The Additions

The additions correspond to the ingredients included through the Product Loading function, as we have seen in the appropriate section of this Guide regarding to the Management of Ingredients. So, you will have as many Additions as  are the Ingredients.

The addition of these ingredients in the Order is simple and quick: every time you are adding a dish or other product, you will have the list of available additions; you can decide what operation to perform on each individual addition, or if you simply enter them (with the key already selected), indicate not to insert an ingredient during the preparation of the dish (Without key), insert a little or even a lot. The Delete key will cancel each selection made.

It is possible to insert several Additions with different options in a single operation,  to confirm the order operation of a product it is necessary to specify the desired quantity, as we have already seen.

From this screen, you can also print the order by clicking on the button  which is located in the bottom right corner.

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