General Options

In this tab we find all those options that concern the program more generally, such as rounding or managing the internal database.

Rounding and cutting  the figures of the amounts

The cut of the figures is influenced by the value of “To which round number”, so it is advisable not to enter a lower value than the one chosen “To which cut number”.

To overcome this problem, it is possible to decide which operation will be carried out first, using the appropriate drop-down menu; you can then decide between Arrotonda and then Cut as well as Taglia and then Arrotonda. We recommend that you try both options in order to select the one that best feets to  your needs.

Set the Discount on the receipt

Sometimes it may happen to want to show its customers any discount made on their order, so these two options allow just that.

Management of the Orders

It is possible to choose what to print each time the order is sent, especially as regards any changes to it, such as adding dishes to orders or ingredients already requested.

– Send Command

Depending on the option selected, you can decide whether to send only the latest orders (changes to orders such as food or ingredients), or send all orders (all orders plus changes).

– Enter Order  in a Quick Checkout

Like the previous one, but in this case you configure the Fast Cashier printer, if is inserted by the specific function discussed in the section on the Configure Printers Tab.

Emptying the Database

With the Clear function you can delete all the data present in the selected item from the drop-down menu on the left. It is therefore possible to empty the data of the Warehouse (both products and ingredients, with categories of products), the Map of Tables (except in the case where  are orders or reservations in place), the personal data of the Customers and the Statistics (both the revenues obtained from the individual tables that are obtained by Quick Cash).

NOTE: once the data which is contained in the database is “emptied”, it will no longer be possible to recover it.

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