Looking for a job in the restaurant

Looking for a job. Did you happen to think: “I am looking for work and I wish I were in the restaurant business” ?. In this article you will find some information that will be useful to you to better understand this sector.

Looking for a job

Are you looking for a job in the catering industry? If so, then this article is perfect! Here are some tips on how to get started.
Start by checking all of your local restaurants and their websites – they usually have an online application form or register with HR, as well as contact information of any specific location where there may be openings at any given time (if there is not one listed directly in the foreground). From here it’s just a matter of turning these vague clues into action: send a cover letter expressing interest along with the relevant curriculum and certificates/diplomas.

I’m looking for a “safe” job

Looking for a job

In Italy the demand for personnel in the catering sector continues to grow. Despite the crisis, the sector is registering more and more employees without considering seasonal and occasional employees.

This exorbitant request for personnel cannot be covered by professionals alone. Pizzaioli, cooks, pastry chefs, artisan ice creams, barmen, as well as professional waiters are missing.

Nowadays, catering allows for a permanent contract, in most cases.

In times of employment crisis, the catering sector requires these figures.

I am looking for a job in catering: experience and practice are important

Looking for a job

If you have already sent resumes to restaurants, pizzerias and canteens without a response, you may know that the reason may be lack of experience.
In this sector the practice is essential in order to really learn the job.

But, Italy has adopted a policy of minimum remuneration of the internship, increasing it a lot.

  • This has certainly limited the abuses.
  • but it destroyed the possibility of “Going to a Shop”.
Looking for a job

Furthermore, it is very unlikely that any activity such as a pastry shop or restaurant will take on an aspiring cook, or a novice pastry chef, on a paid internship.

A restaurateur who decides to invest in you, giving you a salary, does so only if this brings an advantage to his business.

An intern takes time and resources, often slows down all production and makes innocent mistakes due to inexperience.

You need to study!

Looking for a job

Passion is fundamental in a hard and tiring profession like this, but the study is essential. The training guarantees a recognized competence and some work experience in the sector.

In “kitchen” there is a multitude of different professions and different opportunities. So you will need to focus on one particular goal.

Would you like to open your own restaurant? enter a starred kitchen? to be in contact with people, create cocktails? Sommelier, or work in a canteen, or in a pizzeria? There are many possible ways to go. Think well!

Some clarification …

Looking for a job

Chef and chef are two different figures!

Lately the term chef is used to define whatever subject works between the stoves! However the Chef is the leader of the kitchen, he decides the menus, the recipes and manages the orders.

The hierarchy in the kitchen foresees the chef at the top, then the sous chef, to follow the leader, the various cooks assigned to the stations up to the commis and the plongeur.

Both in the kitchen and in the dining room, with the same technical preparation, the “soft skills” make the difference. The most authentic passion is decisive. Because it is the ability to relate positively with both colleagues and customers. Then you need a lot of patience. The work in a restaurant is hard and with crazy rhythms. You have to know how to resist stress. Last but not least, a good spirit of organization, the know how to play team and problem solving.

The basics of the kitchen

Looking for a job

The kitchen involves but without the basics and a deep knowledge of the ingredients will be hard. The kitchen is not a successful dish. The school is the beginning, then there are books, updates, study, tastings, research of new raw materials. Don’t forget, then that a mental organization of work is needed. Managing a service is not easy. The same applies to the room. The work shifts are long and the passion is essential in a job in this sector.

With genuine passion, the difference between kitchens and dining rooms is reduced to soft skills. The ability to relate positively with colleagues or customers is what makes this job so rewarding; it is also a must for any cook who wants his craft to be recognized in today’s competitive market! With such a high demand for patience and knowledge as organization and problem solving – not forgetting a pleasant spirit of teamwork – anyone would be lucky enough to be hired in one of these teams where they can show off all these impressive talents while also enjoying the good times together.

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