RistoManager can manage reservations with prior notice and in the name of specific customers, which are  both added during the reservation and already stored, through the appropriate function. We would like to underline that it is possible to assign more reservations to a single table, as long as the times are different, in order to avoid confusion. In any case, it will be possible to modify them individually through the appropriate Edit function, as a list will be opened containing all the reservations assigned to a table.

Insert a reservation in a table

After selecting the table to book, just press the Enter Booking button and fill in the data of the window that will open.

The drop-down menu next to the table indicates where the reservation will be reserved, and it is also possible to select a different one from the one currently selected,  to allow booking in case the table is occupied.

You must then indicate a Booking Date, a Reservation Time and indicate a specific time to be notified from the activation of the reservation, using the fields Remember me at the time. Finally, the number of people who will occupy the table must be specified and confirmed with the Insert button.

We begin by saying that you can indicate the name of a customer in various ways: for example, you can select one which is already present in the program through the Search function, which will open a window similar to the one opened by the Client Management button on the main interface; another method consists in creating a new one for the occasion, by entering the customer data in the Customer Instruction window; it is however possible to leave the reservation anonymous, simply ignoring the field.

NOTE: it is possible to assign multiple reservations to a single table; RistoManager will insert them in a list, which can be viewed using the brown Booking Management button.

Change of reservations

To make a change, first select the table containing the reservation, then use the Modify Reservation button, select it from the list window that appears when there are multiple reservations on the same table, and make the necessary changes in the window that will be opened.

Cancellation of Reservations

The procedure is extremely simple: after selecting the table on which the reservation is present, just press Delete Booking, select the reservation that you want to be deleted from the Booking Selection window that will open in the case of multiple reservations on the selected table and then press the button Delete.

Booking Management

The Booking Management window is used to perform all the operations already dealt with in the previous paragraphs from a single window, and to those  always have an eye on all the bookings in progress, in order to always have the situation under control.

In fact, there are all the functions such as Insert, Edit and Delete function, to execute them more quickly, especially when numerous bookings arrive at once.

You will immediately see the complete list of all the bookings, and by selecting them you will immediately have the Customer Data as the Company Name, the Address and any telephone contacts.

It is also possible to carry out a search by customer, as well as for a table that can be selected from the special Table List window and can be activated with the button of the red magnifying glass, and finally for a period of time that can be defined with the boxes of End Date and Start Date, thanks to the two Calendar buttons.

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