The hierarchical structure of a restaurant: what it is and how it is organized

Who opens a restaurant knows very well that it is not opening any business, but is starting a small or large company. As such, therefore, the restaurant must be managed with care, planning, monitoring and organizing every aspect of the activity.

Even the restaurant will have to have an internal staff organization, just like a company, and adopt a real hierarchical structure. Only in this way, in fact, the roles can be defined clearly and accurately and each member of the staff will know what to do and to whom to respond.

To forget to equip your restaurant with an internal organization of this type can therefore represent a fatal mistake. In this case, in fact, the risk is to condemn the activity to the most complete confusion and improvisation. For this reason, if you decided to make your restaurant a successful business, you will have to start from the organization chart, precisely defining roles and hierarchies.

Restaurant management: discover the most complete and effective!

The hierarchical structure of a restaurant: the main roles

To be clearer the staff of a restaurant must be divided into working groups, which are called brigades. With  brigade we mean that part of the staff working in a specific sector. Naturally the brigades can be different, more or less numerous, depending on the type of restaurant and how it is organized, from the type of menu, from the restaurant sector in which you work, etc.

Each brigade therefore has no common characteristics and it is therefore very difficult to identify the standard elements. In any case, in general it is possible to list some brigades or work groups that we find in any restaurant business.


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We will then have the management and administration department. This is the working group that deals with the actual management of the restaurant. This department then brings together:

the owner or director (General manager)
the Restaurant & Business manager
the Food & Beverage Manager
the Assistant Manager (a figure supporting the first three)
Sell ​​and public relation manager: deals with the search for new and potential customers and public relations
Booking (a booking figure)
Communication and Marketing (can be only one person or several people working together with the Sell & public relation manager, defining the restaurant’s marketing and communication plan.
Research and Development (a figure that deals with both the research of innovative technologies and systems and the control of competitors)
Personnel Director
Administrative worker (a figure who deals with restaurant accounting)
Training and Development (a professional figure that deals with the research and training of staff)
The management team, which varies according to the size of the restaurant, is flanked by two other brigades: that of the kitchen and that present in the hall.

In the kitchen, in particular, the complexity of the staff is very variable: it is possible to go from a few chefs and a chef to a whole series of figures ranging from the Executive Chef to the kitchen boy. It is clear that if in a family restaurant it is possible that the chef is also the chef, in a restaurant of higher levels the staff will increase and with it also the various hierarchical degrees. For example, some restaurants could have Chef Patissier, a figure completely dedicated to small and large pastry shops. This figure is the classic example of the chef of the game, or a chef who takes care exclusively of the preparation of some specific foods.

The brigade in the hall instead includes all those figures who spend most of their working hours in the hall and relate directly with the customers. The room staff takes care of taking orders, advising and providing indications to the customers on the menu and serving the various courses. In short, a very delicate role that defines what we call a restaurant service. Even the room brigade may vary depending on the type of restaurant. So we will have a couple of waiters in the case of a small restaurant. A large restaurant, on the other hand, must necessarily have a head nurse, a figure able to direct and monitor the work of the waiters. Not only that, the figure of the Sommelier is also among those present in the brigade of a restaurant of a certain level.

Head chef: what does he do?


The New Year’s Eve represents a true tradition of Italian culture.

Among the most popular are those organized by clubs and restaurants, which offer menus with different price ranges, suitable for all budgets.

Spending the New Year’s Eve in a restaurant or in a club will avoid extra housekeeping and you will enjoy an excellent dinner waiting for midnight.

New Year’s dinners on the premises are transformed into real show-events, with various performances by different artists that enliven the audience with their performances.

As an alternative to the restaurant, there is a New Year’s Eve dinner at home, perhaps more challenging but more in line with the Christmas style.

The menu is usually based on fish as tradition dictates, which among the typical dishes includes risotto alla pescatora, fried king prawns, the mussel of mussels, spaghetti and clams etc.

Meat lovers can console themselves with the boiled mixed scent, the chicken broth and the timeless cotechino with lentils, usually served at the end of the dinner as a good omen.

Reinforced salad and stewed lentils are classic side dishes that can not be missed.

If you are fascinated by the bucolic atmosphere you can book a dinner at a farm, where genuine menus are served with ingredients of own production and km 0.

There are many cultural, sports or motorcycle associations that organize a real cutural exchange in the kitchen where everyone engages in the specialty of his land.

For those who wait for midnight in the Italian squares, the dinner will be anticipated.

