Loading a Product

As we saw earlier, two types of products can be included: “Dishes” and “Warehouse” products.

The “Dishes” products are usually those for which no stocks are in the warehouse, for which data such as the Unit Price, the Recharge percentage, the Quantity, and the Barcode are not entered, and are therefore initially deactivated.

The products in “Warehouse” are instead those for which storage is planned in storage, so that the data already mentioned previously are activated through the option “Insert the product in the warehouse”.

You can then decide if the products entered should appear among those ordered by customers, so  for example you have products in boxes or multiple packages, you will definitely avoid showing them during the orders, so you will need to remove the check mark to the option View Manufactured in PDAs, as shown in the image below.

In any case, for all types of products you can assign a Category, any ingredients of which it is composed, as well as an Image.

Insertion of the Ingredients of a Product

To be able to insert the Ingredients of which a Product is composed, first of all select the option “Activate Ingredients”, through which to insert the components of a plate or a pizza.

The list of Existing Ingredients will be activated, previously entered from the “Ingredients Management” window, in which it is possible to establish a price for each ingredient; this function is useful if you need to calculate the cost of the products, in order to better establish an appropriate Selling Price. Once the desired Ingredient has been selected, just press the green Right Arrow button on the side of the list to add it to the list of Ingredients of the Product. To delete an ingredient from this list, use the orange Arrow Left button.

Inserting Images of a Product

It is very useful to have images to immediately recognize the dishes and other products, both during the use of the Fast Cash Box and the Tables Management, for which RistoManager offers this convenient function.

To insert images of a product, first select the appropriate tab in the Product Entry window; Once this is done, the insertion section will appear, allowing you to use those already present since the installation of RistoManager, and to add new ones, more suitable and to your liking.

– Inserting a preset image

In the first case, just move to Image Manager, to select the folder containing the image best suited to the product you are going to insert, then choose one from the Image List.

Once you have selected the image from the list, a preview will appear on the left, then just confirm with the button Associate image with the product.

At this point, just click on the Insert or Change button, depending on whether you are inserting a new Product or that you are editing.

– Inserting a Custom Image

In case you want to insert your personalized image, or you do not find any of your liking, you can use the Upload Image function, which will allow you, through a New Image window, to upload an image on your PC (both Windows that Linux) or Mac or on any mass storage (USB stick, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM).

Once you click the green Upload Image button, a window like the one shown below will be shown

At this point you only have to specify the folder that contains your customized images, select the one you want to associate with the product, and finally click on Open.

At the end of the procedure, and after having confirmed everything with the Insert button, RistoManager will take you directly to the Warehouse with the list containing the products of the same type as the one just inserted.

NOTE: you can enter multiple products in sequence, simply by selecting the option “Do not close the window after inserting the Product”.

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