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Frequent questions

Q. How can I trace back to the server’s IP address?

A. The IP of the server is the address assigned by the router to the device you are using as “Central Station” both for the management of tables and products, and for the management of PDAs (clients). An example of a local IP address is: In order for you to set the correct IP address, all I have to do is to follow the simple steps described below:

Press the “Start” button at the bottom left of the task bar; further down in the search box, type cmd (as shown in the figure below)

Click on the result at the top of the cmd.exe , and  a window will appear like the one you see below …

Type IP config and beat Enter …

Perfect!! Under “IPv4 Address” you will find the IP address of your Server. In the example are the 4 numbers, separated, highlighted within the green rectangle.

D. Even if you have correctly chosen the server IP, the server does not start. What should I do in this case?

A. If the server does not start correctly, first make sure that the device is correctly connected to the Local Network (the small computer icon, next to Date and Time, must be without the Yellow Triangle, which denotes Generic connection problems) .

If the device is connected to the network correctly, there may be a conflict with the installed antivirus or the system firewall.

In the first case we have to create an exception in the settings of the Antivirus, in the second case we can try to disable the Firewall.

How to add exception in Antivirus settings

How to disable  Firewall

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