We recommend Ristomanager to ensure perfect management.

Interesting ideas can be at the spa, or at the theater, in other cultures New Year’s Eve in a castle, in the disco.

Many will spend the New Year in the mountains or in the beautiful Italian squares, Dinner + disco, Dinners with crime, New Year’s Concerts and even in Cruise.

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Craft breweries in Puglia: an added value on the table.

The beer has ancient origins, it is even thought that the fermentation happened by chance about 5000 years ago and then the monks were then to refine and improve this drink.

In our country, the microbrewery market is currently gaining an important place in the economy and the territorial combination can enhance typical dishes and enhance the flavors like traditional pairings with wines.

The regions of Southern Italy are still slightly behind for the production of craft beer in particular in Puglia where wine is the king as a typical beverage produced.

The typicality of Puglia’s beer is at least 4 micro-breweries of fair size that for some years now paved the way to ensure that Puglia among its products of excellence also has agricultural beer.

The main feature of some of the beers produced in Puglia is the denomination of bio as they are made with cultivation malts in Salento.

As usual we leave a few names: the organic Weizen, of moderate alcohol content to which the yeasts in suspension leave a slightly turbid appearance and a sour taste, the most alcoholic Pale Ale, unfiltered with creamy foam and a spicy aroma inspired by English beers combined with first and second courses not very fat and finally the Arsa a Smoked Porter style beer.

Important to populate the pairing or tasting or a special menu with the news.

Then it will be your management to statistically calculate how this element can increase sales or activate new buying impulses.

Apulian craft breweries

Name       Location                        Province     Year
Aleph    S. Pancrazio Salentino         BR                2015
B94            Lecce                                    LE                2008
Baff           Beer Lecce                           LE                2017
BAS  Craft Brewery Stefanelli Taranto TA  2008
Bilabi ‘Bari BA 2014
Beer of the Consul Monopoli BA 2018
Salento  Beer            Leverano    LE    2010
Birranova      Triggianello             BA               2007
BirrApulia             Ostuni              BR               2012
BirrArè                   Barletta           BA                 2016
BirRbante               Bari                 BA                  2012
Artisan Brewery of Puglia         Ascoli Satriano       FG         2014
Bari Brewery   Bari                  BA              2015 (beer firm until 2017)
Decimoprimo Brewery             Trinitapoli    BT            2012
Brewery of the Ostuni                Poggiorsini   BA            2016
Capo Brewery                  Tricase                         LE             2015

Bitritto Brewery               Levante                          BA             2009
Italy Brewery        Martina  Franca          TA          2015
Brewery Magno Copertino         LE         2014
Svevo Brewery    Modugno        BA          2002
Calender                Tuglie               LE           2016
Capo d’Otranto         Otranto       LE            2017
Castel del Monte        Ruvo of Puglia           BA           2011
Daniel’s                           Manduria                    TA          2016
Demibeer                S. Pancrazio Salentino           BR     2014
Duan San Giorgio              Jonico                         TA     2006
Eataly Bari                            Bari                             BA     2013
Ebers                                        Foggia                         FG      2014
Eclipse                            S. Giorgio Jonico              TA      2016
Erland                               Racale                                 LE      2016
Fabbiano                          San Giorgio Ionico           TA      2014
Grille                                    Minervino Murge             BA        2017
Gruit                                          Brindisi                       BR        2008
I Peuceti                                    Bitonto                         BA         2013
Malatesta                                    Lecce                          LE          2015
Montalto                       Pietramontecorvino                FG          2009
Murex – Altamura  Agricultural Brewery      Altamura      BA     2011
Old 476                                  Galatina                            LE           2015
Ratto Matto                        Bisceglie                            BA           2017
Sancti Marci               San Marco in Lamis               FG           2014
Suds Fine Southern Brewery         Noci               BA           2013

