Management of the Products with the Order

Insertion of a Product in Order

When you enter the table by clicking on it in the tables management, you will have a list of the categories of products that can be ordered, and  entered previously through the computer with the server version. By clicking on the desired category, the list of products belonging to the same will appear, on which click to add them to the order.

The screen for the actual insertion of the single product will appear; here you can perform various types of Additions in the case that this possibility has been given when the Product Load is carried out, as already seen in the appropriate Chapter 4.2, or insert the Notes for the department to which the order of that product will be sent.

To confirm the insertion of the product in the order, you must then specify the quantity of product ordered, either through one of the buttons with the number corresponding to the desired quantity or by indicating it by hand with the box next to the quantity X button

This procedure is also valid for inserting additional products into an existing order: just click on the screen of the table to add the new product which is  ordered.

NOTE: By clicking on the Command button without confirming with one of the number buttons, the product is not added to the Order.

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