Sale Management

The Sale Management is one of the features introduced in the latest version of our software, and is accessible from the last tab in the Settings section.

In this section it is possible to redefine the size of the tables in the appropriate section (1).

In the section below (2) we can manage our rooms with the usual operations of insertion, modification, deletion.

To add a new room click on the orange button and enter all the data related to the room.

The fields “Width” and “Height” can be safely left empty. You can also enter these attributes later using the edit option. It is also possible to set a background for the room at the same time as the creation of the Room, or subsequently through the editing option.

To change the attributes of a room click on the blue button and change one or more fields to your liking. If you want to cancel the changes click on Close.

To delete a room, simply select it and click on the red button.

Setting a background

As we have seen, it is possible to set a background for a certain room. Click on the Browse button and choose a background that best represents the room. Confirm and you’re done!

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