Apulian beer sign

Name                          Location                 Province            Year
74zero15                  Martina Franca                TA                      2015
BAC Casaranese Brewery Craft     Casarano     LE          2014
Barbarossa                      Bari                           BA                      2011
Beer-Oz                       Modugno                       BA                     2014
Beerbante Salentina     Melendugno         LE                     2014
 Beer Clandestine             Martano              LE                     2017
South Beer                             Bari                    BA                     2014
Beer Terrona       Corigliano D’otranto       LE                     2013
Birralab                            Canosa                    BA                      2015
Birrarium         Acquaviva delle Fonti         BA                     2013
Leverano Brewery      Leverano                 LE                      2011
Birrogastrofonici          Lecce                     LE                      2012
CapiMora                          Racale                   LE                       2015
Double Cotta                   Corato                   BA                      2014
Duca di Svevia      Torremaggiore              FG                      2016
Gargantua      San Nicandro Garganico     FG                      2015
idem                           Leporano                      BA                      2014
The Aura                    Cavallino                      LE                      2015
Lentopede                Spongano                     LE                      2016
Mata                             Cerignola                     FG                      2016
Meliso                        Supersano                     LE                       2016                      Canosa of Puglia             BA                       2017
Musa                      Gravina in Puglia             BA                       2016
O-Grainbeer           San Severo                    FG                       2009
Spinelli                        Parabita                       LE                       2015

How digital is your restaurant? 3 elements to understand it

Between apps and social networks, the economy is increasingly digital. And so also all commercial activities are forced to adapt. Even a restaurant can not fail to have a website, the facebook page or the instagram profile. In some cases it is also necessary to register and place your business on special platforms that can promote it and make it more easily known to the public.

A restaurant must therefore also be digital and move easily in technology, using the most appropriate tools to improve and optimize management. This is now a crucial aspect for any catering business and, if neglected, risks leading the restaurant to a safe bankruptcy.

Excluding your restaurant from the digital world is in fact anachronistic and can no longer make sense, where most purchases and bookings are made online. That’s why, if you want your business to best express all the potential and be successful, you’ll have to ask just one thing: how digital is your restaurant?

How digital is your restaurant? The key factors

To understand this, you just need to look at three main aspects that are indicative of a digitization and modernization of the activity. One of these is, for example, the presence of tablets to take orders. Now it is a real must for all restaurants, as these devices automate the process of orders and orders.

Unlike what happened in the past, when you were forced to take orders exclusively on your own notebook, today you can in fact use these convenient digital tools that, in addition to speeding up the process can also improve it.

The old method, in fact, often gave rise to confusions, errors or permissions in the orders. All this then reflected on the quality of the service and, consequently, on the reputation of the restaurant. With tablets, however, it is possible to reduce these inconveniences, optimizing the timing and also reducing waiting times, so as to guarantee customers a pleasant and satisfying experience. So if your restaurant does not yet have these devices, you should try to provide as soon as possible.

Online restaurant reviews: find out how to improve them!

How digital is your restaurant? The importance of management

Another very important aspect is that the index of a good digitization of your business is the presence and use of a software for managing your restaurant. It is indeed a very useful tool for any restaurant manager and will help you improve and optimize the management of your business, be it small or large.

One of the most comprehensive restaurants for restaurants at the moment is Ristomanager. A practical and easy-to-use software that you can download on tablets and PCs and with which you can manage and control every aspect and activity of the restaurant. From the management of the tables, to the supply of the warehouse, to the management of the orders and the staff, everything will be constantly monitored and under control.

Restaurant and electronic invoice: discover all the obligations!

Using this management software, your restaurant will have no more surprises and you can plan costs, investments and all the necessary actions to improve and grow your business.

Restaurant management: discover how to improve it!

The program will also allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses, monitor performance and plan marketing strategies. You will also have the possibility to create a customer database, a real historical that you can use for your loyalty activities. In short, certainly an extra gear for your restaurant, especially in a context where digital becomes increasingly important.

And it’s not over here. To understand if your restaurant is really digital, you will also have to evaluate your presence on the web,and the existence of portals for the presentation of the activity, social profiles and any promotional platforms, such as The Fork for example. A true digital restaurant has in fact a website updated with the various menus and the right contacts,that  is also present on social networks and constantly updates their profiles. And not only that, a digital restaurant is also able to promote itself on the web by making the best use of these resources. If you want your restaurant to go digital, then consider subscribing to platforms or investing a small budget in the online sponsorship of your business.


Important sources of information and assistance are: UNIQUE DOOR FOR BUSINESSES, CONFESERCENTI, CONFCOMMERCIO and ASL.

Even if you have a consolidated experience, something new or secret could benefit you and your employees.


Virtual visibility: FACEBOOK PAGE, GOOGLE ETC.

The “virtual social” part of the internet has  now become a real hub, for better or for worse, of the “real social” life of many people. Everything is shared on the Internet, even the opinion on the purchase of a bar (and even much, much more …).


