Cosmofood 2019 in Vicenza

COSMOFOOD 2019: This year will be the seventh edition of Cosmofood , the Triveneto Fair dedicated to excellence in the food and beverage sector, the contract, food and beverage service, sales retail and technology.

Cosmofood 2019. It is Read more


Food cost calculation: what is it

Food cost. Here is the guide for bars, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs and pastry shops. The Food Cost is the cost of the dish, that is the sum of the costs of the raw materials that form a dish.

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What is a static oven?

Static oven: What is the difference compared to a ventilated oven? What are its advantages? If I have a bar, a restaurant, a brewery or a pizzeria, which one should I use?

Let’s examine in detail:


What does Read more


Interview with Chef Enrico Bartolini

Chef Enrico Bartolini. In the world of cooking is constantly growing and in Italy more and more chefs have conquered the palates of the Michelin Guide critics. Precisely for this reason, today we are pleased to share with Read more


Price of food and drink

The price of food and drink must be well thought out.

The cost of food and drink in a restaurant is an important part of what you pay. A good thought goes as things should cost, and prices are carefully Read more



VIEW ON THE SEA. Looking for a table with breathtaking views of the sea of Puglia? Here are some interesting proposals for a dinner with bows.

A table with sea views for dinner is the perfect way to enjoy the Read more


Ristomanager: 2018r2 version

2018r2 version. In these hours we have released the new update for Ristomanager 2018r2. On this occasion we have fixed bugs on the security of Android handhelds, so if you are using tablets / phones with Android update Read more


Pizza recipes for the summer

Pizza recipes. Summer pizzas: the best pizza recipes for the estate

Pizza recipes

Pizza recipes. The pizza is not affected by the climate, you know, but despite the unchanged passion of millions of Italians and not, during the summer are Read more


What is public catering with direct administering

Public catering with direct administering. One of the most important line of work, one of the most debated too, is without any doubt catering. There is a large number of people that dream to work or to invest Read more


Restaurant : what are the future trends?

Future trends. The restaurant is undoubtedly one of the working sectors that works best in Italy and the motivations are simple enough to understand. In our country, first of all there is a great interest around food as our Read more

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