The best 10 restaurants in Piemonte

Restaurants in Piemonte. The roots of the typical Piedmontese cuisine date back to the rural tradition. It is a cuisine rich in dishes with a strong and decisive taste.

Piemonte is rich in DOP and IGP products.

Restaurants in Piemonte

The regional recipes are made unique by some ingredients such as truffles, Barbera or Barolo and cheeses.

The truffle can be of two qualities: the black one, more common, and the white one, more expensive and rare. Alba is the area with a high production for harvesting. Among the most important recipes we find the “Filetto alla Rossini”, enriched by the presence of Foie Gras.

Restaurants in Piemonte

Barolo is used in the preparation of “Brasato”, a stew of Fassone meat cooked for a long time in wine.

Milk production is very old. Dairy art is very widespread in Piemont. There are more than thirty types of Piemonte’s cheeses, including 9 with the DOP mark. One of the most famous cheeses produced in this region is the Gorgonzola.

Of fundamental importance, in this territory, is chocolate, closely linked to the city of Turin. It is in this city that Bicerin is born, a hot drink based on coffee, cocoa and cream.

Mixing cocoa, vanilla, water and sugar gives rise to chocolates. The Gianduiotto was the first chocolate to be wrapped. Born in 1865, when Michele Pochet joined the hazelnut cocoa.

Restaurants in Piemonte

The pride of the region is the pastry shop, from which the Amaretti are made with almonds, the Marron Glacè, the Baci di Dama and the Bonet, a spoon dessert prepared with amaretti, cocoa, eggs, milk, flavored with rum and covered with caramel .

To taste these products, we bring you below, the name of 10 of the best restaurants in the Piedmont area:

The “Ristorante Piazza Duomo” in Alba, led by the Ceretto family and the Chef Enrico Crippa, boasts 3 Michelin Stars. Along with the menu that varies according to the seasons, the wine proposal also varies. The restaurant has a vegetable garden that includes a cultivation greenhouse and a plot where the Chef goes daily to select and collect vegetables, herbs and flowers.
The Antica Corona Reale, located in Cervere, in the province of Cuneo dates back to 1855 and today has won 2 Michelin stars. The goal of Gian Piero Vivalda is the search for the rightness not only culinary. The raw material comes first of all.

Restaurants in Piemonte

The Villa Crespi Restaurant with Chef Antonino Canavacciuolo at the head of the kitchen. Use refined products, the fusion between present and past of Mediterranean cuisine. 2 Michelin Stars have been recognized. A journey with attention to detail, with moderate creativity, always balanced even in the most daring combinations.
At Sorriso, in the province of Novara, the cuisine of Luisa Valazza meets the gastronomic traditions of the area, covering dishes prepared with the heart. Care and respect for raw materials, to propose recipes with magical multi-sensorial sensations.

Restaurants in Piemonte

At the Piccolo Lago, a few steps from Verbania, Marco Sacco is the protagonist of his kitchen. The proposed gastronomic journey passes from outside the east, goes around the world and then returns to the shores of Lake Mergozzo.
Del Cambio Restaurant, located in Turin since 1757. Equilibrium, intuition, esthetical reflection and talent in the execution of Matteo Baronetto for a kitchen that has architectural aesthetics in favor of an experience that involves all five senses at the same time. Disruptive, always experimental, especially educated; spokesperson of the raw material as the keystone of every composition.

The Dolce Stil Novo At the Reggia, for years at the top of the gastronomic guides and marked with a star by the prestigious Michelin guide. His chef-chef Alfredo Russo, the undisputed talent of haute cuisine in Italy and abroad, will direct it and take care of its cuisine. An innovative and personal philosophy, but with deep roots in Italian tradition.
The “Larossa” Restaurant, name deriving from the surname of the Chef Andrea Larossa, leading the kitchen. He won a Michelin Star. It is located in Alba and offers traditional Piedmontese dishes with modern reinterpretation.

Restaurants in Piemonte

Osteria Arborina offers an √† la carte menu and two tasting menus, named respectively “Il Confortevole o della Tradizione” and “L’Ostico o dell’Innovazione”. You can taste the dishes that have made known the chef Andrea Ribaldone as the Agnolotti di Fassona and Spaghetti Milano, a spaghettone cooked in water, with little salt, and creamed with a Milanese risotto previously cooked and deliberately overcooked.

Restaurants in Piemonte

Restaurants in Piemonte
The Locanda del Pilone with Chef Federico Gallo at the helm of the kitchen. His dishes interpret the products of the Langhe, in the proposed menus blend the equilibrium and freshness of the Mediterranean tradition, rich in colors, aromas and flavors, and the Piedmontese one. Special attention is paid to local products and quality raw materials personally selected by the chef and his kitchen brigade. Vivid and stimulating dishes are presented, always in harmony with the seasons. Room service is impeccable; the wine list is made up of over one thousand two hundred labels.

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