Configure PDA

In this tab you can manage the PDA connected to the main program, on which the orders will be made.

The program already offered, as preset from the first start, the connection data of the PDAs, such as the Server Status, the IP Server, together with the Port to which each PDA connects.
In addition, one or more handhelds will be immediately available in the lower list, depending on the version of the program and already provided with a name, as well as a randomly generated password for each, which can be changed later.

NOTE: with the Advanced version, you can add more than three PDAs with corresponding passwords.

By pressing the Insert button, the input window will appear with the access data such as the already present and not modifiable Tablet   name, while it will be possible to assign a Password as desired.

Once you have selected a PDA, the Modify button will give you access to the anonymous window, through which you can change the Password to access.

You can delete any number of PDA connected to the main program via the Delete button, after selecting them  at a time from the list.

With RistoManager you can disconnect a PDA, for various reasons such as the absence of a waiter , so we thought to insert this function, through a single button.

To disconnect one or more handhelds, just select them one at a time and press the Disconnect button.

This button can be used at the beginning of the working day, or after a break in the restaurant activity.

Note: Before starting the server, you have to set the IP address of the server. This is feasible thanks to the Change IP Server button, which once clicked will bring up a window in which you will have to select the server IP and click Select to confirm.

If you are not sure when choosing your IP server, please refer to the “Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions” section at this address:

The Stop Server button is used to disconnect all PDA at once, usually at the end of the day or in case of the problems.

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