Open a rotisserie: What do you need

The activities that are never affected by the crises that are raging our time are really many, for the most part, to the food sector. The latter allows you to have a wide choice of activities to choose from. But what do you need to open a rotisserie?

open a rotisserie

A deli is a bakery. In America, for example, they usually have sweet products like donuts or cupcakes, but in other countries the offers vary depending on the culture you come from and how closely your family history is linked to Italy!

Why open a rotisserie?
Bakers are in high demand, but many people do not realize the variety of skills needed for this profession. You can’t just decide a day that you want an interesting career and expect everything else around to change as well! Not only does having all these different responsibilities make things more difficult emotionally when things get tough; there are also physical demands involved – from working long hours in hot ovens or fryers (and even sometimes out), to dealing with angry customers who are not satisfied.

Earnings prospects?

open a rotisserie

In most cases, it is not difficult to return the costs necessary for opening a rotisserie. Obviously you need to check the finances and manage the implementation.

The rotisseries are a practical solution for those who do not have time to cook or want to cook. In addition, the meal is no longer consumed all together but sometimes without being able to move from one’s workplace.

Some advices

open a rotisserie

Decide what your budget is for this investment. After all, starting a business is not a walk. However, the rotisserie is not among the most expensive activities to open.

Pay close attention to the area you are going to choose.
Obviously, the city is the focal point of aggregation. Better if close to shops and schools. However, these areas are the most expensive. So, unless you have a considerable budget, it would be better to opt for an area that is always busy and near the center but still cheaper.

open a rotisserie

Therefore the environment must be welcoming and appealing. In addition to the most appropriate equipment, the personnel must be carefully chosen. Generally 3 employees are enough and the relative cost is therefore rather low. In the case of an exclusively takeaway rotisserie, the cost of personnel would fall further.

People are more likely to buy what you sell if it seems like a cozy place. The smell of fresh baked goods and clean equipment can create an inviting atmosphere, so keep these things in mind when designing the decor of your bakery! In addition The level of comfort of employees with whom they are and their colleagues play an important role for customer satisfaction on both sides, so anything from music playing during breaks or freshly baked bread available throughout the day, will be great additions.

open a rotisserie

The most important thing to do when opening a rotisserie is to keep an eye on your finances and manage the implementation phase in detail. Chicken, roast potatoes or croquettes – these are just some of the products that can be purchased in your local fast-food restaurant!
Something you should know about this kind of business? It’s not as difficult as it sounds; after all we’re talking about a lunch here, not an investment strategy for pension funds…

Regulations to open a rotisserie

open a rotisserie

  • You can choose whether to start a sole proprietorship or a company, an artisan or commercial enterprise. The law includes takeaways in both categories.
  • If you want to sell unpackaged but purchased food products, you will need a VAT number, registration with INAIL, INPS and artisans IVS and the local Chamber of Commerce. Let’s not forget about the SCIA for administrative and health issues.
  • It cannot be consumed in the room. Otherwise, the rules would be really different.
  • You must have attended a course with the relevant certificate.
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to have documents that certify two years of experience in the last five years.


As you can imagine, among the first expenses to be incurred are those for equipment. They are not only the largest but also the most complex. Choosing countertops, furniture and everything you need is a task that takes time and a lot of attention. What matters is that these are equipment and, more generally, furniture suitable for such an activity. The rotisserie, in fact, as, after all, all the other activities, are subject to constant controls by the responsible bodies and, therefore, it is very fundamental to be in order.

With regard to these documents, they can be presented as an alternative to the certificate of participation in the ICAL course.

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