Search in sales

You can perform various types of searches among sales data thanks to the Quick Checkout and Ordering filters, as well as the All filter. Once you have chosen the filter in the “Filter type” section (1), simply click on the + (plus) and choose a “sub-filter” to obtain even more specific results for our search.

In the “Customer List” section (2) it is possible to filter by customer, while further down, in the “Period” section (3) it is possible to restrict the time interval we want to “sift”, so as to obtain in the search result ( 4), only data referring to that period (from date to date). It is also possible to choose the type of graph (Histogram or Linear), which will be shown in the lower right part (5).

It is also possible to carry out research on the returns and on the stocks, and with regard to the Ordinations it is possible to filter by Table.

Once you’ve set up all the search filters, click Generate for video results, or click Print if you want to print them.

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