Tablet and Smartphone installation

The installation procedure of the App is  usual for this type of programs; in fact, just go to Google Play (for Android tablets and smartphones) or the App Store (for iPad and iPhone).

On the page dedicated to RistoManager App, just click on the Install button under the App name, and the tablet will download and install.
It is also possible to access the two services through the RistoManager site, similarly seen for the Desktop part.

NOTE: RistoManager App is compatible with Android version 4.0 or higher.

Configuration of the PDAs

See Chapter 3.2 – Configuring PDAs for related instructions.

The registration of your copy of RistoManager takes place at the first start of the program after installation, and is terminated in a few seconds:

Just fill in all the fields with your data, select the version from the practical drop-down menu, then confirm with the “Register” button, which will confirm that you accept the license terms.

NOTE: to register the “Professional” and “Advanced” versions, the “Serial Code” supplied by Arkosoft must also be inserted, in addition to the normal registration data.

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