iron ceilings or structures, glass showcases, arches or dividers in gilded iron, walls decorated with plant-based wallpaper. Ultra modern lamps.

Tables of all sizes and seats of all kinds with different shapes, colors and materials.

The boho chic or bohemian style represents the set of thousand contaminations: classic and modern together with the vintage 70s.

The predominant elements are:

  • bold and vivid colors in particular red and purple;
  • wood, velvet, eco-leather;
  • wooden furniture or natural vintage, modern or handmade materials;
  • even large plants.

The mise en place must be full of highly studied contrasts:

  • Bright colors of glasses and dishes on a textile background that recalls nature.
  • Kitchens, rigorously exposed production laboratories;
  • Multi-purpose venues.

We have seen this year’s trend and some tips to best furnish your restaurant! Choose the style that best fits the impression you want to give your customers and surprise them!


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