“San Domenico di Imola” is always a success

The San Domenico di Imola Restaurant was founded in Imola in 1970, by the founder Gianluigi Morini. In 1973 he received the first report on the Red, in 1975 the first Michelin star arrived and in 1977 the second.

The San Domenico di Imola

The San Domenico di Imola

In the second half of the 80s, San Domenico also opened in New York. The Italian style was welcomed with great consensus even by famous people, Italians and foreigners. In fact, San Domenico NY was the first Italian restaurant to receive three stars from the New York Times in 1988.

The San Domenico di Imola

We have interviewed for you the Executive Chef of San Domenico di Imola Valentino Marcattilii and we will give the answers to our questions below.

When did your passion for cooking start?

The San Domenico di Imola

I was 16, but little desire to go to school. Naturally, my father immediately set me to work. It was not a problem to find work. I worked for a baker for 6 months, but it was too hard work. Then I went to work as a barman for a few months. Finally I started working at San Domenico, where my brother Natale worked as a waiter. I went into the kitchen as a kitchen boy, now they call them Kitchen Commis.

I took care of the spinach, potatoes, plucking various birds, in a few words I was Gavetta. It became a job, I liked it, I became passionate. Even today some dishes of my tradition have passed on the menu of San Domenico.

She introduced the idea of ​​”home cooking” for the first time. What is meant by this term?

The San Domenico di Imola

The idea of ​​introducing home cooking was by the founder Gian Luigi Morini. Luigi Veronelli, one of his great friends, introduced him to Nino Bergese, a cook of noble private houses. Lastly, he served King Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia and for this reason he was also known as the “cook of the Kings” or “the King of the cooks”. It was my school, my luck  metting  Nino. What I am owe to him.

What was the feeling you felt when you first recognized the Michelin Star? And what feeling for the second?

The San Domenico di Imola

The first Michelin Star came when I was 18-20 years old, I’m not sure. The Michelin guide was well known, but not so much mentioned in the media as in the last few decades. The second Michelin Star arrived a few years later. I was already the age of reason.

A great thing, an immense joy. Rivers of sparkling wine in the kitchen to celebrate. I leave it to you to imagine. I have tasted its importance over time. Michelin in 2018 awarded us the “Quality over time” award. 2 Michelin stars for 40 years, and 45 for the presence on the guide. A good record. We certainly do not give up. Now my nephew Massimiliano is at the helm of my kitchen and we are aiming for something more.

What is your dream linked to San Domenico di Imola? And what are its future goals?

We have made many dreams in almost 50 years, which we will do in 2020. We had San Domenico NY for 5 years, where we used princes, presidents, showbiz personalities, etc … As above we aim at the third Michelin Star. Currently I am answering from the terrace of San Domenico “FORTE VILLAGE IN SARDINIA”, where for two months we serve our kitchen in a location overlooking the Mediterranean sea, under the stars of the Sardinian sky.

The San Domenico di Imola

In September I will be in Australia for 4 evenings of San Domenico cuisine. In October I will be in NY for the Food & Wine Festival, for a charity evening. We are never stuck and we do not live on our laurels. The kitchen evolves, and we want to keep up.

As was mentioned by the Chef in the interview, now at the helm of the San Domenico kitchen there is Chef Massimiliano Mascia, as well as nephew of Valentino Marcattilii.

Chef Massimiliano Mascia, has a passion for cooking since, at a very young age, he followed his uncle Valentino Marcattilii behind the stove to grasp the secrets of an art  And after a few years, would take him to the Vissani Restaurant kitchens and of the Roman Restaurant of Viareggio and, internationally, in the matches of the Osteria Fiamma in New York and the French Bastide Saint Antoine and at the court of the multi-starred Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenée in Paris.

Today Massimiliano Mascia successfully represents the new generation of the San Domenico Restaurant, is giving continuity to the gastronomic tradition, preserving the two Michelin Stars, without renouncing the experimentations and innovations, using the best raw materials in respect of seasonality.

At the Terrazza San Domenico, Chef Mascia, flanked by the staff coming from the kitchen of Imola, offers Forte Village guests some great classics of San Domenico, such as the Egg in Raviolo San Domenico with Malga butter Parmigiano sweet and truffle Seasonal.

The San Domenico di Imola

The menu is enriched by summer dishes designed to enhance the seasonality of raw materials and proximity to the sea. Finally, there is no lack of fresh pasta, filled pasta, but only  the classic Romagna piadina to bring the passion and vitality of Emilia Romagna in Sardinia.

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