Although starting from the idea that the economic demand for the sale of a bar, pub, restaurant has less certain bases than that for the purchase of a house, we often happened to write as a good evaluation basis could be a request equal to one year of turnover; a request that tends, however, to vary according to the territorial context: it is often higher than the turnover in a large city, often lower in a provincial context. On the basis of this reasoning we can therefore say that we should be able to find better business than the one proposed.



To calculate the value of the “unbeaten”, black.
in general, the purchase cost of the raw material is multiplied by three.

But is it possible that this black is really done? How to verify it?

A 20% of “not beaten” is almost physiological. We must agree on a period of coaching.

Tiling is a period in which, after agreeing and perhaps after having completed the purchase, the old owner joins the new, both to introduce it to customers and to support it in the procedures and use of work tools. The duration must be sufficient but not too long for both.

If you already have a management software you can find a lot of information, but if you do not like it, we recommend one for your future successes.


Table management in a restaurant: how organize them better

Have you just opened a restaurant and would you like to manage  better  the tables and the dining room? This is certainly one of the most important aspects of the various management activities. The hall is the flagship of the restaurant, the first business card to present and what a customer  immediately notice.

For example, a possible confusion or disorganization in the hall might not escape a closer look. Waiters who nervously run from one side to the other will certainly not make a good impression and this unfortunately will hardly go unnoticed. To avoid situations like this and to manage the tables in the hall, there is a solution and it’s called Ristomanager.

Table management in a restaurant: how to optimize it

This is a very intuitive and easy to use restaurant management system that will allow you to monitor, optimize and monitor every single activity, and especially that of the tables. Orders will no longer be a problem. Thanks to this handy software, which you can download on all your devices, you can take orders directly on tablets and send them automatically to the kitchen.

No more sheets and notes on which to write the orders and that could be lost or could be misunderstood. In this way you will save precious time and you will also avoid all the unpleasant eventualities that often go to the restaurant service, such as omissions and wrong orders. Not only that, by accessing the “Management tables” section, you can view the status of all the tables in the restaurant in real time. You can then manage the free tables, occupied, booked and awaiting payment.

In short, the management of the tables and the management of catering in the complex will be easier and more efficient, significantly improving the quality of service perceived by the customer. All this thanks to a simple software that among other advantages also has not required any connection to work. Ristomanager, in fact, works by using the PC as a server and then by  using the local network. This means that, in the event of a blackout, the software will continue to operate, avoiding unpleasant incidents and interruptions of work.

Thanks to the “Fast Cash” section, you can also speed up take-away orders, with the ability to send them automatically to the relevant departments and immediately issue of the order receipt. A practical interface will also help you identify the products requested by the customer.

Table management in a restaurant: staff training

In addition to speed up the service a good manager, like Ristomanager, will also help you improve the management of the staff you need on the tables. The management of the table, in fact, does not only concern the possibility of optimizing orders but also the ability to offer assistance and care to the customer. This is up to the staff, and especially to the room that has the task of interfacing with the customer, responding with courtesy and education to all his requests and intercepting them if necessary.

In order for the waiters to interface correctly and serve the tables in the right way, it is important to first select them carefully and then take care of their training. The training of the staff, in fact, is an aspect that must not be neglected. The staff, together with the kitchen, is the heart of the restaurant and even the presence of a single non-integrated element could cause problems for the entire management.

In this case too, relying on management can be the solution. In fact, through Ristomanager, you will be able to monitor  this aspect too. You will be able to identify each person’s tasks and  subdivide them in the right way without creating overloads or overlaps of tasks and monitor their performance. In this way you can also detect any weaknesses and prepare improvement actions. You will also be able to know your staff better, assessing any movements or the need for more training by some. In any case, the end result will be a happier and more efficient work group, which will be able to provide an adequate and impeccable table service.

Furthermore, it is possible to manage a real customer database, a sort of order history that will allow you to get to know them better and study any marketing and loyalty actions to be planned.

How to manage a bar: 4 rules to succeed

Have you just decided to open a bar and would you like to understand how to make a difference and be successful in a short time? Let’s start by saying that the bar, compared to the restaurant, is a place that we tend to frequent more often. If in fact the restaurant is only possible to have lunch or dinner, in the bar we can also buy a sandwich, drink a cappuccino or a simple glass of water.

All this, however, makes the bar a more anonymous type of place than the restaurant and to which, precisely for this reason, it is necessary to dedicate more care and attention. The bars seem all the same, or so it seems, and for this the owner will have to keep in mind a number of aspects on which it will be necessary to leverage to succeed.

