Change or delete a customer’s data

It can always happen that a customer change address, telephone number or whatever, so in RistoManager  is an function, which can be used in the same way in which it is possible to insert a new Customer. In other words, you can modify the data of a customer either from the Customer Management of the main interface of the program, or from the inside of an order, and finally from the Search that is carried out when the order is sent from the Fast Cashier.

Editing Data through Customer Management

Once the Customer Management window is opened using the appropriate button on the main interface, simply use the Change button and change the data according to your needs.

Changing a customer’s data from an order

Another  elaborate way to change a customer’s data is to use the Search function when creating or editing an order. The Customer Management window will open, from which it will be sufficient to select the customer and use the Modify button.

Changing a Customer’s Data via Quick Cash

There are cases in which a customer has modified one of his data as he wants while doing a quick cash operation, so we will illustrate this third slightly more elaborate procedure. Whenever you create a command from the Fast Cashier, you must enter a customer when you send the order via the appropriate button,

using the Search function to search for a customer in the customer registry; then the Customer Management window will open, and from there you can use the usual editing procedure, already seen in  two previous cases.

Deleting a Customer

There are many reasons  to remove a customer from their registry, so we now will see how to do this.

Basically, like any operation concerning the Customers, RistoManager provides three ways, that is normally from the Customer Management, or during the creation or modification of an order, or finally from the Cash Desk, according to the methods already described above.

It should be pointed out that there is no real utility in using the indirect methods of ordering and quick checkout, except in cases where one remember having to delete a customer when entering into Customer Management one suddenly has  to eliminate .

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