Uninstall from Windows

RistoManager can be uninstalled in two different ways: from the Start menu or from the Control Panel.

– Uninstall via Start Menu (up to Windows 7, and for Windows 10)

By opening the Start menu (present in all versions of Windows prior to 8, and in version 10), you will have the list of programs that you can start, including RistoManager; just click on the name of the program and two icons will appear: RistoManager and Uninstall RistoManager. By clicking on the second option, you will start the uninstallation procedure, quick and very simple.

As you can see from the image, the program will warn you that some files have remained in the installation folder (typically C: \ Program Files (x86) \ RistoManager v1.0, unless you have chosen a different path): in practice you deals with the database of customers, products, dishes, tables, reservations or orders, and statistics, updated at the time of the last closure of the program.

– Uninstall via Metro Interface (Windows 8 and later)

With Windows 8, the so-called Metro Interface is ideal for mobile devices, or for PCs with a touchscreen.
First of all, the RistoManager icon must be selected, and keep it pressed until it shakes, it must be dragged a little downwards: a lower bar will open with various functions, among which Uninstall to delete RistoManager.

– Uninstall via Control Panel (up to Windows 7 and for Windows 10)

The Control Panel is used to manage the entire computer, and among its functions we also manage the Programs, by clicking on the item Uninstall a Program you will open a list of the programs installed on your computer; scrolling through the list you will find the RistoManager entry: just select it and press Uninstall \ Change and it will start the same procedure seen previously.

– Uninstallation via Control Panel (Windows 8)

The Windows 8 Control Panel is opened via called Charm Bar, which is accessed by pressing the Windows + C key.
From the open bar, click on Search and enter Control Panel, or select Apps to open the list of programs, select the Control Panel icon, then proceed as in the procedure seen for the other Windows systems, by clicking on Uninstall a Program and then selecting RistoManager and Uninstall \ Change in the list that will open.

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