The Map of Tables

Inserting a table

Using the Insert button in the Tables Management window, the Tables Creation window opens, allowing you to assign a “Table Name”, while the ” Table Order” box indicates the position of the table in the map displayed in the Table Manager , as well as on PDAs or tablets. It is also possible to specify in which room the table has to be added.

It is possible to insert several tables in sequence by selecting the function “Do not close the window after creating the table”.

NOTE: it is not possible to insert more tables than can be inserted in the Management Table screen, depending on the resolution of your computer screen. This inconvenience is not present on PDAs or tablets.

Edit a table

To perform such a simple operation, just click on “Select” under the table in question and then use the appropriate Modify button, located at the top left in the Tables Management window, but it is also possible to use the double click of the mouse; the edit window will appear, in which you can change the data previously entered, in Table Name and in Table Order ¬†and Room where the table is located.

NOTE: it is not possible to perform editing operations on tables on which Orders are already present.

Deleting a table

This operation is performed in a few seconds; just select the table that has to be deleted, then press the appropriate Delete button, located at the top left of the Tables Management window and confirm the operation.

Table map emptying

It is always possible to delete all the tables on the Map, using the appropriate button placed on it. In this case, it is not necessary to select any table.

NOTE: it is not possible to delete tables on which orders are already present.

Sale Management

In the left column, you will find a menu for the management of the rooms, also in this case we have the usual functions: Create, Edit and Delete Room.

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