Insertion of the dishes

On the left side of the window it is possible to select all the available dishes, all inserted through the Warehouse which functionality we have seen.
To add them, you first have to select the category to which they belong, then click on the image of the dish if available, and the program will insert them into the account, on the right side of the window, together with the Total to Pay, in which it will be updated.


The Additions

During the insertion of the products in the order, the addition of ingredients can be managed at the same time, simply by selecting them from the list of ingredients placed under the products, which appears after selecting a category.
To apply an addition, first select the product on which you want to work, then click on an operation among those available as red icons located to the left of the numeric keypad, then click on the desired ingredient name.

With RistoManager you can either add or remove ingredients to products by using the With and Without buttons, as well as specifying if the customer wants a little or a lot of an ingredient.

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