Modification of a Product in Order

The possibility of modifying a Product in Order is very important,becauseĀ  it can happen that a customer decides to change his order, for example by inserting a further addition.
To do this simply access the Order from the Tables Management, click the product that has to be modified and confirm by clicking on Edit to access it.

From here it will be possible to insert or modify Additions, increase the quantity of product ordered, or move the product to another Group.

Change of Additions

When the product modification screen is displayed, just click on the Add to be modified, select one of the four options to choose from With, Without, Little or Much, and the words relative to the ingredient will be changed, in the list of order in which this is inserted.

Editing the Notes

It is possible to modify the Notes associated with the Products of the Order, simply by clicking on the Notes button inside the product modification.

When the text box is open, you can change the note as you wish and confirm by clicking on the Ok button.

Moving to another group

You can also move the product to other Groups other than the one in which it was initially inserted, simply by selecting the number with the + and – buttons. Finally click on Command.

The result of the operation is shown in the figure below …

Please note: The ingredients that refer to a dish are moved together with the same dish (in the example, changing the “4 cheeses” pizza group, the ingredient / addition “Mozzarella Abbondante” is also moved)

Elimination of a Product from the Order

You can delete a product from a command by clicking on it in the list of inserted products, and click on the Delete button.

The application will ask you to confirm the action in progress, so just click on Yes to permanently delete the product from the Order.

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