Management of orders: tips

The management of orders is one of the most essential elements for the good management of a place.

Through the management of orders we can understand some problems that arise in a room. In fact, customers who have to wait a long time and then find themselves with a cold dish or even a wrong order involve a good deal of bad publicity. In these cases, usually, the image that is given is of the disorganization or disinterest.

management of orders

A fundamental aspect in the success of a restaurant and in its operation, the management of the orders, involves from the taking of the order, to the communication in the kitchen, up to the translation in the account at the cash desk, a big control in order to obtain a good service. should be rapid and the message clear and free from the possible misinterpretations.

management of orders

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, there is nothing more important than managing orders efficiently. Without writing them anywhere and without having an idea of what you need before placing every single item to the supplier!
I know from my own experience that this can be detrimental to businesses, since working in a restaurant makes me most likely forget something when contacting suppliers; whether it’s basic things like menu items or more specialized foods like caviar (which doesn’t sound remotely appetizing). You should always have strategic plans drawn up in advance so that all stakeholders are aware.

Quick management of orders

management of orders

The management software allows the waiters to be equipped with integrated digital devices that acquire the order data and transfer it directly to the kitchen which, in turn, communicates during the waiting times. The dining room staff checks the time required for the service.

We have the same advantages in fast food chains, where the case is the focal point of the activity: the order, simultaneous with the payment made through the same digital devices, goes directly to the kitchen.

Pay attention on taking orders: attention to the errors of interpretation.

management of orders

It must never be forgotten that great care must also be taken when is commanding. Obviously, manually, the chances of error increase both by the waiter and in the kitchen or at the cash desk. These errors are often caused by bad interpretations of what is written. The digital ordering devices also solve this problem, allowing you to enter the requested capacities in the electronic list.

And let’s not forget that more and more people are asking for changes to the menu proposals, based on taste, diet and food intolerances. This involves the need to manage these requests in the most appropriate way, which becomes easier thanks to new technologies. They allow the restaurant to offer a better service.

management of orders

Rapid management of orders also results in increased productivity: the waiters manage to make their work faster and more efficient.

An efficient cooperative

Another important aspect is to create a environment that allows the team’s smooth cooperation, all for the benefit of customers. The waiter, in fact, will be able to provide a better service, carrying out the menu in the best way and proving himself to be friendly and attentive.

The restaurant market is increasingly competitive and everyone wants to spread the most inviting goods on the counter. The experience that is offered to customers is the key to success and technology helps better the factors that allow you to reach the results you want to get from your business.

The software solutions on the market allow to manage different aspects and not of the restaurant to have real-time control of warehouse, hall and kitchen, with access to complete data of the whole activity.

We all know that food costs are an important part of the restaurant business. But have you also realized how much money can be saved by ordering more than just raw ingredients? Some chefs even use leftovers creatively to create new menus, and this allows them to have no waste on their hands!
It’s time to get your head out of recipes (or books), put down those phones with Google Maps built into them – because there’s no better way than face-to-face interaction between humans who love the good interaction of taste buds.

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