Catering: what’s next

Catering. Without any doubt Catering is one of the most productive Italian financial sector. The reasons are simple and clear. Our remarkable interest in food comes from our tradition, rooted in the history of our country, and from our dedication to reach high cooking standards for whom Italy is known all lover the world.


Moreover Media are broadcasting new type of reality shows, such as Masterchef. This phenomena led people to appreciate and comprehend better all the fascinating aspects of the world of cooking.

Last but not least we should consider how much people enjoy eating together. For the most dinner and launch are ways to chill out with friends or making new one. This peaceful atmosphere fits also for professionals meetings. What’s the best way to start a new partnership in front of a tasty dish of food?


According to some statistics Italy is one of the European country with the most quantity of people obliged to eat in restaurants, or similar facilities, due to different reasons. For example in the south of Italy Tradition is to organize a meal in the occasion of birth date, anniversary, or similar events and eat together in places such as Trattorie Agriturismi or restaurants belonging to the neighbourhood.

So, Catering is the sector where businessman are more interested in. They invest their money even tough crisis and financial conditions that afflicts Italy and that often demoralize everyone who want to become a free agent.

In this article we will discover together what’s next in the future of catering, a big deal for people who love coking and for free agents who wants to understand what’s the best financial move to do.

Catering: spreading of Street Food

In the last 5/10 years a new type of catering is spreading like wildfire. We are talking about street food known for the quickness and the simplicity of its dishes and also for the place where dishes are eaten: streets.


Foods are various, you can eat Piadine, Panini, french fries and different types of International street foods. 30 millions Italians prefer this type of catering because of its possibility, you can eat while you are walking with your friends or family without spending so much and you can discover traditional foods about the country you live in or you visit.

Each day the number of events referring to street foods increase and that is the reason why people loves traditional foods more than foods that comes from other countries. Sometime happens that foods are not good enough and their raw materials are low quality one. So this compare street food to junk food.

The financial point is, that street food is a market in continuous growing in our country. This is proved by the birth in 2008 of Associazione Italiana Street Food, whose function is to gather the best of the Italian street food makers ad to form and inform them about traditional foods and their roots.


In 2012, thanks to the publishing house Lonely Planet, the first guide to the best street food of the world was born. The year after Gambero Rosso proposed an Italian version of the guide that soon became an app.

It’s good to know that for traditional cooking activities, street food can be a winning promotional idea when talking of important event or festivals.

The trend and the spreading of vegan and vegetarian food


According to Eurispes data this year approximately the 8 percent of the Italians chose to avoid eating meat and became vegetarian. Among vegetarians 1/3 are vegans, people who don’t eat meat neither fish or other foods that comes from them.

The growth of this phenomena has various motivations that spaces from the ethical factor to the foodstuff one. This factors are important for people who decided to be vegan or vegetarian. This movement influenced not only the person who made the choice but also catering services because food facilities needed to adapt themselves to the customers requests.

The change was slow so it provokes some problems for vegans and vegetarians who felt uncomfortable when they ate together with friends or with their family because they couldn’t find appropriate foods.

Things begin to change. A new market is growing, each year the number of vegan food restaurants increase all over Italy: Botteghe, Trattorie, bar and gourmet restaurant.

Recently even standard food facilities offer vegans dishes, and part of their menu is dedicated to alternative cousin, for the joy of some chefs who can create new type of foods.

The weight of the Asian food on Catering


It’s a big pleasure to live in Italy one of the best country in the world referring to gastronomy. Our cuisine is one of the most envied in Europe, we propose dishes like pasta or pizza, they are appreciated everywhere. A lot of  Italian businessman in the last years has begun to successfully invest in abroad Italy country and to open Italian restaurants which attracts Italian and native client.



One of the good thing about Italian cooking is it’s variety which depends on the region you visit. One of the bad thing about Italians of the past was its closure to new type of food such as Asian one.

Things hopefully changed, more and more people appreciate Asian various ,tasty, and sophisticated foods. This caused the birth of  many Japanese, Chinese and Thai restaurants especially a great number of sushi bar spread in our country.

Some of them offers medium quality products and competitive prices using also ”all-you-can-eat”( As the sentence says with a standard small amount of money you can eat literally anything) others offers high quality products more expensive but also more sophisticated.


The trend of catering of the next years has started moving in two directions: left side there is the increase in value of traditional cooking, part of our culture from years, that needs to be continuously renewed. Right side it’s important to open up about new type of cooking such as Asian or vegetarian food in order to mix different tradition and offer more variety.

These direction offer to business the opportunity to invest their money and achieve good financial and credibility results.

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