Buffet and All you can eat

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Buffet and all you can eat. The all you can eat formula of buffet dinners or eats everything you can, from America has spread everywhere. You can think of it as a fixed price menu with no limits to what you can put on your plate. What is an all-you can eat dinner? It looks like …

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Looking for a job in the restaurant

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Looking for a job. Did you happen to think: “I am looking for work and I wish I were in the restaurant business” ?. In this article you will find some information that will be useful to you to better understand this sector. Are you looking for a job in the catering industry? If so, then …

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The 2019 food trends

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Food trends. As with fashion trends, here are the 2019 food trends. We have a return to the simple and genuine ingredients belonging to the authentic Mediterranean diet but also influences from the rest of the world. Catering formats, communication trends and digital marketing.In 2019 the trend has been an increase in spending on meals …

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Organic restaurant: requirements

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Organic restaurant. As people become more aware of environmental pollution, they increasingly prefer to go to an organic restaurant. Obviously this is not only the result of an interest in the environment but a real trend that is involving everyone and in any commercial sector. So here they start popping up everywhere the vegan restaurant …

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Happy hour: tips

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Happy hour is an excellent initiative to increase the profits of your business. A moment of those who earn more together with breakfast and lunch. Happy hour, however, requires a different type of service as, unlike breakfast and lunch, the customer wants to give himself a moment of pleasure. It is an aperitif to stay …

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Instagram and catering

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Instagram and catering: In the past, nobody would have taken a photo of the dishes in a restaurant. Nowadays, instead, sharing one’s experience is a very normal thing. The change is tangible, especially in catering marketing. The strength of a beautiful image on instagram now makes the difference. The simple and trusted word-of-mouth changed dynamics. …

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Automatic cash point

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Automatic cash point. A cash register or cash point is a sales transaction device combined with a cash drawer. Generally, the recorder prints a receipt for the buyer who carries the details of the transaction. A recorder, if it is prepared, can also print the invoice or receipt. Automatic cash point When it comes to …

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Open a restaurant: tips

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Open a restaurant like business is becoming a common choice for many people and the phenomenon is growing more and more. We have already seen in a previous article what it needs to open a restaurant or a smaller business in the catering field. Now we will analyze together whether it is more satisfying to …

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Management of orders: tips

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The management of orders is one of the most essential elements for the good management of a place. Through the management of orders we can understand some problems that arise in a room. In fact, customers who have to wait a long time and then find themselves with a cold dish or even a wrong …

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Pub Management: Some tips

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Pub management. Are you thinking of opening a pub but don’t know where to start or what the management is? Here are some tips. Pub management The pub is a model of local origin of Great Britain and Ireland. A pub usually serves beer but over the years the service has been integrated with all …

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