Ingredient management

Through the ingredients  are automatically created the various additions to the products and their own components; thanks to the possibility of assigning them a price, you can establish the best prices of your products. The ingredients are handled in much the same way as the Categories, the various procedures are in fact almost the same.

Insertion of an ingredient

To create a new ingredient, just press the Insert button and indicate the Name and the Price, then confirm the operation using the appropriate button, or even cancel the whole.

NOTE: you can enter multiple products in sequence simply by selecting the “Do not close the window after adding the ingredient” option.

 Modification of an ingredient

The procedure for modifying an ingredient is very similar to that of Insertion; after selecting the desired ingredient, it is in fact possible to change the “Name” and “Price” of the same, so just confirm with Edit.

Search for an ingredient

This function is similar to that which was seen  searching for product categories, but unlike that, it is also possible to perform searches based on the Price of the Product.

The results of this search are displayed in the main list.

Advice for Use

1. The program prevents the ingredients from being managed whenever the View Orders window is open, so it is always preferable to avoid this type of operation during opening hours.
2. This is true even when handheld orders are in progress, so room staff can not perform them whenever you are working with the Ingredients or with the Product Loading function in general.

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