How to manage a bar: the rules to follow

Studying the competition

One of the first things to do, for example, is to study the competition, trying to take a look at the bars already present in the area and evaluating any strengths and weaknesses. If it is true that the bars can all seem the same, knowing what goes or does not go between their currents can help us to put on a more focused offer to the needs of our potential customers. For example, if a bar has some shortcomings in the menu, we could think of compensating them by offering them in ours.

Point on the location

A mistake not to be made, even if many tend to do it, is to  not pay much attention to the location, which is why many bars are anonymous. One more eye on furnishing does not hurt and, perhaps, evaluating greater personalization of the environment could represent a distinctive element that can make the difference compared to the other bars in the area.

Friendly service

This is another very important key and that should not be underestimated at all. How many times have we preferred one bar to another because the barman was nicer or maybe he would offer us a coffee from time to time? These are all small things that a customer notices. That’s why a good barman can also build a relationship with his customers, he will always be friendly and friendly, approaching them with confidence but without being too intrusive. In this way it will succeed in making sure that customers become attached and loyal. In fact, the bar is not just a place to drink coffee, but it is also a meeting place, where it is nice to have a chat. For this reason, to offer a friendly and kind service can only play in favor of the business, influencing its success in an important way.

Relying on a management system

Beyond the initial analysis of competition, which can guide us in understanding what to offer and the elements on which to focus, over time will be the opportunity to have a management to make the difference. A bar, in fact, however small it may be, includes a series of activities to be planned and monitored constantly, which with the help of good software could be automated. You can therefore evaluate to download an open source management software, such as Ristomanager for example, which will allow you to have every single activity of the bar always under control. From the management of the tables, to that of the orders, to reach the staff and the customers. Every aspect will be under control: you can, for example, speed up the orders thanks to the possibility of taking the orders via the tablets and automatically pass them in the kitchen. And not only that, with Ristomanager you can automate the supply of the warehouse, better manage your work group and develop marketing and customer loyalty actions. Yes, because thanks to this software you will have a real customer history available. You will better understand the tastes and habits of your customers and, based on this information, you will be able to study new strategies of promotion and loyalty. Moreover, unlike most restaurant management, Ristomanager does not need an internet connection. This makes the software independent of any blackouts that could put the business at risk and stop it. All this is possible because it is sufficient to use the PC as a server, in order to exploit the connection of the local network. The software is also really easy and intuitive and can be easily downloaded on mac or pc.

How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: 4 golden rules

Are you thinking about opening a restaurant in the suburbs and are you afraid of having few customers? Managing a restaurant in the suburbs is certainly not a simple thing. In this case, in fact, one of the main advantages of a restaurant located in the center can not be enjoyed: the possibility that a passerby will notice the sign and decide to try the kitchen.

Especially if the activity is still at the beginning, it is indeed very difficult to emerge and get noticed and, certainly, a good position in the city can help. However, despite the path is uphill, it is said that a restaurant in the suburbs can not be transformed into a successful business. Also in this case, as always, it is very important not to improvise and correctly plan the most suitable actions to promote and make known the restaurant.

How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: the importance of advertising

If a restaurant in the center, being facilitated by the position, can think of investing less money in promotional and advertising activities, a restaurant in the suburbs absolutely can not do it. On the contrary, if you are managing a restaurant of this type, you will immediately have to plan an investment in marketing and promotion activities, so that your potential customers know about your existence.

A restaurant in the suburbs, unknown to most, is a restaurant that is destined to fail. To properly manage a restaurant of this type begins to plan a series of actions aimed at making known your business. For example, you could think of advertising in local newspapers, making some billboards, or relying on more modern and capillary tools, such as the web and the social media world.

The choice will depend on the type of target you want to achieve and especially on the budget available. However, that you choose one tool rather than another does not matter: the important thing is to start promoting the business. It is clear that these actions will be planned with a forecast of costs and probably at this stage you may need a good restaurant management.

One of the best currently on the market is definitely Ristomanager. It is a complete and easy to use software that, unlike most of the apps, allows an overall management of the activity, which goes beyond the simple organization of tables and orders.

In fact, Ristomanager will also allow you to manage the supply of the warehouse, the staff, identifying  tasks and even launching customer loyalty actions. In short, a complete kit to take off any restaurant, even an activity located in the suburbs and therefore more inconvenient to reach.

