How to add exception in Antivirus settings

Sometimes even 100% safe programs, like Ristomanager, are seen by some Antivirus as “false positives”. There is nothing to worry about, our software is safe and reliable. If you’re having trouble starting the server, try entering Ristomanager as an exception in the Anti-virus settings, so we’re instructing it to recognize Ristomanager as a secure program, by passing any conflict. The steps described below will show you how to do all of this:

NB: the “Microsoft Security Essential” Antivirus was used for the following guide

Once Microsoft Security Essential is open, move to the Settings tab (1).

Select the entry “Excluded files and paths” (2), and then click on Browse (3), specifying the path where the RistoManager software is installed (usually C: \ Program Files (x86) \ RistoManager if you have not changed the path during installation).

Once placed in the correct folder, choose the Ristomanager.exe entry and press OK.

At this point, just click the Add button and confirm everything by clicking on Save Changes

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