Customer insertion

To add new Customers there are two main methods: through Customer Management from the main interface, during the creation or modification of table orders, or in a more elaborate way, during Fast Cash transactions.

Entry through Customer Management

Once the Customer Management window is opened using the appropriate button on the main interface, just use the Insert button and fill in the window fields.

Please note that there are mandatory fields, marked with a red color.

Adding a Customer from an Order

Another method to insert new customers into the dedicated registry is to use the New button (1), or Search (2) during the creation or modification of an order.

In the first case, the Customer Entry window will open, while in the second case, the Customer Management window.

Adding a Customer via Fast Cash

There are cases when you want to store a new customer while you make a Fast Cash transaction, so we will explain this slightly more elaborate procedure. Whenever you create a command from the Fast Cashier, you must enter a customer when you send the order via the appropriate button, using the search function to search for a customer in the customer registry; then the Customer Management window will open, and from there you can use the usual procedure, already dealt with it.

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