Printer configuration

It is possible to create as many printers as  are the parts of the kitchen,  to be able to sort the different ; if, for example, a Mushroom Pizza and a main course are present on one of the orders, two different printers will be used, such as one near the pizza maker and one in the kitchen. It is therefore advisable to assign the printers to the products according to where the individual sections of orders will be sent, as  the case is already examined.

Through the Insert button, you can add all the printers you need;

once the name has been assigned to the printer, through the Select Printer button you will have a first window that will allow you first to configure the page according to the “Format” (already set to A4), the Orientation and the Spaces of the sheet. All these settings are already set initially, but can be easily changed as desired.

Once everything is set up according to your needs, you can go to the selection of the actual printer, then use the Print button to perform the test print.

At this point, just use the Save button.

NOTE: in case of need, it will be possible to change the printer settings also from the “Configure Print Command” tab.

Once you have selected the printer you want to change from the Printer List, just use the Edit button to change the printer in all its settings, just as you do when adding a printer.

Simply select the printer you want to delete, and once you have pressed the Delete button, confirm it.

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