How to manage a restaurant in the suburbs: location and menu

And here we come to another very important element on which to leverage, in case you have to manage a restaurant in the suburbs. A restaurant of this type in fact, not being easily accessible, will have to focus on other features that could attract customers. An exclusive location, very accurate, or furnished in a particular way could be for example the key element  to aim. In fact, if the restaurant in the center can also afford a rather anonymous location, a restaurant in the suburbs will have to focus on refined and quality furnishings, a location that will leave you speechless and push the customer to move for the pleasure of living it.

And if the location has to be take care of in the smallest details, the kitchen is equally important. Beyond the goodness of the dishes, an element that is taken for granted (even if this is not the case), you could in fact think of specializing in a particular type of menu. For example, you could offer a fish cuisine, or maybe just meat, with the possibility of finding cuts that would not be available elsewhere. In short, even in this case, focusing on uniqueness and exclusivity could help you.

Not only that, if you do not want to specialize but would like to offer a wide and varied cuisine, then you could consider the idea of ​​establishing weekly or even daily promotions so that people are encouraged to reach your restaurant for a discount . In this way you will create monthly or weekly appointments that will allow you to retain customers. The latter, in fact, attracted by the promotion, it will be more willing to move and reach your restaurant. In this way you can increase your customers and fill the restaurant even in those days when it is usually more difficult, especially for a restaurant in the suburbs.

The best app for catering: features and how to choose them

Managing a restaurant includes a whole range of activities, from cost planning, to personnel management, to warehouse procurement, which is always under control. But this is not so simple, as the restaurant owner often has no time and can not follow every single activity. On the other hand, enthusiasm and passion are not enough and the  management aspect can not be left to improvisation.

That’s why some restaurant owners decide to rely on someone who serves as a restaurant manager. Others, however, choose to turn to technology. Today, in fact, the web offers apps of all kinds. For example, some of them allow to manage tables and orders, through tablets and smartphones, while others offer many more functions, aimed at managing the restaurant as a whole.

The best app for catering: which to choose?

Among the latter, one of the best apps of the moment is definitely Ristomanager. It is in fact a software for restaurants very complete and easy to use, full of features designed to allow proper management of the restaurant, optimizing and improving some aspects. Unlike most of the apps, in fact, Ristomanager is not limited to the management of tables and orders, features that now have almost all the software in the industry, but also allows you to manage customers and retain them with marketing actions.

The best app for catering: features of Ristomanager

Not only that, using Ristomanager will also be possible to better manage staff, an aspect that is often very neglected and that instead has a strong impact especially on the service. A punctual subdivision of the roles and a better training about their duties will improve the quality of the staff’s work, with positive consequences on the customer’s service and experience.

With Ristomanager it will also be possible to better manage the warehouse, another crucial sphere in the restaurant activities. In particular this software will allow you to better manage the products. All loading and unloading operations from the warehouse will be easier and at the same time more accurate. You can then manage the stocks of the bar and restaurant, setting for each item the quantities available.

In short, using Ristomanager you will not have any surprises. The management of tables and orders will also be optimized thanks to the possibility of transmitting orders via tablets directly in the kitchen. This will save time, avoid unnecessary waiting for the customer or any nasty surprises, such as wrong orders or lost orders.

One of the features that makes the Ristomanager app unique in the restaurant software landscape, however, remains the possibility of having a real customer database, with the order history and all kinds of useful information for any marketing or loyalty actions. In short, a feature not just that and will allow the restaurant to take that extra step necessary to achieve success.

The best app for catering: the advantages of Ristomanager

Beyond  many features  that distinguish Ristomanager,  is also to say that this software has, compared to other apps, also other advantages. One of the most important concerns the possibility of using it without the need for an internet connection. An aspect not just that you can hardly find in other catering app currently on the market.

In order for Ristomanager to work, simply use the restaurant PC as a local server, thus exploiting the internal connection of the local network. In this way the management of the activities will not be conditioned by the presence or absence of the internet connection and will avoid annoying blackouts that could slow or even block the work cycle of the restaurant owner.

This is what can happen for example if you rely on an app whose use is linked exclusively to the presence of an internet connection. With Ristomanager, this danger will be absolutely averted and you will be able to avoid a whole series of damages, such as the unpaid and the lack of evidence of the tables’ accounting situation.

The software also allows for simplified backups. This means that you can change the server pc in no time: just copy the Ristomanager folder from one PC to another, without having to re-install strange services on your PC.